Business of Fashion Photography


Business of Fashion Photography


Class Description

Breaking into the glamorous world of fashion photography requires in-depth knowledge of the industry — from the latest terminology and trends to how to work with magazines and modeling agencies. Professional fashion photographer Lindsay Adler will share her trade secrets with you in this 90-minute course on making a name for yourself as a fashion photographer. You will learn everything you need to know about industry standards, working with models, putting together a crew, and how to get land magazine spreads and fashion campaigns.


Margaret Lovell

I'm glad that I took this course. I have an interest in fashion photography, but wanted a course that focused more clearly on the business end. Lindsay definitely delivered. This course has a ton of valuable information for people looking to break into this particular niche of photography, and I highly recommend it.

Devona Jefferson

I love Lindsay Adler''s class. This was a short class but offered a lot of information to people who want to move into Fashion Photography. This is a very informative and useful class. I will be watching this class again to take notes . À lot of notes.