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How to Choose Your First DSLR Camera


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Thanks a lot for watching how to choose your first dslr camera. This is not the only class that I have that creative life. I have a lot of classes you can find them on my course page you can search for gringo we also have a bit ly link that you can see here to find your weight there's a shortcut to all of my classes so if you've taken this class and you're wanting to go to the next step, what should you know do next? Well, my recommendation would probably be the photography starter kids it's a relatively short class it's about three hours in length, we go over shutter speeds, apertures esos and a little bit of lighting and composition. It's a great kick starter to get you out the door knowing the right terminology and kind of the right direction to get headed in photography. But when you run through all of that information, you're going to want mohr and more detailed information and this is where we run into my big class. This is the fundamentals of photography. This is something I upd...

ate on a yearly basis and this has five days it's about twenty five hours of information it's basically where I dump everything that I know that I've learned in thirty years of photography and so that's the one for people who really want to get into photography now another direction that you can go is learning more about your camera in particular. The other cameras were general photography classes. I have a whole bunch of fast start classes have about twenty five of these classes now that really targets individual nikon cannon, fuji, panasonic cameras and so forth, and we go through each and every button dial and feature on the camera. We go through the entire menu system to get it set up perfectly for the way that you want to work. And so if you really want to be the master of your camera and know everything about it, this is probably the easiest way to do it coming soon I am going to be having a class on lenses called mastering the lions will have a class for nikon, and I'll have a class for canon lenses. This would be both on choosing the right lens in order to purchase or to use for particular applications and how to get the most out of them. They use a lot of very interesting technology in these lenses, and I find them very, very fascinating and I think it's a lot of fun to shoot with a wide variety of lenses to get some very interesting effects and knowing photography one of the most critical things is knowing how to use your legs to get the maximum benefit, so take your education go with it wherever you need to go. But you can always be learning more. And hopefully these classes will help you out in your photography. Thank you very much.

Class Description

It’s nearly impossible for any beginner to sort through all of the functions, features, and price points of DSLR and mirrorless cameras and make an informed choice. In How to Choose Your First DSLR Camera, John Greengo will simplify the buying process and help you find the camera that fits your needs and your budget.

The key to finding a great DSLR camera for beginners is knowing the market and which questions to ask. In this class, you’ll learn about all the different types and brands of cameras and which one is right for you. You'll learn:

  • Which features are beneficial to your style of photography
  • The importance of having the right lens
  • The differences between Digital SLRs and mirrorless
  • How a camera’s sensor size impacts image quality

John will look closely at all the latest DSLRs from Nikon and Canon, and the mirrorless cameras from Sony, Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus and others.

The current crop of photographic equipment is more diverse than ever before and finding the right DSLR camera for a beginner can be a challenge. There is a huge range of variables between cameras, even when they come from the same manufacturer. How to Choose Your First DSLR Camera will help you know what to look for and which questions to ask when it’s time to buy your first camera.



This was a great class. I already had an idea of the direction I wanted to go as I start my new business, but this class really helped me focus on the most important upgrades I need to make to my current system. I was particularly impressed with the visual graphics used to explain the technical functions of cameras and how those functions affect image quality and camera use. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to up their camera system and I am looking forward to taking the classes that are specific to the camera systems I am using. I would love to see a class on image processing and getting the most out of editing software. Great Job! Glad I signed up for CreativeLive.

Ann Reetz

I have been an educator and public speaker for many years and can say that John is the best Teacher I have come across. I have spent at least 100 hours online researching and trying to learn the basics before my major purchase of a good camera. This tutorial video taught me more than all those hours online. He made the complicated make sense and I felt confident in not only ordering a Nikon D7200 as my entrance camera into photography, but I also gained enough knowledge to buy it without the kit and ordered two good prime and one 17-50 zoom that were much better quality than the kit lenses. I did look for deals and ended up spending about the same as the kit would have cost at Costco. I intend watching every photography class that John has taught. Great job..... Ann Reetz