Editorial Food Photography


Every successful photo doesn’t just capture an image; it tells a story. Conceptualizing and photographing that story is both a daunting task and an essential skill — especially when it comes to shooting food. Join New York Times food photographer Andrew Scrivani for a 90-minute workshop on how to tell a story, from beginning to end, in 20 photos or less.



  • <p>This course gives you a general idea about editorial food photography, its more like an interview with Andrew. In general beside having great skills in food photography, and in order to be a successful editorial food photographer you need to have or create strong relationships with editors of magazine and newspapers. It does not cover much about how to build your business as a editorial food photographer. Thanks Andrew for sharing. <a href="http://foodivine.ca">http://foodivine.ca</a></p>
  • A masterful discourse on the art of storytelling with photography, specifically food photography. Outstanding work.