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Ditch Your Day Job

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What Makes Up Your Safety Net?

Michelle Ward

Ditch Your Day Job

Michelle Ward

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5. What Makes Up Your Safety Net?

Lesson Info

What Makes Up Your Safety Net?

So we're gonna jump right in to our safety nets, right? And so when most people think of leaving their jobs, they equate it to free falling off cliffs or climbing this ladder up into the sky. And then you're gonna have to dive off then, like hope that the net will appear underneath you. Uh, but I see it differently, right? I see it as, um, not a 1000 foot drop. But instead, like, the safety net is literally on the ground and you're walking on the safety net on the ground until you've gone a distance and you look behind you and you say all the safety nets back there. I'm I'm walking right all on my own. I'm It's just a little baby leap frog, baby frog leap into being a man or women of the world, A full time entrepreneur instead of this enormous jump off off a cliff. Eso every same person Safety net is different, but commonalities do exist. And so I'm just gonna go through quickly What I noticed there the common safety net means and for those of you with the workbook, you'll see this lov...

ely safety nets on page 17 And when you hear something that you say Oh, that's what I need Just write it down in the net right? And so I'd love to bring up Heather Teoh, Do this in front of us on the easel, If that's OK, feel free to, like, choose your the colors that you wanna use And just remember if you hear me say something, that's a should or a maybe or a kind of sorta you leave it off the net. Do not write it on the net. Just the things that you feel are non negotiables that come to feeling comfortable and confident in diction. Your day job. So I might say things that aren't applicable to you. Keep them off the net. Right. Okay, I'm excited. So here, our safety Net Items Savings Fund. I'd be very surprised if anyone didn't have this on their net savings fund. And don't worry about the actual number. We're gonna do that together in the next segment. Insurance. I personally didn't have to worry about insurance. I was married to a man who worked in advertising full time. He doesn't anymore. He's a freelancer for the last two years. But if you know you need to worry about insurance right down insurance, Heather wrote down insurance enquiries. This could be products or clients or, you know, a certain amount of goods that you sell. You could substitute any word for anything that I put in here, but if you need to have, you know a certain amount of products being sold or clients booking consultations or hiring you, then you could write Increase space if you need space. Separate space either inside your home or outside your home for your business, whether it's a studio for your art or just an office toe work in. Then write down space legalities if you know you want to incorporate your business or maybe an LLC or be like An S Corp thing, blah blah. I was coaching since 2000 and eight and giving everything to my tax guy wasn't, you know, keeping that to myself. But in 2010 I knew I was leaving my job, and I had bought an apartment with my husband a few months earlier, and all of a sudden I went, Oh, someone sues me. They could take my home. That's not good at all, so I became an LLC. So if that sounds like something that you know you need to do, then write down legalities and then write down score dot org's if you are in America because, uh, it's a nonprofit made up of retired entrepreneurs, and they will help you figure that all out for free Plan B. If you're the kind of person that knows that, you need to figure out what it is that you are going to do if things go to pot. Uh, then write down Plan B. And if not, we're gonna work on it together anyway. But you still write it down. Business tools. I kept this general on purpose, but this is like, you know, oh EB site, business cards, certain equipment, right? If you're a photographer, you need a camera and you need a tripod. You might need some lights or whatever we're gonna get to the specifics later, but but you could just write down business tools right now. I'd be surprised if anyone didn't write down business tools. One here Is there anything that I missed? Is there anything that belongs in in this safety net that you feel like I haven't mentioned? It's OK? I can't think of anything. Good. Top her. But that's OK. And if anything comes up, you could always just add it later to the safety net. Anything for you. Listen, didn't know anything in the chat that people are like. But what about this thing? Not yet. There's a little bit of a delay here. Okay, So problem? Yeah, Great. I love this. Thank you very much. So we have for Heather Savings fund, insurance legalities and business tools. This is a great place to start. So this is like the encompassing of what we know is gonna make up your snap. Right? This is like the first part of our snap. Thank you very much. You could go to your seat and now I appreciate it. Eyes. They're anything else from the chat that's coming in. Well, people are now starting to starting to come in on what some of their safety net items are for. T Hawk. It's the savings fund, the legalities, the business school and insurance. Huh? Really Think about what? Those are right? Them down. Some people are asking a shell what we mean by the workbook. So if you're just joining us when you do purchase the class, there is this beautiful workbook that Michelle has created just for you. Just think it is just It's like 6 68 pages, something like that. And this really is if you're hearing with us how you're gonna get the most value out of the class when you do own it is to download this now and then as we go through, you can write, fill in the blanks right in the exercises And, of course, have this to go back to. Yeah, this is essentially the class and workbook form, because I know too, huh? Picture day job on a Thursday and Friday. You probably all of your day jobs. So I know it might be hard to sit here all day and watch the class. So if you know you're gonna miss parts of it on and maybe you're not a video person, I don't have time for it. The workbook is you could just work through the workbook on get everything that you need. Yes, What else is happening in the chat? Well, you asked about what we might have been missing, and I am seeing Cheryl and Policy girl saying people supporting you, Uh, that in the safety, I also know that that's something that will weigh Well, I'm mad at myself for not including that certain or in the safety net. I'm mad at myself for not including that, right? This Does this belong to support belongs? You feel like that's important to you. Write it down. Thank you guys for mentioning that. See, this is why this is a group effort, because, yeah, it is really, really important. And I'm actually really excited to be able to teach the class in this format. And this is something that Brian, the the content producer here at CREATIVELIVE and I, you know, went back and forth on and was like having a whole segment about support and how to get your family on board. It's really important because when you're your spouse has ideas about finance stuff, um, that are different than yours. It's it's You could still be successful, and you could still have your business, but it's so much harder and it's so much more trying. And so to give yourself that team toe lift you up. Hopefully, you could find it in your family, and you could get them to shift things around. Um, but you know, there's other ways to be supported, whether it's by coaches or different groups that exist online or in real life, or finding what I like to call an accountability buddy s so that that's we're gonna cover all of that to, uh, so a couple more things because their employees and you know what? We're good. We got to the end of the segment quickly, so we have time. Cool. We have a few minutes to talk. So definitely a lot of things people are coming in are saying education, keeping their skills updated or getting new skills. And we talked a little bit about that, um, and making connections. So creating a network of potential clients and what have you that being something that's important for their safety net to love that, and I have to go back to the education piece because I think lives brought this up really well. There is definitely some validity. I think when people know they wanna have a certification or go through a program, or at least get more training. I did that. It was really important to me. No being a life coach was and having those tools to best work with and support my clients instead of just hanging out my shingle, which, unfortunately you can't as a life coach because it's not regulated. But I see I think, more often than not, that the education piece is a roadblock and a procrastination tool and a way to keep us at a distance from what we want to be doing. Eso just be careful and I think, be honest with yourself, Um, and really look at things and say, Do I really need to wait to go back to school or do I really need to sink? You know, $5000 into a certification program right now? Maybe it's something that you do later to build up your your skills. But if you feel confident offering what you want to offer now that you were going to do a good job for whoever's gonna like you, then you don't need any more education like that's That's the bottom line, right? That's the bottom line. Eso if you if you don't feel like you could deliver on what you want to work on yet, then yes, it's probably good to take some classes. Um, but if if so and this is where that getting pig comes in, also let someone be your guinea pig and ask them for that feedback. And be honest with them that you're new at this and have them help you with the process on be really communicative. That's that's how you're gonna learn and and grow in a big way. Also in a big way. So much so. We have a lot of people who were just in this last segment been talking about who is a class four. We're going to learn where some of the fears we need to get over. We have somebody who has asked, Does this apply to people who are outside of the United States? Yes, yes, it does. You know, when I mentioned Resource is like score dot org's, uh, that's That's a United States organization, and I you know, I don't know what's comparable where you are, but everything that we're talking about and a lot of the platforms and resource is that I recommend aren't just for those in the States, but obviously, you know, if we talk about something like insurance, I think if you're in Canada like you don't have to worry about that because that that happens automatically. But in the United States, you have to So some things you might a feeling that's not me. But, um, I would say 99% of the class should pertain to you also. Absolutely. They have a huge global audience. Yeah, there's so many things and says, you know, I just have to look up some of the rules or whatever. Whatever in my own country. Yeah. Yeah. I'm always so surprised when I talked to a client, and they say how I need to find out this thing or that thing. The other thing and one of things I love about my job is that I I'm not an expert in any of these things, and I don't have to be in order to work with my clients and support them and help them along the way. But I say to them. Okay, well, how do you know how you're gonna find out how to do that Without fail? They always go. Oh, yeah. There's that person. Oh, yeah. I even had to be like, Oh, yeah. My sister has done this thing and I never thought to ask her about it. Like there's always a way that they get the information that they need. So just to know that, um, you know, if that's you, uh, just think about who or what can help you and someone's Probably There are someone that you know will know someone, that sort of thing. It's never not worked, which is really great. How's everyone feeling? How are you guys feeling? We're gonna get to know you so well. And I'm putting you on the spot so much. I'm really excited that everyone at home gets to hear your stories and we'll really see the shifts that you make. And I can't wait to see your action plans in action tomorrow. Are we feeling better than we felt when we walked in this morning? Yeah. Okay.

Class Description

You don’t have to commit your life to a soul-sucking day job. In fact, you can drum up the job of your dreams if you have the right mindset and an action plan to back it up. In Ditch Your Day Job, career coach Michelle Ward will show you what it takes to go from bored-at-work to satisfied and self-employed.

There was a time when Michelle was wasting her days working in finance. She was miserable at work and needed a change. Over the course of two years she cooked up her escape plan and has been perfecting her approach by helping others for the last five years. In this class, she’ll show you how to prepare to leave your day job for a career you love. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a simple plan for getting your business started
  • Establish an emergency fund
  • Identify your existing sources of help and support

Michelle will take the mystery out of starting your own small business and help you zero in on the details that will make it happen. You’ll develop a savings plan that will give you a good buffer before making the leap and get tips on exactly what it takes to make your new endeavor profitable.

If you are done with counting down the minutes at your day job and want to launch your own creative business, Michelle is ready to give you all the inspiration and insights you need to set yourself up with a life and job you love.

As a bonus when you purchase this class, you'll get:

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a Creativelive Student

Fantastic course! I highly recommend it. Michelle is a wonderful teacher: energetic, passionate, funny, and encouraging. Kenna is also a great facilitator; the most natural and genuine host I've seen so far on Creative Live! Great job both of you. And a well-deserved shout-out to the in-class participants, who were engaged and candid about their own situations. Best of luck to both of you with ditching your day jobs. This class has given me the structure and several practical tools to facilitate my own transition to creative entrepreneurship and out of a soul-sucking job. Michelle shared many supportive messages that made me look more confidently at my "uniquity" and its value in the creative marketplace; as a result, I am now eager to take the action towards building my art business. I will use my S.N.A.P. to comfortably and confidently get to where I want to be, so that I don't snap at my day job in the process ;-)

Becky Pennington Arce

This course is truly AMAZING! I've been in hyper - forward motion since the first day! Thank you Michelle! This course was honestly different then any other! It gave actionable items, where to find support, and tons of yummy resources (which if very time consuming and somewhat impossible when you have a DAY JOB!) My Day Job is actually "ditching" me but by having a plan (which Michelle gives step by step details how to do), I'm totally comfortable and even EXCITED to be DITCHED! Several items that she shared I've already been able to implement into my creative business plan AND my personal life! Double whammy! I ended up buying the course to make sure I didn't miss anything! Super excited to continue and wish everyone luck on their own creative journey! ~Enjoy!

Heather Young

I was one of the fortunate studio members of this class. Wow! So much great information, step by step instructions, enthusiastic encouragement and fun! Michelle takes you through the baby steps needed to form a solid foundation to get ready to ditch your day job and do it with a plan, a safety net and a support network. A common sense guide to doing something uncommon and (to some) seemingly nonsensical. The videos will teach, inspire and encourage, the workbook will make it real for your own situation and the resources that are provided will be invaluable as you prepare to ditch your day job. You will be so glad you purchased this class!