How to Take the Perfect Headshot


If you aren’t offering headshot photography services, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. The demand for professional headshots has proliferated in recent years and in this class Peter Hurley will teach you shooting and selling techniques that will help you land that business.

A headshot can quickly communicate personality and create connection. In How to Take the Perfect Headshot, Peter will teach you how to quickly and consistently capture a person’s personality by identifying and photographing their best side. As a photographer you need to walk into your session with a plan. Peter will teach you the keys to this plan and offer tips on coaching your subject through the process and helping them relax in front of the camera.



  • <p>Very charismatic. enjoyed it as entertainment. just by watching him you know what are Shticks. He is secure in further promoting his recognition. He is very enthusiastic about head shot and his enthusiasm is very contagious. Fun to watch. worthwhile. I love his character because he is direct, New Yorker and I am an Israeli, much similarity. Y. Melamed, MD </p>
  • I agree with Peg, she summed this class up perfectly. Peter can't stop talking about how amazing he is... He tells us he has been using the same set up and has been taking the same head shots forever... If you do the same thing for that long I would hope that you eventually do it well... The way he barks orders and the students and John is so disrespectful. Not much to learn here except how amazing Peter thinks he is.
  • Lots of excellent tips and I although there was some self promotion, I didn't mind. I like Peter and appreciate his enthusiasm and willingness to share his know how. My headshot photography has improved ten fold, thanks to Peter.