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Composite Pieces: Hair

Lesson 24 from: Fine Art Conceptual Photography from Shoot through Post-Processing

Bella Kotak, Pratik Naik

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24. Composite Pieces: Hair


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Lesson Info

Composite Pieces: Hair

So, just grab some of this hair. Both sides? Yeah. So, whenever I am ... take that. Okay, and let's have your arms come 'round like, yes, something like that. That's lovely, and I love that, very regal. So, whenever I am flicking hair, remember both of your hands as well. This had the lace and stuff. Okay. So, whenever I am flicking hair, whenever I shoot on a SLR, I'm shooting at a high, what's it called? Shutter speed. Right. Shutter, shutter ... High speed sync. High speed sync, I think that's what it's called. You know when the shutter goes several times in a row? Oh, continuous shutter. Continuous shutter mode, so sorry. I was having a moment there. It's different in England. It's not different in England. I was having a moment; I was like I know what I'm trying to say but I can't remember the name. And, before you actually get to flicking, I want to mention one thing real quick which is important. Over here, on the menu bar, there's something called a loop t...

ool and if you remember, it loops. If you've shot it before, obviously. You can use that in digital so I can see what the focus is like as well. So I don't have to keep zooming in and out. I just do that because I am a pixel peeper. I like to tease myself a little bit. And then, also, over here is a focus mask. It shows you where the in-focus areas are in green. And I access that by going to press my toolbar when I right-clicked and did that way. But, yeah. So, it actually shows, I might focus on the eyes over here. That's an interesting ... As you can see it misses just a little bit. A little bit, most of it focuses up there. But the best thing is because it's a 100 megapixels, it almost doesn't matter. Yeah, because it's such a huge file. Right. Yeah, okay. Alright, are you guys ready? Alright, so you get yourself in your comfortable mode and let's, okay, one, two, three ... go. (shutter clicking) Oh, it might have just missed it. No, you need to wait a little bit more. Oh, I just missed it, we'll do that one more time, okay? So, one, one second, one, two, three ... go. (shutter clicking) There you go. Okay, we'll do that maybe a couple more times. (laughing) Let me actually do one more thing. Yeah. I want to change the shutter speed to 640, okay? What was it on before? 250, which is normally okay, do you want some movement or none at all? I like the movement 'cause it looks like she's in water almost, I don't know. Perfect. I like the motion of it. Okay, let's keep it. Yeah. Okay, one, two, three ..... go. (shutter clicking) Oh, I think I missed it, didn't I? Oh, we're trying so hard guys. Tell them to go as you press the shutter. Okay. One, two, three ... go. (shutter clicking) I got that one. Ahhhh, okay, I don't mind that. I actually really don't mind it. We'll do another one and this time ... This time we'll have you looking away 'cause right now you're looking at me so we'll have a different option for your expression if I need it. So let's have you looking actually not just there but up here, yeah, actually bring your eyes a bit down. There, and let's have you looking with intention like, that's it, that's it and you can even bring your mouth a little bit open like, yeah, okay. (shutter clicking) Okay, maybe not. (laughing) So sorry. Alright, one, two, three ... go. (shutter clicking) Okay, we'll do one more. On three and then ... Yeah. I mean after go. One, two, three ... go. (shutter clicking) (laughter) I was just like teasing you. Wait, look at that though. That's a beautiful one. So, again, if you don't get your hair flick in one picture, that's okay. You just grab it from different photos. It really is like that. Try a couple more. I think so, do you have time for a couple more? Yeah, I want to get some hair flicks here. Okay, so let's have you turn your body - let's have you bring your arms this way so we'll have a different variation of - yeah. That's it, that's beautiful. Alright, one, two, three, go. (shutter clicking) Lovely. Oh wow! What do you think of that? I like it because you get a really nice gentle motion. We'll bring this hand down 'cause the hands are too connected, I think too bulky so we'll split them up. And, we're gonna take ... Let me see. We're gonna take some of this foliage and put it around you. Really quickly, if you hold that there, just for one second while I connect it, perfect. Okay. And yeah, just do that. And, one, two, three, oh, sorry sorry. One, two, three, go. Now. (shutter clicking) Okay. Alright, let's do this, we'll just go on to the next look so we have time to do that. I think so, I actually am quite happy with one of the hair flicks that I got where it was like both the sides, I really love that one. But thank you so much for your help. Yeah, thank you.

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Practice PSD File - Sleeping Beauty
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Ratings and Reviews


Great class and great instructors. Genuine and informative. Practical tips to create stunning images. Seeing them work through the process from shoot to finished image was great and I loved that they shared the thought processes behind the creative decisions. Definitely recommended!


Truly a remarkable duo. Bella is so down-to-earth and humble for a photographer with such a strong beautiful and ethereal voice. Her explanations of her process really inspired me--I was sketching concepts throughout the class. Pratik's process really opened my eyes to "smart" retouching--understanding what can be done in fewer brush strokes and slimmer PS files. All in all a really unique and inspiring class that makes me excited to realize my next conceptual shoot. They're also adorable together!

Mai Her

I've gained sooooo much from this I can't even contain my appreciation and excitement! So much inspiration and so much generous advice and tips to help me! Thank you so much Bella and Pratik and Creative Live!

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