Graphic Design Fundamentals: Layout


The final layout is the culmination of all of your hard work. In Graphic Design: Layout, Timothy Samara will teach you the skills you need to ensure it looks awesome. You’ll learn about:

  • Arrangement, logic, and rhythm
  • Contrast and visual hierarchy
  • Unifying type and imagery
  • Working with grids (or not)

Timothy will help you make good design decisions about breaking and activating space. He’ll also teach you about working with color and accounting for its spatial impact.

Every design has a whole array of essential components – learn how to bring them together in Graphic Design: Layout with Timothy Samara.



  • I only caught an hour of this, but what I heard was excellent--even better than some of the design courses I took in art school.
  • During this "units" I just tried to do one thing - don't fell asleep. This is the worse money I ever spent and this is an absolute waste of my time. I heard till Layout and I'm done. Really done. Did I receive any graphic design skills or practical knowledge? No. Never buy this course. Never!
  • It would be highly beneficial if an "errr..." filter could be applied. It would allow hearing entire uninterrupted sentences. Without such a filter a presentation with multiple "errr.." in every sentence is a pain.