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FAST CLASS: Portraits Under Pressure

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Social Media & Blogs

Victoria Will

FAST CLASS: Portraits Under Pressure

Victoria Will

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12. Social Media & Blogs

Lesson Info

Social Media & Blogs

social media. I have a very love hate relationship of social media. I've always liked Instagram. I'm all I'm I'm on Facebook. I, uh I have a tumbler. I'm on Twitter. It's a lot. And now they're Snapchat and there's a lot of other things. Um, my attitude And I'm not a social media guru. There are people that live and breathe social media. I enjoy it and I use it and I use it for inspiration and I use it for marketing. Social media, to me is an extension of my business. And this is where I put work that people aren't singing or out takes of a shoot or I'm just letting people know I have something, and w This month, you should check it out because nobody bites magazine sending more. You know, there's a There's a lot of ways to use social media, but my attitude about it is do it and do it 100% or don't do it at all. I do put photos of, um, my for my family, my husband and my son on there and my dogs, but I don't overload it because this place is is not for that If, um, if I was going to do...

that a lot, I would make a separate private INSTAGRAM account. I think that people do want to see a little bit inside of my life here and I'm willing to to do that. But it's not a place that you have to edit and you have to curate this website now you just dio that's that's my reality. That's what I think. I actually think that's true. I think you need to edit yourself, um, on something like Instagram or Tumblr. But I know a great success stories about people who have been been discovered on Tumblr or Instagram, and it's really helped their career, so I think that you should use it. The downside to social media is that it becomes another full time job, right? It's another thing we have to dio. Now we have to make our books. Now we have to be updating our instagram. I mean, it's a lot. There's a lot to Dio, which is why I and there are photographers out there who don't do it at all, and that's fine. I totally am on board. Do it or don't the bad side is that It's a deep, deep rabbit hole, and I think it actually can work very negatively against you. If you're not careful. I don't have this has ever happened to you, but it's happened to me where I'm on my phone and I'm going through it. And like, 25 minutes later, I don't know where the 25 minutes have gone Number one and number two of depressed because I've seen all this amazing work that everybody's doing. And I wanted to get hired for that, and I wish I had been hired for that. And why didn't they ask me for this? Well, the thing is, you have to recognize that you have to say, You know what? I'm gonna actually just use this as motivation forward to make this work. You can't sit there and then use it as an excuse. Oh, I'm never gonna be this good. I'm never going to get there and then just put it aside. And I think that that happens to a lot of people. I think they really get into a social media rut. So, uh, the last thing Well, I've got two more things before we, uh, get tau Lacey, but this is a resource of mine, which is called a photo editor. If you don't know it, you should, um I think every single photographer on the planet should check out this website now. They did feature me, and thats has nothing to do with why I'm talking about it. Um, they have amazing articles. They It's a resource that I'm gonna go through some of the site right now, but it's a resource for every type of photographer. If you want to be doing commercial work, if you want to be doing editorial Fine art, it doesn't matter, because it's really for people who use their camera. Now, the article that they did about me here was just an art buyer nominates a photographer. This I was just one of them. They have a new one up. I think it's every couple weeks and they ask you some questions and you show some work, and it's really interesting to hear. Um, it's like getting to sit. It's like these little workshops. You get to pick the brain of a photographer, you get to read their journey. Um, and I find it really interesting. They have a column about new books that are out that I really like. But my two favorite things are over here under the resource is and then on the other side of the Web page, which is where their instagram is. And I'll explain that in a second. But because it wasn't it's not my work. We actually couldn't. I couldn't show it up here. Um, so I can talk you through it. Number one, the resource is there is an agent list. So you guys want to wrap, huh? Well, how do you know what you want? How are you going to contact a rep? I know there's an entire list of every rep on the planet right there. Probably only in the US, but I haven't confirmed that. I mean, the work is being done for you. So those are great. Resource is of the other side of the web page, but also on Instagram, a photo editor. His name's Rob Haggard, By the way, I've never met the man, but I think what he does for the industry is pretty spectacular. And, um, he started an instagram. That's all it is, is pro Mose, and it's fascinating. So what? He does is people sending promise in the mail, and he takes instagram photos of every part of it. So he'll take the packaging like how it arrived in the mail. So if it was rips or just had, like mud all over at or run over by a tire doesn't matter. You'll see it. He opens the box or the envelope. He takes a picture of the cover. He opens that he takes place so you can see the entire thing. And this is why I love it for two reasons. Number one. You get to see work that people are making in the world. I think that's awesome, because I don't have time to go to everybody's website either. And I don't think you do either, so ah, I get to see what's out there. I get to see new work. It's inspiring. But I also get to see the promo that people are doing. People come up with a really, really good ideas, and so it's a a wonderful place for inspiration in that way. That the other side is that I also see work that I don't like or promote that I don't like, and I think That's just a valuable particularly work. If there's work on my gods cool. But it's not me. I have asked myself, Why am I not drawn to this work? And that's always that. That's always a really great question because and who knows what the answer is? It doesn't mean that the work isn't great. It just means it doesn't speak to me.

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Full-length class: Portraits Under Pressure with Victoria Will

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  • Leverage new techniques for choosing the light and locations for a successful portrait
  • Know how to build a rapport and utilize clear communication with your subjects
  • Set up a developed concept as well as how to light on the fly
  • Use successful strategies for marketing yourself as a photographer and how to get your work in front of editors


Portraits require more than just great lighting and equipment. Sometimes a shoot doesn’t go as planned. The location is drab, the client isn’t in the best mood, or you forget to charge your camera batteries. Great portrait photography artists are able to think on their feet, connect with their subjects -- and capture great images under pressure. The best portraits often come from portrait sessions that didn't go exactly as planned, when challenges turn into assets.

Celebrity portrait photographer Victoria Will shows you how to use your environment to capture a unique, sharp image that reflects the person in the portrait. She’ll also highlight how to quickly evaluate a less than perfect situation and make it work for you and your subject. Take your portraits from amateur to near Mona Lisa gallery worthy by learning how to shoot portraits under pressure.

You’ll watch Victoria photograph real people in limited settings, discovering multiple opportunities in a limited space. Learn her three portrait musts for preparation, point-of-view, and connection. Gain insight into how to make every frame count and how to get the shots the editor requested, as well as those that speak to your vision. Learn how to make your subject feel comfortable in only a few moments while capturing exquisite photo collections in Portraits Under Pressure.


The photographer looking to improve their portraiture through thoughtful lighting, creative techniques and leveraging the environment around you to get a consistent appearance.

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