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Fashion Marketing and Branding

Jay Calderin

Fashion Marketing and Branding

Jay Calderin

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2 Explore Your Audience Duration:33:41
3 Display, Data and Design Duration:04:28
4 Share Your Work Duration:05:44
5 Find Your Following Duration:09:45
6 Inform Your Brand Duration:14:51
7 Build Your Business Model Duration:14:34
8 Why Tell Your Fashion Story? Duration:28:25
9 Establish Relationships Duration:17:27
10 Be Ready for Change Duration:25:23

Class Description

Get insights on developing a brand and growing a customer base for your clothing line in Fashion Marketing and Branding with Jay Calderin.

You won’t succeed as fashion designer without a dedicated customer base. In this class, Jay will show you what it takes to cultivate an engaged and interested audience. 

You’ll learn about:
  • Finding a following and sharing your work
  • Building a sustainable business model
  • Establishing professional relationships
Fashion designers are responsible for designing both a career path and a collection; and marketing is an essential piece of that puzzle.

Learn the best ways to find, engage, and connect with customers in Fashion Marketing and Branding with Jay Calderin.



It's great to see a course with down-to-earth ideas relating specifically to fashion industry.