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How to Paint with Light

Ben Willmore

How to Paint with Light

Ben Willmore

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Class Description

Discover the unique art of light painting, and add a new dimension of light painting into your photography. Experienced light painter Ben Willmore will introduce you to the basics of light painting in this fun and informative class. You’ll learn which tools and settings to use to get your desired effect and how different light sources can be used to produce dramatically different looks.

Learn how to combine an interesting subject, inexpensive gear, and a little light painting knowledge to produce dramatic and interesting results.

Ratings and Reviews


Ben comes though with great teachings as always. Nice job. If you ever have a chance to see one of his workshops its well worth the time and costs to go.

Peggy Nugent

Wow! One of the best workshops I've seen on Creativelive! Lots of useful detail, easily understood. I've never done light painting but now feel that I can go forth and shoot with confidence -- Ben's lessons learned will really help me up the learning curve. Excellent!

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