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Heroic Public Speaking

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Masterclass: Coaching Omar

Michael Port, Amy Port

Heroic Public Speaking

Michael Port, Amy Port

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Lesson Info

19. Masterclass: Coaching Omar

Lesson Info

Masterclass: Coaching Omar

On we were doing a master class like this and a breakthrough moment comes and it's very material is very emotional that lives on its own the next person that were coaching might be talking about business it might be something else and it may feel like we're just we're making a big transition into and then that person feels like I can't I can not going to get them to cry and I feel like it's not going to be that you were not here we're not here to create that same moment for everybody that's that's the experience that briana I needed to have that's why she came here and she actually experience that she got that so we're gonna work next with you omar and on dh I don't know what you're speaking about but again it's it's it's it's his and it's separate from that and it lives in its own space so who's your audience what is twenty eight year old fifty five year olds that are looking to start the first business? Okay, great come on up give him a round of applause there are three things three ...

important things that I've learned about a successful business from one public figure can anybody guess who that public figure is just you could shout out anybody in the front row right? Wilmore anybody else another one from all great you know answers but for me it was michael jackson you might be thinking michael jackson write things in dance I'm gonna give you a quick stop so what is he doing thus far that's working for you engaging yes what else? He's got a little story in there without coming up here and saying I'm going to open with a story because you've often been told you know, start with a story and then you sounding every other speaker who comes up and says so when I was six you know and it sometimes feels inauthentic but he came up here and he was very natural and he started to talk with you about something is great I there's a very warm audience so it's very easy to get them to say steve jobs so and so soon so you might not have such a warm audience and that is such an open ended question that you might not get people participating because it's too easy to be wrong and it's also a bit of a setup that they're gonna be wrong is it too early to a little bit too early? So when you're asking them questions the open ended question that is probably not going to be right is a risky question to ask often yes or no's or questions that have um um sort of a more constrained or finite potential response especially at the beginning of a presentation often worked better so what I might suggest simple change you say you know, often people have a mentor, somebody who has shown them things that that changed their world for some, you know, you're on the business got you might think it's steve jobs and I think it's this, but you might think it's this one? No, it wasn't it was michael jackson and you'll get a laugh if you use the time, so you do it for them in this particular situation also because if you go so quickly to the audience, they may mess up your timing, never help, yeah remember how important timing is to own the stage, especially at the beginning so he let them dictate the timing at the beginning, then there's an opportunity lost with yeah, give me a pound, right keep going, but take it from the top. There are three things three losing balance here that was my other note, by the way, but I figured we'd get to that in a bit see this, I'll give it you now, then, since we started this way either moving, we don't move, so right now we're not moving now if I move, I'll move and then we don't move. So what happened a little bit with the nervous energy is telling a story and then there's like a little bit of a movement and not so it it shows your nervous energy that's no big deal, it's fine, you can recover from that. We do that all the time. One of the reasons I moved around a lot it's because then I don't have that problem, there's just a lot of movement. So what I would love to see you do is just come out here and give a big smile and say, you know, what's up, ok? Just that you always something. Then you say they're people talking, then you start what's up. Yeah, there are three things three important things that I've learned from one public figure about how to be successful in business. Some might say that person could be steve jobs. It could be warm, but fate could be richard branson. But for me was michael jackson. You might be thinking michael jack, really michael jackson, I followed him since I was three you don't believe me what I'd be able to do this, theo, but it wasn't only the dancing that I paid attention to big difference so you see how you can put something silly like that into into who into your movement having into your speech and all of a sudden you creates a hole, another experience, you have contrast that was not there before, so it's great and it just need to be a big thing, just a little thing it's also not expected from a guy I was like seven feet tall because you're right now I realize you can't tell until I'm sitting down there like he's, freakishly tall so s o there so that's one thing. So the note I came up to give you hear waas was twofold. One at the beginning, I would say for the kind of work you're doing here in the kind of audiences you'll generally be speaking to really conversational as opposed to, you know, like, there are three important things to a real conversation say to me, you know, I think there's three important things we need to learn and we bubble it did it up about you might think this is michael jackson. No, really it's michael jackson. Could I do this? If it wasn't and then you do your thing, okay. That's a beat. Now, what happened is you went over here. So you had some movies. Good. Got yourself a bit stuck here, and then you could remember jackie, where you're gonna go next? Right? True. Yeah. So then what did he do? Look down. Right. So what? We often see speakers. D'oh. I'm just moving forward just to get in the light here so the home studios consuming face is they'll talk and they were doing a presentation and they'll go on and on they know what they're going to say and then they finish what they're going to say and they need to get to the next thing that they don't remember what it is so they go and then the next thing they talked more than talk some more and then and then the next thing you've seen people do this looking down so every time you look down the audience you lose the audience so what happens is you have a beat that's a transition, but instead of staying with the audience to transition into something else, you go to the floor so it was a great opportunity for me to come up and point that out because I would just I wager a guess that fifty percent of you do that if not seventy five percent of you it's one of the most common things that we see the second most common thing that we see of course is the wandering you haven't started wandering badly yet so let's give it another try and make sure you know, you keep finding your life because you would think you're supposed to be in the middle on this day yeah, but actually in the middle you start to lose some light you know and then you start to get stuck up stage you gotta come down say sometimes we get stuck or you get stepped too far down so if I'm all the way down here it is not a good place to be is a little what's the word uh a little too intimate and invasive that's the word I'm looking for a vase or if you're sometimes if you're if you're giving a speech where they people are sitting in the chairs and there is no stage come onstage you get really stuck very close this is definitely invasive you know and then it's like all right go ahead give it a go so should I pick it up from three things uh three things okay land so three things the first thing that michael did really well was that he knew his audience so well he used to disguise himself and go into the inner cities and watch a little kids damn filly just did I took a step you sidestep sidestep right exactly good um okay in like first of all you're awesome because I can tell you're nervous and you're doing a great job thank you yeah you're doing a great job can't is a great way are nervous and it's showing there's nothing wrong with saying oh nervous because there's nothing wrong with being nervous and you can also tell them for me being nervous is a sign of respect for you guys because I really care about what we're doing here today no way so we don't need to hide things x and try to be you know, so okay don't be like that was the you know, the elizabeth and way of acting you know you don't need to be the that guy that's the sales trainer guy you know, you write this is going to do you you know, that's how they walk cnn, they're always in the midwest I love the midwest but that's where those guys tend to teo all right carry on um from the three things so three things, the first thing that michael did really well is that I so here's what I like if you put the three things in different places so come come come down towards us through for the first one so three things is in one spot then you come towards us, you tell us the one, but you still include everybody then too you move center more center and then three you move over there, but you make these very actionable clear movements when you're when you're moving from one thing to the next, so the first thing he did well is that he knew his audience so well he used to go into the inner city and disguise himself and take a look at what the kids loved in terms of dance moves and entertainment any time I failed in business, it was because I didn't pay attention to my audience it's because I was so in love with my idea that I forgot about it I don't care about what they wanted it's all about the idea good come back and do it again but stay in that general air stay in that area for the first one and then when you get a second you moved to a different part of the stage okay? Does that make sense to you? Yeah because you know you you moved over here it's not nothing wrong with moving over here but just for the sake of exploring blocking in that way they say it's okay, the first thing he did was this it was really great because of all the bubble but the second thing he did was this bubba bubba bubba and the third thing you did oh my god was this so you you're able to move and you could walk backwards by the way you absolutely can't walk backwards that's fine so you can move in whatever way it is now you have to walk in a particular way so you just put him in different and, you know, use this great long body you have to be really interesting to see it move around and you obviously move well nothing you're gonna walk like this I don't know where that came from but but but that's that's there and and then the other thing is for when you guys have lists like this, three things that are are metaphorical in some way or not a matter for good. But it's, using an analogy of some he's using an analogy here is chinese michael jackson and how he researched his audience to demonstrate that you need to research your audience. So if you can find one word that you keep repeating when you're giving that example, that's the word that they'll latch lodge onto and you'll keep coming back to that word for the second one if you find one particular word that you keep repeating to represent that second point in saving for the third. So when you're using these analogies, you're trying to bring in these, you know, michael jackson did this, and michael jackson did this but what's the thing that he did. So when you talk about their business, you can you khun keep using that same term, right? Okay, location on some. Sure, janine ellis wants to know what is so wrong with the sidestep. Now, when you when you told him not to do that little sidestep, what is the problem? So you guys tell may what what's the problem when I'm doing this? What is this? What does it look like? Yes it seems to lack commitment or it's mealy mouth it's not intentional it's not intentional and it looks a little bit like I don't know where I'm going to go I didn't feel good when I did it like when I did this I felt stronger here I felt like yeah because here's the thing we're trying to go toward them without getting on top of them it's the four movement they want us to come to them and what's going to happen is they'll start to lean into you as well but there's no point in going this way it just doesn't make sense it's not how we walk you know like that's something else entirely good thank you give it a go okay remember what? Yeah number one get excited about it. So the first thing that michael uh did very well was he studied his audience he researched his audience he would go into the city and look at what the kids were doing dancing and singing and things like that any time I failed in business is because I didn't pay attention to my audience. I was so in love with my own idea I ignored them I didn't do the research the second thing that michael was very good at is that he differentiated himself through innovation but I want you to do that again is much better wasn't right now when you do the second thing make it a quicker move use these legs and go who they got over here just great it's like oh and the second thing see what I want to see and he was that excitement of how much he loved michael jackson because because people who love michael jackson know what that feels like a yes on each one of us who has that kind of love some passion for some musician or entertainer of some kind we know it and to watch you get excited about it is really cool and you're not trying to be cool which is cool were people who tried any cool general larry don't look that cool so get excited okay? All right go from the end of number one because you had a nice good transition it was clear you didn't feel like you needed to fill it in with a lot of stuff you hit it he landed it and then go to number two right? The second thing that michael did very well is that he innovated sorry second thing that he did very well was that he'd appreciate himself through innovation. Michael is known as the best selling artist of all time that means he was good at business and he was good because he innovated with thriller he made his music videos completely different by making them many movies now in business a lot of us we look at great role models and we try to do exactly what they do but that's their story that's their innovation what's yours the third thing that michael is very good at is I completely forgot you know the really funny you're really funny now here's what here's what's going to change for him once he blocks this out and he knows where he goes so he knows that he goes to this side of the stage for one decided states for two and this side of the stage for three you won't forget him because you'll know which one goes in which place it would be kind of fun to see if you could do like a little michael jackson move yeah from one to do way got to see that excitement because as soon as tell me if you notice a soon as his excitement level dropped you so I'm going like this didn't hear you saw him step back you want like that spoon you just step back like this and all of a sudden he's back in his heels and then you came a little bit more forward but you kind of stayed in this position a little bit so we got to get excited I think if you do that dance move from one position to the next just play with you that's rehearsal play with four okay all right we'll talk about thrillers throw thrilled yeah so the end of one whatever the end of one so the second thing that michael did so well is differentiation through innovation. Michael's the best selling artist of all time best selling, meaning that he is a good business person. He innovated on the thriller album with great music videos, many movies where's your fiancee she's right there in the corporation. Have you seen him get more excited about things than this? Yeah, so could you give me an example of something that he's got incredibly excited about that he might remember? Do you know mike, I'll get a mike good? Yes, oh, give me something that has been really excited about what you just thought he was going to burst like, oh my god, I can't believe this the escape album I mean, he gets very passionate about so many things e I know there's so much more passion in there, but it's a little dry, you can feel there's more in there. Don't you want to see more of that passion? Don't you want him to get excited about this? But this is the most thrilling, no pun intended thing in the world man intended, because if you if you were going to get up here, the thing you're talking about has to be so exciting to you that you will not get off the stage until every single person feels the same way it's like sports fans you know when people are watching a football game that they're totally indio like yes, you know, its whole body its whole voice that kind of excitement that people connect with good thanks. All right, let's go man okay, you remember when you get there so the second thing michael that michael was really good at was differentiating himself through innovation oh, my god. I'm going to do something I need to play the gibberish game okay? I need where rich I need you. You don't have a mike do that's why you get him? I noticed the hand held this fine company that hand held up here can I need rich now it makes me nervous. Michael rich, your translator. Okay? And you are actually an alien from another country we're gonna play what's called we'll play the gibberish game now this alien has come to earth now the's alien is from a planet called thriller and on this planet they don't speak english. They speak a language that none of us understand complete gibberish. No rhyme or reason to it for some reason rich knows the language so rich is gonna translate and you're going to tell the story to the audience and rachel translate for you but it's in gibberish and here's the thing what's different about the people on this planet is they are the most animated people in the universe period they are so over the top that they are all over the place and for some reason rich knows how to speak their language so you're going to tell them a story in gibberish and you're going to translate it for us and it doesn't have to be his one two three things that could be what I my own story trying t o story through my film yeah I know the language way because yes I got it alright good on dh ladies and gentlemen from a planet thriller is omar from the story and here's the thing if you needed to be more animated you need to say more okay with words were yes generous of you yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah way you staying characters would say I was sleeping in bed yeah yeah yeah I uh ha ha ha a a and I was slightly excited that I had oatmeal this morning are you going more thank you very much. I love it when you know more john good to see you me t c b o ye that's actually a tough one to say your language I can't make it go teo throat yes, yes wait see if I could translate that a little bit better the omen was bad I believe had something heartburn but it was the heartburn that it gave me in the chest I now must use I believe you guys it's. A restroom, not bathroom, right? If that I need to use the restroom. Ah oh, oh oh, now that I've had my bm, can I give you the michael jackson speech? Are you hurt? Okay, so what did you feel like doing that I felt like I just had to, you know, engage the audience in any way possible by doing anything. Yes, exactly right, that's, what we're doing, you can will try anything, you get on your knees and you beg whatever it takes that's your job. So do you think you could put that kind of commitment into your actual speech? So what I'm trying to get him to do is not do that in his speech, obviously, but the same commitment, and if he moves a lot when he doesn't great, if he doesn't move a lot when he doesn't find, but the commitment is there and you can't take your eyes off him, you hang on every word because the committeeman is there, come around.

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Awesome course. I follow Michael Port and his BYS system and I was pleased to see he is sharing also his professional acting experience/tips to help us creating and delivering public speeches. This course is different from what you find on the market: both Amy and Michael are professional trained actors and they share lots of insiders tips (contrast, blocking, the importance of storytelling, rehearsing, etc). A true gem and great course. I hope they will do more with creative live in the future. this course (like the BYS) is highly recommended.