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Types of Flashes

Lesson 12 from: FAST CLASS: How to Shoot with your First Flash

Mike Hagen

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12. Types of Flashes

Lesson Info

Types of Flashes

So we've got oh, am style flashes, meaning original equipment manufacturers. You've got, you know, the night cons and the cannons and the Sony's basically these air dedicated to that brand. So you can't necessarily put a cannon flash on a Nikon camera and expect to get all the functionality out of it. These flashes are the most expensive speed lights you'll buy. Typically, there are some others from like Mets that maybe a little bit more expensive. But typically you're paying 300 to 600 bucks for these. I talked this morning to some of the folks in the audience, and some of you have, like, the can in the 600 e x or maybe the 4 30 x Most of my flashes. I paid 300 to 500 bucks for them, so they're not cheap. They work really well. They integrate with every function of the camera s. So if you want to make sure that the flash is always gonna work with your camera by a Nikon flash for the Nikon camera, we also have what I would call higher in third party flashes and these air flashes. You'l...

l find them on Amazon. You'll find them on E bay. Typically, companies like Flashpoint Flash Point is, I think that's auto Rama, you know B NH. They also have the kind of house flash, and these are what I would call fully dedicated. They They actually integrate very well with the Nikon system. They work very well with the cannon system or the food year Olympus. They're designed to work with that camera body, so but they're about 1/3 to half of what the big kind of Nikon or Canon flashes are. So I have, um, actually actually don't have any of these style of flashes. They work well, though they do. They work really well and don't shy away from us away. It's a great way to save money on your flash, especially if you want to get into 23 or four flashes in your system. Then we get into what I would call the budget budget flashes, and these also worked great. I was on Amazon the other day, and I saw there's this huge like this new world of flash photography. bucks for the was called the Amazon Basics flash. 30 bucks, you know, ultra newer. All of these other. I think they're probably made in China or Taiwan. I'm not sure exactly where they are, but they're all imports. They actually do work pretty good. But remember, you get what you pay for. You know, you may not get longevity. The buttons may not always work properly, but if you don't need a fully dedicated like a full of T t l or wireless control, this could be a really good way to go. I own some of these, in fact, that wanna have over here, I think was like a $35 flash. And I've used it in my system. And I will talk about the limitations later today so you can get other flashes and you don't have to spend a ton of money on other flashes, especially if you're shooting manual flash mode.

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Great fast-class! Mike Hagen got straight to the point and made it super easy to understand!


Great course very informative and so easy to understand.


The class covers exactly what you would expect. Very good basic information about how to set-up and operate a flash on any camera. Mike was extremely personable and communicated very well.

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