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Fujifilm X-Pro2 Fast Start

Lesson 17 of 26

Camera Menu Overview

John Greengo

Fujifilm X-Pro2 Fast Start

John Greengo

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17. Camera Menu Overview


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Lesson Info

Camera Menu Overview

So when we hit the menu button on the back of the camera, we're going to get access to the full list and full complement of features of this camera. It is going to be broken up into various tabs, which are newly reorganized refugee. They've had a bit of, ah, reorganization of all their features, and it's broken up into these new a little bit more intelligent categories that they have now. And so we're gonna be going through all of these now, beyond the ones that you see here on screen, there is one more that's kind of hidden, and you have to get to that by pressing the play button and then hitting the menu button. And then you can have access to the playback button and because they have a lot of pages and they have a lot of sub menus, I wanted to take a look at how we access everything. Now when we get in, we're gonna press the menu button, and then you're going to use any one of your favorite controls. Up, down, left right. You can use the joystick to go back and forth, and then whene...

ver you want to back out of the menu you can use. Use the back button. Remember, you can always hit the shutter release button in order to back out and go straight into the shooting mode. Now, as I say, they had a very complicated of a very complicated menu system, you might say, and I wanted to see a layout of what the entire menu system. And if you've ever seen ah, layout of a subway system, that's what I wanted to make as far as a menu of a map. So what I did is I went in and something's building right now it will slowly come up here, and so right here. This is our first page in the I Q. Image Quality City, and there is another page of information. And then there is 1/3 page with a couple of items on it. In the auto focus section, we have a couple of pages of information in this general camera shooting modes. We have a page of information, but we have right here is a sub menu, and we have another sub menu and another sub menu in another sub menu. Now, flash video have just a few items in it. But the tool section has just one page of information. But each of those items leads to multiple sub menus in some cases, and so there are a lot of items buried in this set up menu. In some cases, they're buried 23 or four sub menus deep. You'll also be able to have two pages of information in my menu where you get to choose. So they're items in my menu that you will get to choose and have in there and organized as you wish. And then we have another page of information in our playback menu. So what we're gonna be doing for the next bit here in this class is basically going through each of these different dots, which is a different decision point about something you can turn on or off or choose to have in one way or the other. So let's go ahead and get started on this long road

Class Description

We know what it’s like to dive right into taking pictures with your new camera. But dense technical manuals make for a terrible first date. Get the most out of your new Fuji X-Pro2 with this complete step-by-step walkthrough of the camera’s features.

Join expert photographer John Greengo for a fast-track introduction, and unlock your camera’s full potential.  In this class you'll learn:

  • How to work with a mirrorless camera
  • How to master the improved video features
  • How to use and customize the menus
John is a CreativeLive veteran instructor and an experienced photographer. He has extensive experience teaching the technical minutiae that makes any camera an effective tool: aperture, ISO, the Rule of Thirds, and the kinds of lenses you’ll need to suit your camera body. This Fast Start includes a complete breakdown of your camera’s exposure, focus, metering, video and more. John will also explain how to customize the Fuji X-Pro2’s settings to work for your style of photography.  



WOW how I wish I had this to begin with!!!! Between manual and smart tip overload via books and U Tube, as well as, class instructor snafus I pretty much felt like an idiot. After this class not so much. Great job .

a Creativelive Student

I have the X Pro 2 for over a year and I thought that I might get more information on how to use it more efficiently. Boy this is a great course! I learned a lot and I loved the hidden feature :) Highly appreciated John and CL!

Jon Wiggens

A comprehensive walk through of the X-Pro 2. John did a great job of going through each and every setting on the camera and gave lots of helpful tips and tricks that I never would have known about had I relied solely on the manual.