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Download, Organize, and Share Your Photos

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Download & Backup in Lightroom

Khara Plicanic

Download, Organize, and Share Your Photos

Khara Plicanic

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2. Download & Backup in Lightroom

Lesson Info

Download & Backup in Lightroom

All right, So let's talk about giving our images in where you are going to come up. Teoh, you can go to the file menu and you can choose import photos and videos or down below. There's a button right here. So you just want to make sure in this case, I've got my memory card. It's into my card reader, and this is plugged into my USB drive, so it may pop up automatically when you do that. But mine's been plugged in for a while, and I think I cancelled it. So I'm gonna go ahead and come down to this import button. I'm gonna click Import, and now we're going to see everything that's on my camera card. And if we scroll through, we see we have 447 photos on this card, and I have all kinds of different sessions on hair, different things. I was shooting for various projects. Eso Here's some stuff I did for some different teaching things I was doing here. Some examples I was trying to get of my son to showcase some different things. So there's all kinds of different sessions on here, including p...

ictures of the cat, More of my son. Here's some stuff I shot this morning. So we're going to maybe look at that a little more closely, but I just wanted to point out that there's different things on here. Ah, lot of times, of course, you might not be able to download your photos after every session that you that you do. You may shoot a few things and then download them all at once. So you can do that. You'll notice by default. All of these images have check marks. So that means that if I don't change anything, I'd be downloading everything on this card right now into the location that I specify. But in the interest of time, I'm not gonna make you wait while I download 400 plus photos. So I'm going to come down and uncheck all, and I'm just going to scroll to the more recent stuff that I shot this morning, and we'll just highlight that. So I'm going to scroll through. I'm going to click to highlight the first image that I shot this morning. I'm going to keep scrolling till I find the last one right here, and I'm gonna shift, click to select all of them, But I still haven't actually told light room. I want those photos yet, so I actually have to click to put a check mark on any one of the highlighted photos. And now they'll all be highlighted. So I can tell Tell light room that those images that are checked are now what I want to include. Came. So I've got that set. Then we need to come over here until light room. Where do I want to put these build previews? I'm gonna leave that set to one on one previews. That just means that when I'm scrolling through my images, I can see a good rendering of the image itself. So it might take a little longer to render these previews, but I find it useful. But if you were crunched her time, you could choose minimal previews or standard previews. But I'm gonna leave one on one 1 to 1 set. Um, this is a location where if I want to make a second copy, So maybe I have a another drive connected. I do this when I'm working with client images. I download onto my normal working hard drive and then I would make a second copy by checking this mark and then click here to designate a different drive somewhere. So I don't I don't have it connected right now, but I would designate another drive to make a second copy. And that way, if I go through and I do the edit and I like to delete all my throwaway images, but it's nice to have them backed up somewhere, so I never edit those images there. I never touch them again unless something disastrous happens and I need to access them. So if you want to make another copy somewhere, this is where you would do that. I do like to rename my files, So I'm gonna click rename, and I haven't set to just a custom setting, which is going to be You can do any of these custom names or a date. I haven't set to just be a four digit number, so I'm gonna have it start with one. So I'm going to type in here the number one, and it shows me that it's gonna look like this is going to be 0001 will be the starting image. So that's how I like to re number my files. You don't have to do that at all. It's just my personal preference. I don't know why. I just don't like seeing whatever native format Canon put them in. I just like to remember them. So I'm gonna go ahead and do that. We'll leave the file extensions. How? How it is. If you want to apply anything, any developed settings or any metadata during the import, you can. I'm gonna leave that off for now, for simplicity sake. Here's where we tell it where we want to download this. So, um, typically, I'm gonna have that done downloaded to my hard drive. So there is my user folder. And in the user folder, there is a folder called Pictures. So that's where I would typically put that in this case, I'm gonna put this alongside the other things that I have in this catalogues. So I've created actually a special folder for Creative Life for the purpose. So I'm going to target that folder there in a place called everything after pictures. So I'm gonna put it in this pictures folder, but I would just recommend choosing your normal pictures folder. Okay, and then within that Pictures folder, I'm gonna create a sub folder with the download date. So we'll put 2016 and today's date. 07 Well, I'm getting You should know this. I think it's the 12th. So I like to use the download date, and I do that regardless of what images I'm downloading. So even if I've got, let's say, three weeks worth of images on my card, I just named the folder with the date that I'm downloading. This is really handy because then I just know, you know, between one folder and the next, all the life that happened in there, that's what's captured in that folder. It's really handy to with my cell phone when I download my IPhone photos because those those don't get downloaded but every so many months. So it can be kind of a long time between downloads and that way is just all contained in one folder, and it's easy to manage. So that's what I'm gonna dio. We'll leave that where it is, and I think we should be good to go, all right, so we'll go ahead and say important, so it's going to copy them from my memory card into that folder on my hard drive. It's going to take just a moment. Those little Progress bar is gonna let me see when it's done. Once it finishes downloading them, then it's going to start rendering those previews. But I don't think we'll have to wait for all of it. There we go. So now it's gonna tell me it's building the previews. So you know, if you really don't want to get started until you have your previous built go make sandwich or something.

Class Description

You’ve figured out the basics of your camera and have filled up your card with memories, but now what? Khara Plicanic covers exactly how to move your images from camera to computer and then share with your family and friends. You’ll learn:

  • Basic file management-how to organize and keyword your images
  • How to share your images on social media
  • How to make an album with your images or export print ready files


Adobe Lightroom CC 2015

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Thank you Khara Plicanic for being the miracle worker teacher that you are!! I had the Helen Keller at the water pump moment after you clearly explained how to use Lightroom and you did it in less than 45 minutes. You have a refreshing teaching style and I am over the moon happy to have purchased this class. I now have the LR basics down pat. Thank you CL.


I love Khara's teaching style. It's easy to understand and fun. I've enjoyed every class I've taken with her!


Thanks very much for your preparation and presentation of helpful information. You seem to be very organized, well spoken and probably a great Mom. Keep up the great work.