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How to Design a Proposal

Arianna Orland

How to Design a Proposal

Arianna Orland

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Class Description

Proposals and contracts are an essential component of landing big contracts, but they can be a ton of work. Learn the efficient way to draft proposals and get insights of all aspects of getting paid in How to Design a Proposal with Arianna Orland.

Arianna has a thriving freelance business in San Francisco and in this class, she’ll give you the inside track on charging your your work. 

You’ll dive deep into:

  • Proposal and contract creation
  • Resources for writing business documents
  • Statements of Work (SOW)

You’ll find out what is important to include in your documents, what to leave out, and how long each one should really take.

It is crucial to get paid for your time – learn the right way to make that happen from Arianna Orland in How to Design a Proposal.


Tomas Verver

Thanks Arianna, for this course. As a creative businessman this is very useful. As a result of this course I send less proposals, I spend more time talking with my clients to know we are a good fit. There are some good tips how to write better proposals. Lot's of questions anwered in this course like 1. How to increase the chance of winning the proposalfase? 2. When to write/ when not to write a proposal? 3. How to build value? The Proposal is a part of creative business Creative Live can maken some more courses about.


Super helpful process driven and succinct; Orland's CL proposal class will be especially useful for newly minted freelancers who want to understand the ins and out, the process of making proposals. Great class material comes with the purchase.