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Nikon D750 Fast Start

Lesson 2 of 16

Basic Controls of the Nikon D750


Nikon D750 Fast Start

Lesson 2 of 16

Basic Controls of the Nikon D750


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Basic Controls of the Nikon D750

Time to get into the main part of the class, the controls of the camera. So we're gonna be doing a tour of the camera was going to be going around talking about all the buttons and let's, just start off with the basic controls. Obviously, you're gonna want to have the camera turned on for the rest of the class. When you turn the camera on the camera goes to an automatic censor cleaning what it does is it vibrates the low pass filter. All right, actually, I filter in front of the sensor, and what it's doing is it's trying to knock off dust from the dust from the sensor or the filter right in front of the sensor, and it does a very good job this occasionally there'll be some sort of peace of dust that wants to stick to it, and we're going to talk about cleaning the sensor a little bit later on in the class. The shutter release is obviously how you take pictures, but it does also how you wake the camera up, and so this camera in front of me, for instance, I haven't tested button in it. In...

almost a minute and so it's kind of gone into a cat nap sleep mode and if I want a wake it and get it ready to shoot pictures or if I've been in the menu system or I've been pressing a button and something else is going on on the camera simply pressing halfway down throws the camera back into the ready to shoot photos mode so that's something that you'll want to do on a regular basis night cons main control dial is on the back of the camera and so if there is a primary control that you were wanting to change, it is more likely going to be with the back dial than anything else but they do have another dial on the front of the camera called the sub command I'll and we'll see these when we get to shutter speeds and apertures, but they're used for a variety of other purposes as well. The multi selector on the back of the camera to me has a slightly awkward name and I sometimes forget about it and I will sometimes refer refer to it as the mouse or the joystick or the up down on the back of the camera it's the only you know loose control that you khun do all sorts of things with on the back we're going to be using that to change focusing points as well as navigate the menu system as well and because some people are left died and some people are right eye and some people hold their camera funny, some people bump that a little too easily and make changes, so they've added a lock feature onto it, so make sure that it is unlocked for the main operation as we go through class so that you can actually use that button, you may or may not need to lock that depending on how you hold your camera and in the middle of that is an okay button, which will be used for entering various things in the menu system that we are activating at that time, and so you'll usually see a little prompt down at the bottom of the lcd screen on the back of the camera that says enter with ok or something along those lines. Now, the button pressing of a nikon camera is a little different than some other cameras and on many buttons on this camera. The way it works is that you need to press the button in and hold it while you are turning the main command I'll or the sub command I'll to make that change. This is kind of a safety protocol on this camera there is actually a custom function where you can change this operation, we'll talk about that. When we get into the customizing of the camera. But things like the meter in the white balance the quality of the. So you have to hold the button down while turning one of the dials.

Class Description

Learn how to take advantage of the Nikon® D750’s capabilities and take great shots. Join John Greengo for a complete introduction to the Nikon D750 in this Fast Start.

You’ll learn why the Nikon D750 is the go-to camera for still and multimedia photographers and how you can get the most out all of its features and functions. 

John will teach you how to:

  • Ensure you come away with a high-resolution image every time you shoot
  • Take advantage of the 51 points of focus within each frame
  • Harness the power of the camera’s impressive frame rates

The Nikon D750 Fast Start tutorial will prepare you to take advantage of each and every one of your camera’s buttons, menus, and features.


a Creativelive Student

I am so glad I bought this class. I upgraded from a D5000 to the D750 about 2 weeks ago. This class help so much in teaching all the ins and outs that I never would have known by just trying to study the owners manual. I feel much more confident with my camera now. Thank you John and Creative Live. If anyone is trying to decide whether to buy this or not, I say YES do, it's a great help.


This class was well worth the money. If you invest in such a great camera, you are clearly invested in your craft. The best way to enhance that investment is to learn the camera top to bottom so you can use it to its full potential. Thank you John, this was so helpful! Now it is time to get out there and practice!

Robert Coates

Excellent educator! And fabulous print out guides! Having a D750 for three years, this course did not fall on deaf ears all this time later. This course put confidence back in my hands at the controls of this fabulous camera! Highly recommended.