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Fundamentals of DSLR Filmmaking

Victor Ha

Fundamentals of DSLR Filmmaking

Victor Ha

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1 Class Introduction Duration:11:54
2 Shooting for the Edit Part 1 Duration:29:08
3 Shooting for the Edit Part 2 Duration:27:15
4 Camera Basics Part 1 Duration:21:44
5 Camera Basics Part 2 Duration:29:21
7 A Video a Day Duration:16:31
8 180 Degree Rule Duration:15:22
9 Thinking in Sequences Duration:13:18
10 Movement with Monopods Duration:29:27
11 Movement with Video Tripods Duration:13:46
12 Movement with Sliders Duration:31:55
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2 The Portrait Film Duration:13:28
4 The Corporate Profile Duration:24:11
5 Basics of Sound Duration:16:12
7 Picking the Right Microphone Duration:10:17
8 Double System Sound Duration:16:01
9 Hi-Hats and Low-Hats Duration:25:03
11 Timelapse Duration:17:12
12 Lensbaby, Copters and 4K Duration:19:14
14 DSLR Filmmaking Tools Part 1 Duration:29:26
15 DSLR Filmmaking Tools Part 2 Duration:26:30
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1 Lighting 101 Duration:14:57
2 Ambient Light Part 1 Duration:29:17
3 Ambient Light Part 2 Duration:33:25
6 Lighting 102 Duration:09:38
7 One Light Setup Duration:16:34
8 Two and Three Light Setup Duration:28:25
9 Lighting Q&A Duration:26:06
12 Callsheet, Crew, and Sound Duration:10:33

Class Description

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If you own a DSLR camera, you already own a powerful filmmaking tool. Ready to learn how to use it? Join CreativeLive and Victor Ha for a course that will cover the core principles of capturing video with your DSLR.

Through hands-on demos - including how to create compelling video interviews - Victor will guide you through the core techniques of DSLR filmmaking. You’ll learn how to apply the compositional skills of still photography to taking video. You’ll also learn about how to navigate the video-capturing features of your DSLR, choose the right gear for your filmmaking needs, and incorporate audio into your shoots. From framing shots to producing simple projects to spatial relationships, the skills you gain in this course will leave you ready and inspired to create high-quality, engaging film projects.


Victor van Dijk

This course was quite a treat! I had been learning piecemeal about DSLR Filmmaking but never had the opportunity to follow a course that ties it all together. And my namesake Victor is ex-cel-lent!!! Fundamentals of DSLR Filmmaking is a very very clear (I would almost say, lucid!), carefully, comprehensively tied together course teaching all you need and wanted to know about DSLR Filmmaking. Massive PLUS is that the course is first and before all NOT about the nitty-gritty technical details and numbers, but all about the basics of what filmmaking REALLY is all about. And yes, technique and gear are part of that but not for their own sake. And Victor shares that it's all about fun, and telling your story your way in the way that you like. I truly admire Victor's carefully planned and laid out path, in my opinion he planned the course exactly and meticulously like he would a full-blown movie production. And he is very open and honest and not belittling at all. He is really passionate, compassionate and 'infectious' with his happy happy mood :-)! I HIGHLY recommend this course for anyone wanting to properly and thoroughly learn the ins and outs of filmmaking, with a strong focus on using a DSLR.

Penny Foster

This is a very well constructed course by Victor Ha, who is very easy to watch, and very knowledgeable about using the DSLR for more than just taking pictures. For a Wedding Photographer like me, who wants to add some moving images into a slideshow for my client, this course was perfect. Victor shows us that, with the equipment you already own as a working professional photographer, you can get started into video RIGHT NOW, with baby steps. This is not a course on video editing, so if you need that tuition look elsewhere, BUT, Victor shows us how to set our cameras up for success right from the start, so that when we are at the editing stage, the footage is in the perfect state possible to produce excellently exposed, perfectly colour balanced material. He goes over the use of a light meter for capturing video, and how essential it is to get the exposure right 'in camera', so this is certainly a Fundamental DSLR Filmmaking course, for anyone who is already using their DSLR for stills, but who is interested in adding something else to their skill set. Victor is so enthusiastic in his teaching style, and this is a course I will keep coming back to time after time.

Sara safajar

Excellent overview on how to think as a storyteller with DSLR video. Great breakdown and really accessible examples- fun video on the making of a peanut butter sandwich- which inspire and make it feel like the video beast can be conquered. This course is packed with great ideas on not only figuring out to how to make the switch from still to motion, but also creative inspiration on how to begin thinking cinematically. Well worth the price. Great course!