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Templates in Microsoft Excel

Lesson 27 from: Microsoft Excel for Your Business

David Casuto

Templates in Microsoft Excel

Lesson 27 from: Microsoft Excel for Your Business

David Casuto

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Lesson Info

27. Templates in Microsoft Excel

Lesson Info

Templates in Microsoft Excel

So let's, now come back to working with our our temple it's inside of excel, so our templates are fantastic. So I'm going to show you at first is how to get to the templates that are available within office dot com, but they're actually available directly from your version of excel, and then I'm actually going to take one of them is going to a very simple one and make a template of my own based off of that, we're going to just do a quick exercising their going to say what you see that is, and then following that we're going to go do a little more exploration as faras what templates are available to us toe work with from office dot com and going to see it is just practically unlimited because they just keep getting more and more creative with it, and they keep adding mohr, all right, so let's, go ahead and find those, so, uh, if you're on the pc, you're just going to go to file and then new, and it should be the same thing. Also on the mac side, we're going to file new, and you're going...

to see that I have this office dot com templates right here, let me just jump over those mr on the mac side, so they just go ahead and do file and then you should have new from template let's see here and then you're going to new from template and you're going to see we have um like to see your online temple it's it's a little bit different who you're gonna find those and see you have to actually go a little bit deeper you goto online and then we're going to go down for the sake of our class where is going to choose invoices you see they have a bunch of different subcategories for you to work with all right I'm going to do a little bit further of an explanation on this but you see that they were so so many this is actually just looking at so certain different categories so we're just going to choose one that's going to be you know potentially similar so we're going to do sales invoice and I'm just going to choose basic invoice all right so just go ahead and choose basic invoice so we're gonna invoices sales invoices and then basic invoice and just go on and double click it seems you double click it you own that puppy that is yours to keep but let me come back over to the pc side and then I'm gonna go over here to invoices and I'm going to say sales invoices and then I had basic invoice here on the same on the same side here okay double click it and I own it all right now what we're going to do now is we're going to simply do some stuff to it, but we're going to show I'm going to show you how we can then take it as our own and save it as a template of our own, okay, we're just now worked with were now just downloaded something that they have available to us just keep in mind this is something that is available for anybody, and we just got it, they just it's there is part of your ownership of the program, and this is one of literally hundreds of not thousands of these, okay, so I could just literally type in right here what is going to be so just type in creative live just like that I can put in my address, I can put everything I want in here and just totally customised this whatever I want, you know, I'm actually gonna get rid of some of these things here, and then you can do whatever you want with in this to make it be your own, okay? I can't even bring in an image at this point, I'm gonna go ahead and say, insert picture, I'm going to go to my documents and I'm gonna find my images folder, all right, I'm gonna bring in my logo here. All right and I could just put that wherever I want do whatever I want with it all that kind of stuff right so now this is gonna be mine I I have this all right here and then let's just say I've got a formula near this is this is just for the sake of the exercise but you see here this is a little bit over on the side but I can put all this content in here to make it so let me actually just fix this we can see our headings and I could just scooch this over a tiny bit so there we go now we're all on one page here that's allowing me toe really kind of customize this because when they did it there's a little bit of a different format so you'll notice here there's some formulas here and blah blah blah blah blah I'm going to get rid of this formula because I'm going to put in some other stuff later on so just understand what I'm trying to get across the fact that we now just got this from their website door from office dot com we downloaded as our own and then we can make it our own alright and so whatever you do with it is entirely up to you now what I'm going to show you how to do is actually make this so this is a template that you can access quickly and easily just to be able to plug in your data let's just imagine we're totally done at this point. All right, we'll come back to the I'll come back to the max side now so we're having a little bit of equal footing here, so come back to here, okay? And then I'm going to do now is simply do file and then save as is what I'm going to d'oh okay? File and save as and notice the format that is being saved as and say format, excel x x but what I want to do is an excel template because I'm done with this. This is great. This is how I want to save it and it's going to save it automatically. I have to do anything in a folder called my templates was going to call this invoice template, and then I'm pretty much done at this point I'm going to say save that's great, I'll do the same thing on the pc side do the same thing file save as same options here we're gonna have and excel template right there, ok? And I'm gonna give it a name I want okay, so let's call this invoice template, okay, and notice that saving it inside of the temple it's colder that's, great that's exactly what I want to have happen so I say save and now when I'm ready to make something based off of this, I'm going to go back into my file new once all over again all right? The same exact thing file new and I'm gonna have a folder here called my templates so I click on that you're gonna see I have something called invoice template here that was not there a second ago until I saved it there so these air now every template you save is going to exist now inside your personal templates section here so I double click on that all right? And then okay, because I still have the temple it open I can't actually work on it while it's still open, so we're going to do that again. All right? So we'll do that and I'm gonna go ahead and do again file knew my templates and then I'm going to say invoice temples and there it is. Okay, now the changes I made to this are not going to effect the temple itself. This is now just a minute template and that other temple just stays behind and itjust already done its work and now what I do is just going to be from now on on this particular template of shame on this particular document saved independently from here okay, so I can put in some information okay widgets for christmas whatever you want it to be then you had all your stuff in there and then I simply save it okay? And I'm going to save it as my own thing that I wanted to be okay invoice for widgets and then save it where you want it to be okay I'm gonna put into my documents that that's going to save us an excel workbook understand notice it's not going to save it as a template it's saving it as just a normal excel file okay I'm just gonna go in and say save and now that's going to be as is and the temple it still exists if I ever wanted again under new and then my temple it's and then see there it is and voice temple it still exists independently from that okay and there it is still clean even I've still made those changes okay and then really quickly let me jump over to the max side and let me close this out say file new from templates you know the max I they have this other options knew from template and she's going to take me to my temple it's right here and then see there it is invoice template just like that so it's like really nicely organized really smart easy to access I can get to a right from here make my changes I see fit and then see it has a generic name this workbook for to show you that it's not the temple itself actually saving it as a new file leaving the original temple that you created untouched okay so that's kind of the nature of a template so they make it really really easy to do now let's do a little bit of exploration in the remaining time that we have let's do some exploration as far as what templates are available to us ok there's just so so many toe work with really just outstanding how many things you can do here and it's just wild how many things that are available to us to not only allow us to have less work but I like to actually use the temple it's as a teaching tool is well that you go into these templates and you help yourself do some good design as faras looking at how for had a format howto learn formulas howto work with charts you know all these different things here you can go into these templates that created by experts and you can learn from them all right so I know we have some questions yesterday about inventory all right, so why don't we actually go in tow one for inventory? So if I go to new you see of all these categories and let's see if I have one for inventory you see that so I go to inventory and you see I have all these ones that are available to me if I click on it once you'll see I get a little preview of it not perfect but there's no risk in downloading but you can see some of these are very, very complex you have something like that like that of course all of these could be customized to our liking now one thing I just want to let you know is while you're searching for these if you don't find any category that you like or if you don't find any one within the category that you like you can always do a search right here you know you're searching office dot com because its ever growing your program might not have the most latest and greatest but online because it's this living organism it's constantly expanding there's more and more coming every day because people like you and me and everybody else all over the world are creating these temples for us to work with okay, so I'm just going to choose maybe this simple one for parts whatever it's going to be all right so this is just to give you a taste of what's available okay? And then maybe somebody out forum out there wants to post a request of something that they're looking for we kind of do a hunt so if you see any of those things I'm just let me know we can go ahead and see if we can find something for you so I click on download when you going to see how I have it bam right? They're already done for me all right including a total right including has all this like complex formulas and such and you can even teach yourself some of these other formulas just by the way what's that oh that's a sum if okay that's an interesting when we haven't heard before then you can learn it on your own okay? And you see how it's all formatted for us of course with the option of putting in whatever kind of content we want to so is lots and lots of stuff you can do all right, let's, go back over to the max side and let's try house so we can get to templates from here and if you are getting anything, feel free to just shout it out so we're gonna go ahead and new from template and remember on the max that we do it a little bit differently we go on to this side so eric and kat do you have anything you want to look up? No, this is great. So okay, so we have reports where we can see that here's expense reports I mean, look at how many we have available to us is unbelievable this is just expensive for it already looked at forty of these fifty sixty, seventy all available totally, totally for free you did download I mean look how complex that thing is right there you can go ahead and just be a hero if you save your putting your contact however you want and then bam it's already done see that this one comes with charts different colors everything okay so you can see that they're ok we can look at even by different categories financial reports we have memos planners we have different kinds of memos we even have calendars and each calendar is also very dynamic where you can actually look at it for the end of the year and then the next year in the next year and we're just by clicking on a button it goes there budgets is something that's why we use excel possibly more than anything for budgets let's go out and take this one right here which is going to be an event budget all right so I double click on that and then amazingly a temple it just appears for me to work with right there already has my formula's already built into it okay so we're gonna have some stuff for me to actually plug right in and then I have my chart that's actually linked up to these things as well okay so here's some formulas right there for each of these things I can change the numbers I can change the content what ever you want to do it's just extraordinary is certainly one of those things that we kind of hear about, but we don't give to give enough credit, because we don't think that there's going to be something for us or there's, not going to be enough of it and that's, certainly not the case with these. Could you see that it is practically unlimited, so I highly, highly encouraging. Teo, really, really experiment, explore, learn from it in terms of either weren't learning about formulas, learn from it in terms of how to lay out your content, learn from it in terms of working with your formatting, all those different things, you see there's just a whole world out there, and they've already done a lot of the work for you. Just go on in their experiment, crack into it, and then see what you conduce you, which you can create, and then dare to impress whoever you have to show this stuff to.

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Arlene Baratta

Even though it's 2021, this course is still amazing. I followed along just fine using the latest version (365). I watched thinking it was just going to be another "basic" overview of Excel. It's not. I learned a lot that could really help me keep track of my business, not just financial aspects either. I HIGHLY recommend this course.

a Creativelive Student

Great class and highly recommended but now out of date. Surely an update is planned?

Przemek Janus

This is Excel for Mac. I think real Excel work is done in Excel for PC as that version offer much more compared to Mac version. Apart from that shortcuts are quite different between versions. Just a note.

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