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Heroic Public Speaking

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Masterclass: Coaching Sierra & Lacey

Michael Port, Amy Port

Heroic Public Speaking

Michael Port, Amy Port

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Lesson Info

21. Masterclass: Coaching Sierra & Lacey

Lesson Info

Masterclass: Coaching Sierra & Lacey

Are you guys ready way I don't get to see your name tag like I would like it it kind of hard senior up you ready to roll? Who is your audience? High school students great. And is there anything specific you want to know about these high school students uh they're interested in business okay good there high achieving oh good. So they want to be in the room right? Okay, well, actually it's one of saturday so not necessary so we need to take into account the way you guys were in high school for some of you guys that's not going to be hard to adjust your maturity level women you'll have tio you know, be less mature but you may or may not want to be here so that's something to take into account as your listen you want to be the kind of audience member that she's going to be experiencing working with all right, take it away hi, my name is here and I love technology. So there is an advertisement for this conference huge conference what the largest conferences for women in technology I mean my...

some oftheir companies facebook, google, apple all these covers him like I have to be there but my back you can't tell me know so I was living off my savings in between jobs and I said who how can I go to this conference so apply for they had a bootstrap er a scholarship pie for this scholarship and got it but it still wasn't discussed enough some like man, I really want to be it's conference what I do so it just kind of went on my computer, you know, I'm on twitter scrolling through the time my bam opportunity thieving coordinators posted a tweet about an event photographer awesome! I have a camera professional camera I've done some pro bono work I can do this I'm going to reply so I got a response okay simile tear portfolio good manners that you here okay, so one I was looking at amy's no pad and one of the things she mentioned was that the way the world looks okay so I'm sitting in the audience that you start with this story and I'm not sure why I should listen to the story a story we could will miss to a story even if we're not sure why we should listen the story if the story is incredibly engaging but this one is not necessarily that engaging yet. So what does the world look like for the people in this audience as it relates to your topic? What is the world of clay? We don't have money as teenagers you when we want to do right now is that part of it? Yeah that's it's about finding solutions to that ok so first we need to know what those problems are what how does the world look like before we can start addressing solutions because we go right into solutions we haven't we haven't talked about these issues we haven't addressed them first we need teo both know that we understand the way the world looks like okay, so that's what we probably want to start now you can start with the story about this conference but you've got to get through it you got to get to the to the heart of the matter and if you are going to tell it you need to know the specifics so I just wrote the word kind of there are certain words that we call weak words or filler words kinda is one of them a sort of is another basically is another so you will often see someone saying basically basically going to talk about this no yuri they're going to talk about it or you're not going to talk about not kind of not sort of but so if we work on a story enough we'll make sure that we don't need those weak or filler words because we'll know what we're going to tell what parts of the story we want to share makes sense and if you do start with the story is gonna be fun okay? So check is that that's what we're looking for right there that's what we're looking for okay can you do that yes ok you all right so rachel and that everyone is something I want to go somewhere but you couldn't afford it great everyone can relate to that I would tell you about this story that I had I want to go to this conference that has some of the best experts and industry for technology from my favorite companies and I really want to go however I didn't have money to go so I had to think of um a way to get there and that way started with the tweet good so go back to what we can get you know that it was great big difference started so it's good here's what I want you to do I want you just as an exercise to smile through this whole story okay just my nose the whole time just like that go for me okay so raise your hand if you ever wanted something or want to go somewhere but you couldn't afford it right? So we've all been there so I want to go to this conference had some my favorite companies great speakers and keep going to report it and has great speakers there and I'm like I have to go there but my bank account you're not going all right so um apply for scholarships got it but it wasn't discount enough so I spent some time once we're there next thing you know bam there's a tweet from the event coordinator asking for an event photographer something that I had experience doing so I responded got the gig but still how is going to get to vegas? I wouldn't stand for it good so good so now we I see there's um there's some structure here there's some building in this story it has layers but we got to pile on the layers like a layer cake first this one then this one then this way so what happens is I wanted to go to this conference but I didn't have the money so I applied for a scholarship I got it but it wasn't enough you see so what I did is I stalked the conference you see that's what I understand where I spent some time on twitter to make sense to me right? I didn't get it so then I follow them on twitter because what you're showing us here is how you solve these problems without telling us university it was the way the world is great who wears never before there are very few people in any way been able to afford every single thing they've ever wanted even if you have millions the jet was too expensive that you wanted so you have to buy a smaller plane that had a propeller instead of a jet you know everybody's had something so so that's what we need so I started and then I saw that they wanted a photographer for the event so I apply for that and I got so it's gotta you'll keep going keep going back you do that alright give a round of applause so right here and if you ever wanted something I want to go somewhere but couldn't afford it right? We thought we've all been there so it was this conference that has some really great speakers of biggest conference for women and technology and I just has to be there but enforcing that make catalina so I'm like ok, how can I get there? I look for opportunities there was a scholarship I applied I got it but it wasn't enough uh so I went on twitter and I saw a tweet this tweet said we're looking for any event photographer the conference oh wow okay had to fly I said my profile yah they said okay we want you I'm like great but it's in vegas it's in two days how we're going to get there so what I do call my dad he says I really want you to go to this conference see what you can do I try to have about all right okay, so then what I do cause this guy was dating on and I knew his father works for the airline some okay talk aboutthe situation all these obstacles you like I'm sure you can get your ticket so I end up getting a ticket to vegas call my dad back okay? We'll help with the hotel if you need it bam I'm on my way bags packed and I shot and I would and shot the conference and it was it was awesome it with all these different obstacles but just may resourceful and reaching out to people I found that wait. So what felt different about, um I understand the build up, you know, because it really gets the point across yeah, she started feeling enter by hey started moving and she's so lovely oh my god, I'll be paying for your hotel. So so what we want is we want a big button on that end and when you said bam you felt what I'm about to suggest you do we just need more male so he was and and whatever and I shot I got the hotel bubbles whatever was in it and and I got to the conference ban you know, like that's the that's the butt and then we go into and I was able to do it because I was resourceful I was this I was this I was this we need a clear transition from the story to back to the audience about what made it work so there's this really distinction okay and it's a different energy that we now get makes sense so let's go from the very end of it okay and you're really appear like all excited like bam bam I did and then tell us how but we really direct with us go farther than that you know it's like not like because I was kind of realized I was this that was this wouldn't give up and I'm going to that ok ok all right from the end and then into that next transition all right so I called his father he got me the airline ticket and I was on my way to vegas and I shot the conference I was super excited and it all comes from being resourceful could go back again and I want you say andi I shot the conference and then go back and then just let that go and then you have another thought and you say and it happened and all came from being resourceful make a clear distinction or clear change okay go for it so I gave his father caught he got me a ticket food of vegas shot the conference ban bigger I'm sorry dude again bigger yeah remember please so I picked up the phone I call it his father he got me a ticket have my bags packed food in vegas at the conference yeah on and it all happened because I was resourceful then well here's the thing it's not if you if we see you having tohave the thought about why it happened you lost us because in this particular case you already need to know why it happened that's why you're on the stage if you're trying to figure out why it happened while you're on the stage, then you didn't do the work before that you needed to do do you understand you with me on that? So when you it has to be a strong statement and it all happened because I was resourceful you see as opposed to this is what I saw and it all happened because I was resourceful you see the difference yeah so let's do that same thing bam on and then the beef you don't remember do the comedian they were he walks to the water bottle takes it takes that's what your band is obama's the bang it's the end of the job all right on and then you say and it all happened because I was resourceful all right let's, do it again give a round of applause out of my friend's father he got me to take it to vegas I went to the conference, I shot the conference bam and it was all because I was resourceful you going what I want to do for you ah show you have to identify and develop a profitable idea for your skills good, I'll stop you there so but this is good because now you go into you know this is what we're taking away you're going in the province so you are goingto learn you're going to discover you're going to its centre boom boom boom real clear and then you go into the next piece of content but I think the work for you is to full going forward one is the really clear organization of the information of the material and really identifying the transitions so that there is a chunk here a chunk here in a chunk here you go back and remember the frameworks that we worked on in the previous segment identify what frameworks am I using how my getting into this how many introducing the problem introducing the solution introducing the problem solution et cetera et cetera so that's that's the first part that's the developmental part then the second thing for you is the allowing yourself and it's great we've got this you know expression that everybody's going to remember now is the more male how big is the difference how dramatic is the difference between her when she has no mayo on her sandwich and tana mayo on her it's massive isn't it how you make sure there are and how much do you want the huge they want so you think those two things you're willing to work on going forward oh yeah all right give me five you rock ee aah uh mrs awesome come on you guys are a bunch of chiropractors and chiropractic students okay behind fit that role I know so I have been traveling all over the united states over the past year and I've gone to tons of seminars. What I love about the seminars is watching the speaker's how they open their talk I love that part because like you get a little glimpse into what they're going to say and what they're going to talk about who they are and a car practica especially they always talk about their why has anybody heard simon cynics start with why if you have give me a yes yes all right so I heard always listen to these wonderful successful chiropractors talk about their why so here I am sitting in the audience I think I got to figure out my wife, right? I mean these guys are super successful I'm not where I want to be yet so this is why this is the thing that drives them. This is the thing that gets him up in the morning at four o'clock every single day and has do what they're supposed to dio so that they can help more people. Well that's got to be me so then I go down this journey and I start thinking about my wife and I kind of get frustrated because it's a little bit difficult so the first thing I think of super cliche I'm like my wife is my family my mom and my brother but then I'm like I don't get up every single morning at four o'clock in the morning for my mom and my brother she used to yell at me to do that but she doesn't anymore so no so then I'm like that's not my wife so then I'm like well my wife my boyfriend sean this is this is perfect right my wives my boyfriend shawn and then I was like well okay he's never said I'm his why so where is goingto kick that one out? You don't get that spot okay then I'm like okay, I really gotta work on this and I'm digging deep I'm trying to figure out what is it? What is it that drives me to be better? What is it that drives me to be the best car proctor I khun b every single day I'm stuck I'm stuck like maybe I could throw up a picture of my little maltese dog because something I got to do something for my wife but you think I would think I was nuts if I told you my dog was my wife so that didn't work either so I began to realize that every time I was thinking about my life here so what's working for you that she's doing thus far hands yes yeah absolutely right moving strong eye contact yes contrast contract big time what kind of contracts when we she take us down here and we think her why is going to be a her parents and she's like no that's not my wife you should take a little here we think is going to be her awesome and I weigh your good excellent good yes really well she knows her content very well she's not searching for it good if you're in the back make sure everyone great flow of storyline I'm loving it it's very entertaining engaging and you're doing awesome great great operative words I could definitely tell like when you'd be hitting a word I'd be like okay got that one and I remembered it excellent good thank you anyone else? Lots of energy lots of energy and david yeah well you're moving around really well and you're also changing your height and is another form of contrasts I'm little I get some great just great yes I had to read here this one comes from wows and they says mr awesome better step it up no you could see him now blushing is already very lucky to be sitting in a dark section of the space here good so I agree with all of that it almost looks like you've been to ah heroic public speaking uh workshop for two days hey mister awesome has me watch your stuff a lot there we go great show just a couple things to start that you'll want to work on not just in your speeches but in your speaking period the filler words the likes likes and write a lot the rights are more common than the likes for adults like some were common for the kids so the like I'm like, I'm like drops your I q from an audience perspective, the right can just get annoying so I started making do these marks every time I hear a like so just in that time period I had six likes and I heard four right could be more but I didn't start it until it became a problem, so I might have been a few before that. All right? All right. Yeah. No that's good. Yeah. So you're gonna want to work on that? You used the word always early and what's great is when you when you get to a certain level with your speaking, we can now start to nitpick. So you said what they always do to start with there. Why? Right? They don't always do that. So there's a whole someone composed like many of that often they do that often time I found that they do this, it seems like they do this seem to see a lot that yeah, okay, you could even say it seems like they always do this because that's why there's an opening in? I would just stay away from the word always in general unless there is something that you can say always happens like this you're raising your hand? Yes, yes for me that and maybe someday we'll defend it. But for now I can say always so yes. So that's now I'm not saying no definitive but be careful of absolutes you see even here I won't say no absolute right? Just be careful of absolutes that might not actually be absolute that's what we're saying now the thing that I think would be really helpful for you is a focus on voice work. Okay, because you use your mask voice primarily so it comes up here when you get excited, it comes out even mohr from the masking it can start to get in easily, right? Okay, do you do you know that you feel that feel that? Yeah, mr awesome. Do you recognize that a little bit? Okay, so what you're going to want to do moving forward is to do the voice work that we started. Were you working on yesterday and it's and it's using its bringing mohr air down into the deeper sections of the lungs? So you're using not just this part of your resonate er's, but also your chest resonator sze you're back right, so that you have a richer sound, one of the ways that you can also work into finding a richer sound and moving out of using primarily the resonator tze up in your mask is by rounding out your sounds so often well say things like round round do you see how that's coming out of my mask ground? But if I say round, it still has some mask resonate er's but all of a sudden now it starts to go down here so standard american speech suggests that we say round round, not round so if you start around out some of the sounds they drop so round you know how now brown cow goes down so you're working on how now brown cow as opposed to how now brown cow, do you hear the difference? So do you recommend actually practicing that stuff right before you go on in preparation? Possibly well, the definitely the opening of the musculature warming up before you go on, but what you'll want to do is voice training on a regular basis. You want to do this voice training on a regular basis and you should come to it with us if you want, but but it's the long term study and when I say long term in your case it could be a good three months of work, regular basis all of a sudden you start to open up and you start to see that you can use your sound in a different way because as you get bigger and bigger and bigger and more exciting more connected and you feel even mohr free with your material you're going to start getting louder and if you start getting louder and it keeps going up here it could start to lose some of its power does it make sense that makes sense okay so that's what it's something that I want to work on is not something we could do right here right now in this time the other thing is this particular story just from a structural perspective marquez is right it's great. You know you're content it's building it's building we're starting to get to the point where it's starting to get to long right? Okay you feel me? Yeah so sometimes we want to put so much drama into this story that we stretch it out too much and it's not necessary to try giving the point what's the point so let's let's try that story again and let's get through it without the likes and without the rights and I gotta tell you I just I'm so impressed me as well sit up here and do this stuff and have someone tell you you gotta work on your voice because it's getting too nasal in here and it's going toe that's that's that's a big thinker who does that that's somebody who is seriously seriously in pursuit of master is a man who cares about their work who cares about their audience because you know amy and I have coached a lot of people who have rejected advice or explained away every reason why they were doing what they were doing when we gave him a note none of you have done not a one has done that that's unusual often, you know, talking about the voice so well though, but the reason is because I was I eat some yogurt and you know, it's a little flim I'm italian I could do that if you want you can argue but do you see just the openness to yeah, no, that makes sense I'll do it okay? All right, so let's do that story again without the likes without the rights and we'll get to the punch line a little bit quicker so like cut out just a part of it you'll see you know, feel it that's what the rehearsals foresee what can get cut okay, okay, so over the past year I've been traveling I've been traveling all over the united states watching all these women here's a great example of how to shorten up the story, she said over the last year I've been traveling been traveling all over the united states you said the same thing twice. You just added the united states in the second over the lad I've been traveling for the last year I've been traveling all over the united states one you just cut one sentence, right? So if you can say the thing in one sentence saying one sentence is opposed to two for the last year I've been traveling around the united states watching a bunch of seminar there's my favorite part about the seminar cut the word bunch cut the word bunch I don't even know where I put that I got to find it again. I've been watching a bunch of seminar. Okay, this is this is this is falls into the like category is not specific killer it's a filler word. Yeah. Okay, now and they make you younger is what happens that's that's what? I mean it's not a filler. It makes you younger, ok? Like, you know, like like a bunch of like, you know what I mean? So you might have a specific number over the last year I have seen twenty six presentations or you might say over last year I have seen over thirty speeches. Okay, well, now we have a real number to latch onto and the specifics help with the story over the last year I've been traveling across the united states state back over the last year I've been traveling and I've watched about twenty different seminars all car practically watched a ton of successful chiropractic speakers and my favorite part about the entire seminar is when they open their speech. I love that part because it gives me a little insight about what they're going to talk about good I want to do something, we're due a little voice thing here, so I want you exactly what you did and then there's a point where I put my hands on your ribs here and I want you to stand up straight, take a deep breath and I want you to drop your voice into like just using the air you breathe in and draw a lower your voice to drop a little bit deeper at that point, you understand what I'm eating don't worry, just try play with and you'll see what happens, okay, start from beginning, we're just are okay, you know what? I love a little farther back from that, okay? Um, last year over the last year I've been traveling and I've seen about thirty different seminars with tons of successful chiropractic speakers. One of the things I love the most is when they open up their speeches because you get a little bit of insight into what they're going to talk about, you get an idea of what they're going to say and one thing I've noticed that. Good, good. So so take a big breath and then drop into one thing. I know one thing I've noticed. How does that make her sound authoritative? She has gravitas. She sound substantial that's, a massive change with just a tiny change of how she uses her breath. You see what's possible for you. Mrs awesome is way more awesome than mr. Also.

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What a great class! An incredible amount of content shared in a fun, engaging way. Michael Port is a gift. I attended his Book Yourself Solid Immersion via telecourse and was impressed. However, seeing him on video adds layers of instruction that will benefit me not only in public speaking, but in other aspects of my business and life as well. Amy Mead really lazers in on specific improvements that get big results. Thanks to all for an outstanding class.


Wow.. When I first stumbled across Michaels videos I thought “this guy is almost TOO good.” The free information was so helpful that I rationalized with myself that I didn't have to sign up for the course, at least not right away. Eventually after my procrastination period I bought the class and was pleasantly reassured of my purchase. The content inside was just as valuable and fun! Not only that, watching the transformations of the students as they practiced their speeches was simply amazing. Michael and Amy work great with each other and have put together a top notch experience with Heroic Public Speaking.


Awesome course. I follow Michael Port and his BYS system and I was pleased to see he is sharing also his professional acting experience/tips to help us creating and delivering public speeches. This course is different from what you find on the market: both Amy and Michael are professional trained actors and they share lots of insiders tips (contrast, blocking, the importance of storytelling, rehearsing, etc). A true gem and great course. I hope they will do more with creative live in the future. this course (like the BYS) is highly recommended.