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Hot Tips from the Photoshop Playbook

Bryan ONeil Hughes

Hot Tips from the Photoshop Playbook

Bryan ONeil Hughes

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1 Photoshop Playbook Duration:02:27
2 Adobe Bridge: Camera Raw Duration:08:04
4 Sharpening in Photoshop Duration:09:40
7 Content Aware in Photoshop Duration:11:02
9 Script Files in Photoshop Duration:05:33
10 Smart Objects in Photoshop Duration:06:50
11 HDR in Lightroom Duration:08:01

Class Description

Adobe’s Bryan O’Neil Hughes pioneered this popular YouTube series to solve common problems in Photoshop…in just minutes. Bryan will show his favorite shortcuts and tricks for troubleshooting Photoshop stumbling blocks. This course offers something for everyone and features a repository of takeaway content  

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015


Mike Thompson

I think this class was well worth it. I like that you are sharing this info, like the "secrets" so I can try them and have acquaintances ask, "how did you do that". It was great. Thanks!

user 12004e

Lots of good tips. Gets to some deeper aspects of the programs.