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Lesson 13/14 - Arm and Body Performance


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Arm and Body Performance

So I'm gonna just take the playhead back to the beginning, Okay, and I'm gonna come down and enable my draggers here, okay. And we'll move this arm around here. And other things we can do, we'll do the transform in just a moment as well, just to kind of wrap that up as the body performance. But let's do the arm performance first of all, this'll just be a bit of random waving around, we'll do the left arm, then the right arm here, so. Well actually, let's do the right arm, just that one. So I'm gonna press Record straight away, wait for the count in, then do it. So I'm gonna do that right now. And that'll do, stop. So there you are, and as I wind back, you can see all of that stuff, running just there, and I could do that, and carry on and do the other arm as well, if I wanted record that as a separate performance. Now, for the body. If I just disarm the dragger here, the final thing in our body performance here, right, is that, what we're going to do is use Transform to change the posi...

tion of the body over time. Okay, so I'm just gonna arm Transform for recording, and twirl that open so I've got access to all of these controls, okay. And we'll try doing that actually live, so we're gonna record that now, the CTI, or the playhead is right back at the beginning here, and I'm gonna hit record, its counting in... Okay and as it's recording, I'm just gonna change his X position like so. Okay, and then change the scale. I'm pretty sure that should work, just there. And stop. That didn't appear to be moving onwards. Oh, it is. Oh, no it's moved totally, there you go, I didn't, ah. Right, I don't know if you can spot the deliberate mistake just there. Let me just make sure that has stopped. Here's the deliberate mistake I made. Did you spot it? that's the question. Right, I didn't arm position X, and position Y, and scale for recording. I just armed Transform generally, but I haven't ordered those other things, so for now, if I press Recording, and it should start running the playhead. Now I can change his X position, and his Y position, like so, and the scale just there. I need to actually change between, kind of determined points, but you get the idea, right? I can do that... And I'll stop. And that should, there you go, keyframe all of those things. So, it's easy to make that mistake, and forget about how to actually arm those things, but it's one of those things that, as long as you know it's there, it's really easy to pick up, and just think, that didn't work the way it was, look at the actual panel, look for the red dots, and think ah, okay, now I know where I went wrong. There you go.

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Think that creating and animating your own Illustrator and Photoshop characters is beyond your reach? Think again. In Fundamentals of Adobe® Character Animator CC® Instructor Tony Harmer takes you through the basic process of creating, rigging and animating a puppet in Adobe Character Animator, to produce a performance character animation. You'll learn how to build your puppet, use layers to make animation easier, add advanced movements and then record your first episode of the new character as it comes to life before your very eyes.

You’ll Learn:

  • The Structure and Components of a Character
  • Understanding Scenes
  • Recording and Live Streaming Concepts

Don’t worry about your drawing ability or knowing where to start. With Fundamentals of Adobe® Character Animator CC® Tony will take you through all the steps you’ll need to create and animate amazing characters!