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Nikon D750 Fast Start

Lesson 14 of 16

Nikon D750 Menu: Retouching and My Menu


Nikon D750 Fast Start

Lesson 14 of 16

Nikon D750 Menu: Retouching and My Menu


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Nikon D750 Menu: Retouching and My Menu

So the retouch menu? Well, I'm not going to touch this is something that allows you to go in and tweak with images. This is photoshopped in the camera, and in all cases, do not worry. If you want to tweak with an image, you want to make it a monochrome image, you are not going to harm the original image. What you're going to be doing is you're gonna be making a copy of that image and making a version of that image that is monochrome, for instance, so we're not going to be spending much time you can play around with this. This is much better done in a computer with photoshopped light room or other program, but it's a nice way to waste some time in the airport, goofing around with your images without damaging them. You are making copies all right? The final tab in the menu is my menu and the reset setting, so normally it's under recent settings, wherever you've been recently, is what's going to show up in here and let me take a look at our camera and see where we are here. So one of the ...

things that I would recommend in this one is to go to something called choose tab and choose my menu, and what you're going to be able to do is you're going to be able to select a number of items and have those in my menu, your menu, and they're going to be short cuts essentially for you getting to these features so that you don't have to scroll around trying to find these things. We call it digging in the menu system because you're trying to find these things buried under everywhere. And so what you do is you would doubt it my menu select that, and then you're going to go upto add items, and now we're at the end of this class. You could go through the list of items that are in the menu system, and you can select what are five six of your favorite items that you would regularly come back to all the time. For instance, on my camera, I want to check the battery level's I want to be able to change image quality from rod to j peg, depending on what I'm using the camera for now. I'm due that on a fairly regular basis and it's nice to have those all centralized in my menu and so it's just gonna be a simple way to get to those most favorite items, so I highly recommend finding everything that you need and filling up those favorite items in there.

Class Description

Learn how to take advantage of the Nikon® D750’s capabilities and take great shots. Join John Greengo for a complete introduction to the Nikon D750 in this Fast Start.

You’ll learn why the Nikon D750 is the go-to camera for still and multimedia photographers and how you can get the most out all of its features and functions. 

John will teach you how to:

  • Ensure you come away with a high-resolution image every time you shoot
  • Take advantage of the 51 points of focus within each frame
  • Harness the power of the camera’s impressive frame rates

The Nikon D750 Fast Start tutorial will prepare you to take advantage of each and every one of your camera’s buttons, menus, and features.


a Creativelive Student

I am so glad I bought this class. I upgraded from a D5000 to the D750 about 2 weeks ago. This class help so much in teaching all the ins and outs that I never would have known by just trying to study the owners manual. I feel much more confident with my camera now. Thank you John and Creative Live. If anyone is trying to decide whether to buy this or not, I say YES do, it's a great help.


This class was well worth the money. If you invest in such a great camera, you are clearly invested in your craft. The best way to enhance that investment is to learn the camera top to bottom so you can use it to its full potential. Thank you John, this was so helpful! Now it is time to get out there and practice!

Robert Coates

Excellent educator! And fabulous print out guides! Having a D750 for three years, this course did not fall on deaf ears all this time later. This course put confidence back in my hands at the controls of this fabulous camera! Highly recommended.