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Color Management Policies in Photoshop


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Color Management Policies in Photoshop

Okay, in PhotoShop, we'll go, here we are, where are we? Edit And we need to go into... Color settings, there they are. Okay, Color Settings. You choose the color space you want to work with, you know. Now I have two set up. One is ProPhoto RGB. Okay, and another one is for Adobe RGB, depending on what I'm doing. Okay, so assuming it is ProPhoto RGB we're working in, so we're in a large color space because we're working with a lot of color and all that sort of stuff. The most important part of this is in this area here. The color management policies, okay? So convert to working RGB, convert to working CMYK, which we never work in CMYK, and convert to working Grey, which doesn't really concern us photographers. But, these checkboxes down below here are the most important section, okay? We want to be able to tell Photoshop that, if there is a profile mismatch going from one program to another, or one document to another, then Photoshop needs to ask us what do you want to do? Okay? So, if...

there's profile mismatch, we take Ask When Opening, Ask When Pasting. So if we got two images and we're doing a composite and we wanna just put one image on top of the other, and the two images in a different Color Space, which could lead to all sorts of different color problems, we want Photoshop to say, what do you wanna do? Rather than Photoshop making the decision and doing the conversion for you. And then of course, missing profiles. Should you ever get a profile that's not there, or the profile is not tagged into the file, then, you know, Photoshop says, I don't have a profile. Which profile do you want to assign to this particular image? Everything else remains standard. Adobe ACE, the intent we'll leave as perceptual. That's it. So, that's that for Photoshop. It's pretty simple. Now let's have a look at Adobe CameraRoll. I'm just gonna open up a Roll file.

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"If you have questions or concerns about the printing process, you'll find your answers here."
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To be able to see and hold a photograph you’ve taken can be a powerful experience, especially if the image looks exactly as you envisioned when clicking the shutter. International photographer and master printer Rocco Ancora joins CreativeLive to show how to capture and edit your image so that it translates perfectly to print. Whether printing on your own or using a third party printing service, Rocco will have you confident in everything from calibrating your monitor to choosing the right paper for your product.

In this class you’ll learn how to: 

  • Pre-visualize your print before you capture the image 
  • Learn how to keep the print in mind during a live photo shoot
  • Techniques for calibrating your monitor 
  • Color management policies in Adobe® Lightroom® CC 
  • Manipulate your image in Adobe® Photoshop® CC 
  • Choose the right paper for your print 
  • Print through Adobe® Lightroom® CC, Adobe® Photoshop® CC or a lab
  • Print for an album 

Knowing how to understand color and how that translates from a digital file to a print is essential to selling your prints, albums or creating art for your home. Join Rocco Ancora and CreativeLive to simplify your print workflow while enhancing your end product.

"Once in awhile, there is a class that just blows you away and increases your photographic knowledge by orders of magnitude."
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