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Foundations of Adobe Photoshop CC

Dave Cross

Foundations of Adobe Photoshop CC

Dave Cross

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1 Class Introduction Duration:14:13
2 Navigating Around Photoshop Duration:13:33
3 Best Practices in Photoshop Duration:15:04
4 Photoshop Tools Overview Duration:10:06
5 How to Use the Zoom Tool Duration:20:44
6 Keyboard Shortcuts Duration:06:22
8 Importing Files to Photoshop Duration:13:04
9 Saving Files in Photoshop Duration:13:42
10 Use Camera Raw With Photoshop Duration:13:52
11 Use Lightroom with Photoshop Duration:18:42
12 Sizing Files In Photoshop Duration:29:37
13 Changing Canvas Size Duration:08:39
14 Cropping An Image Duration:09:00
15 Straightening An Image Duration:07:57
16 Creative Cloud Libraries Duration:11:03
17 Introduction To Layers Duration:06:22
18 Why Use Layers? Duration:14:44
19 The Layers Panel Duration:19:12
20 Basic Layer Examples Duration:15:45
21 Free Transform Duration:12:32
22 Use Opacity with Layers Duration:08:41
23 Layer Styles Overview Duration:20:23
24 Opacity Vs. Fill With Layers Duration:12:27
25 Working With Type Duration:27:40
26 Blend If Modes With Layers Duration:11:04
27 Making Selections Duration:23:23
28 What Is A Layer Mask? Duration:25:01
30 Painting With The Brush Tool Duration:08:37
31 How To Adjust Images Duration:32:18
32 Retouching Images Duration:30:30
33 Content Aware Fill Duration:07:02
34 Smart Objects Duration:20:59
35 Editing Smart Objects Duration:20:22
36 Workflow Suggestions Duration:25:18

Class Description

Join Dave Cross in this beginner friendly class starting at the very basics with Adobe® Photoshop® CC. You’ll learn how to begin navigating the software and what the best practices and work habits are to approach different projects.

Dave will cover:

  • Working non destructively on your files
  • How to resize, crop, and straighten images
  • Using layers with basic layer examples
  • Adding text, color, and painting to images
  • How to retouch and adjust images using selections and masks
  • Learn how to use the tools you need to create the image you want. Dave will demonstrate using sample workflows that take you through projects from start to finish.

Don't have Adobe Photoshop yet? Get it now so you can follow along with the course!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017



I really like Dave's methodical teaching style. Step by step works best for my learning processes. He also has a lovely voice to listen to during his classes, that is important if you have to listen to someone talk for any length of time. I also like the "dance" he does by explaining what he is going to do, then does it, and then comes back to explaining the choices he made and why. Very, very easy to follow him in his straight forward explanations. He increased my understanding of so many tools I use and so many I have never used. Wow! Photoshop with Dave took away a lot of "fear"! (Wish I had a "happy face" to place here!) I bought this class today because I don't think I can get along without it!

Jim Bellomo

I was so lucky to get to attend this class in person here in Seattle. I have been a fan of Dave's for years and own a number of his courses from Creative Live. When this class was announced I almost decided to skip it since it was listed as a "beginners" class but decided that it "might" be worth it. One of the reasons I wanted to take it was that I am self-taught. I had started with Photoshop 5 (not CS5 but 5) about 15 years ago (at least). I figured it I took this class I might learn a little something that would help me in my work. Well, two days later I have 18 pages of handwritten notes, a whole new way to work and it has already paid off in a huge way in my daily workflow. I bill out my hours at around $100 an hour as a graphic designer and marketing person. That means in the two days that I spent 10 hours a day taking the class and commuting to it, it cost me about $2000 in working time. But it didn't. I can guarantee that I am way ahead on this one. I l learned so much. The real world things I learned will pay off for a very long time. Within one day after the class I had already started changing my workflow to be more non-destructive and faster. Dave is an awesome teacher and I can't say enough good things about this class. Even if you think you know Photoshop, you don't. I teach it in my small world but I learned so much.


A writer and an old person (over 60), I rarely use neat exaggerations like "great" or "fantastic," and never say "awesome" in the currently fashionable manner. However, I would call this class both great and excellently planned. Cross is well-spoken and a consummate teacher with a rarely non-irritating voice. It is information packed, clearly presented, well-organized, and extremely helpful. I wish I could afford his others.