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Harness Kindness as Your Hidden Super Power

Adrienne Bankert, Chase Jarvis

Harness Kindness as Your Hidden Super Power

Adrienne Bankert, Chase Jarvis

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Class Description

There's a common misconception that artists have a monopoly on creativity...But the very act of making waves - no matter the career - is a creative one. The Chase Jarvis Live Show is an exploration of creativity, self-discovery, entrepreneurship, hard-earned lessons, and so much more. Chase sits down with the world's top creators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders and unpacks actionable, valuable insights to help you live your dreams in career, hobby, and life.


Kindness is a super power and a breath of fresh air in a world where negativity and hardship aren't hard to find. Yet what my guest Adrienne Bankert found, is kindness isn't merely about being nice. A mindset of kindness ripples into a staggering amount of personal fulfillment, growth, and empowerment.

Adrienne Bankert is an Emmy and Edward R. Murrow Award-winning correspondent for ABC News, Good Morning America, World News Tonight, and Nightline. She reported live from Chiang Rai, Thailand, during the rescue of thirteen boys and their soccer coach as the world watched the historic rescue.

Her compelling interviews from guests that range from wounded warriors to celebrities including Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and more have gained widespread attention.

Adrienne saw firsthand how the power of kindness can work in her career. Uncertain about where she would go next and determined to pursue her dream of being on national TV, she took a chance and landed a Los Angeles reporting job. Her new boss told her it was her reputation for kindness throughout her career that was the key to her being hired. Just a few months later, that opened the door to the biggest break of her life.

In this episode we dive into:

  • How to make kindness a habit to bring you more peace, inspiration, and impact.
  • How to use kindness to reconnect with your authentic self
  • How kindness at the workplace can lead to opportunities
  • and so much more