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Business of Fashion Photography

Lindsay Adler

Business of Fashion Photography

Lindsay Adler

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Class Description

Breaking into the glamorous world of fashion photography requires in-depth knowledge of the industry — from the latest terminology and trends to how to work with magazines and modeling agencies. Professional fashion photographer Lindsay Adler will share her trade secrets with you in this 90-minute course on making a name for yourself as a fashion photographer. You will learn everything you need to know about industry standards, working with models, putting together a crew, and how to get land magazine spreads and fashion campaigns.


Margaret Lovell

I'm glad that I took this course. I have an interest in fashion photography, but wanted a course that focused more clearly on the business end. Lindsay definitely delivered. This course has a ton of valuable information for people looking to break into this particular niche of photography, and I highly recommend it.

Avril McPherson

As always Lindsay provides fantastic information in a clear, easy to understand manner. I love all her courses - she never lets you down :)

Neil Adams

In 2018 I realized my niche in the full sized fashion photography industry and set about creating a portfolio. But as I learned more, I realized how much I did not know about the fashion industry and how to start making money. This was a very good and insightful class, Lindsay gave concrete actionable advice that one can put to use wherever they may live. This course was well worth the money. I highly recommend it. - Neil Adams