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Lesson 12 from: How to Get Started in Nature Photography

John Greengo

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12. Q and A

Lesson Info

Q and A

In your landscape images, do you correct extortion, such as curing horizon line from the lenses in post processing? Let me talk about landscape lenses, okay, so one of my favorite feature is kind of my main cameras that cannon five mark three and I've got a program so there's a button that I press that gives me an electronic level in the viewfinder, and all I have to do is press that button it's turned on because sometimes I'm looking through a camera like this, and I have a really bad sense of horizon, and I'll just press that button and I'll turn it right, and then I'll get locked in, and so I'll fix it that way now, kind of the second part of that question is there's a distortion correction? And I do fix that in light room because all lenses and even I have some very nice lenses there's a little bit of distortion on it, and I'll have that fixed it up. Cool, alright bill would like to know if you bring more than one camera and do you bring more of the one camera camera? Because he al...

so asked about variable andy filters? Do you kind of talked about that in a pretty serious situation, let's say, I'm going to go down, too. Grand canyon and shoot I'm going to bring two cameras now when I leave the car and I go hiking and I'm gonna go hike for five miles I'm probably just gonna bring one camera because I'm need to bring my first aid kit and my water and my lunch in my raincoat and my main camera and two or three lenses and the chances that that camera's going to die out on that hike where I absolutely have to get the shot is extraordinarily small now if grand canyon hired me for ten thousand dollars a day well I would hire somebody to carry that camera for me but normally I don't equipment and on weight which is very important if you're gonna shoot landscape because yeah it has exhausting and you mentioned you're always mentioned in the polarizer notable filters I guess andy on do you have different lenses so you're carried up a specific filter for every land so is there a way to feed one filter in different lenses because some rights they'll have the same ring exact what will be your advice on that to keep it budget friendly and wait friendly so if you do have sizes different size threads on different lenses the budget option is to buy the biggest one and buy an adapter a step up ring so you could get step up breaks I am at a point where I can afford to have a polarizer for each lands and it's too much of a hassle and time ways trying to think around with these adapter rings and so that's the budget way to get into it but I think eventually I go out with one polarizer for each size now I may have two lenses that air seventy seven then I'll switch from one to the other and it's pretty quick to switch up and so I don't mind switching them but I have one for each size lens that I have is there a big difference when using a wide angle with a polarizer than its very hard I'm shooting anything wider than a twenty four millimeter lands it's really hard to use a polarizer and I generally don't do it twenty four is kind of the limit of where I'll be using a polarizer are you always your image in one frame are you ever putting together like stitching a panorama I do stitch panoramas from time to time there's ah holm or advanced technique on panorama stitching or focused aki or time lapse or hdr it's really expanded in the world of digital and I do most of those some of the time but most of the time I'm trying to get the one shot his panoramas are incredible all right let's just asked a couple more questions here so question came in from another question from photo maker besides glare will polarizer help with reducing or eliminating dappled light in the forest no it won't really help okay good to know um let's see here so question came in do you find it useful to scout landscape and nature locations to shoot a day or so in advance given what you said earlier about the scene and the light and it never being the same from one moment or one day to the next well you do have to scout their location is to know where you need to go how long it takes to get there what exactly looks like right now because like I know mount rainier very well but if I was planning to go shoot I would well what what do these grasses look like right now? Is this trail closed or is this open right now? And so I go in with the intention that this may be the best time to shoot right now I'm a bout I mean I think it but things are totally different than the way I had majin or hope them to be and so you have to go in prepared uh better be prepared to get the shot in this case but I'm better be prepared to come back and get the shot as well and so it's with one of these things that I'm going to show you a photo in just a moment that my plan was I had five days to shoot it and I would try every day until I got that shot and five days was my window. And then I had to leave. But sometimes that's that's the thought process.

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Danette Zak

I got this course for free thru View Bug and John Greengo is an amazing teacher. He explains nature photography with a sense of ease and he really makes you want to get out there and keep trying to get THE photo, that the day you go out there may not be the right day or right time, but to keep trying and you'll get it! He also encourages you to get out there to the same places other great photographers have been and make it your own, to get your own experiences. Yes, I recommend this course and any courses he instructs, I hope to take another one of his courses in the near future!

a Creativelive Student

Very instructive! And John Greengo is a great teacher. He knows very well how to go deeply without putting you in a difficult situation. I have followed almost all of his courses, and this one is one of the best! Don't hesitate if you are a beginner or even and advanced photographer interested in Nature photography.

Vilius Senkus

Perfect class, loved it. Short, concentrated, nice examples, pasionate speaker. Just want to grab my cam and go apply new knowledges.

Student Work