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DIY Lighting

Kevin Kubota

DIY Lighting

Kevin Kubota

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Class Description

Learn how to hack your photography lighting with tips and tricks from Kevin Kubota.

You don’t have to break the bank on expensive products to achieve professional-quality results with your lighting. In this class Kevin will show you how to build your own lighting gear for a fraction of the cost of commercial products and still get fantastic results. Kevin will take you through the creation of several essential tools and show you how to use them for maximum effect.


the best photographer on earth

Very useful stuff in this class! Not only does he teach you how to build your own lighting equipment, but he throws in a lot of good lighting techniques such as controlling your flash, background lighting, and exposure.And as always, he has a great sense of humor ;)

Amy Wong

I enjoyed the class very much. Kevin Kubota shows how amazing images can be achieved with some practical DIY lighting. Makes me want to get out there and try these options. He makes better images attainable through a little innovation and practical problem-solving.

Sandy Lockhart

loved it! he is funny and learned alot of tricks and tips