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How to Create Addictive Content

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Class Introduction

Melissa Cassera

How to Create Addictive Content

Melissa Cassera

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1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

I'm so excited to teach this session with you each day. It's called How to Create Addictive Content for your business. So content is key. We're gonna go into why in just a minute. This is gonna be a really exciting class. I also have food photos on every single class that I teach here. So some of you may want to kill me. This one is a cupcake, and not chocolate. All of my other classes have chocolate. (laughs) Our first lesson we're gonna go into today is discovering what content your audience craves. So who doesn't wanna know this, 'cause we don't wanna waste a whole ton of time creating something that our audience is like, boo. I don't wanna read that. Then you're gonna uncover your voice, which is something I hear quite often from folks that are new to writing. Is that their voice doesn't come through. Their personality doesn't come through. They're like I sound one way out loud and then on the page it's just like a whole big hot mess. So we'll go through that today. Then we're gonn...

a talk about how to never run out of ideas using the "heat" technique. I love this technique. That's a good little teaser for you guys. And then we're gonna talk about screenwriting techniques to create amazing content. So I love using professional screenwriting techniques and weaving them into all of my content, so that we become way better story tellers, and everything feels like a sexy NetFlix drama. And then create a thriving content creation process. So content can easily spiral out of control. We can easily get overwhelmed and feel like, oh goodness, we've so much content to create. So I like to have a nice, simple process that you can easily plug into your calendar, and then have all of your content, hopefully pre-created. In some cases we can't do that if we have to create content up to the minute. But in many cases we can actually do something ahead of time, a nice productivity technique that will allow us to get our content all cranked out ahead of time. Then it feels really easy breezy. Then we're gonna talk about writing sizzling headlines. This is one of my favorite lessons. Then how to leverage user generated content for added credibility. This is about taking content that you're audience creates or encouraging them to create it. And then using that in your own business. And then how to repurpose each piece of content for maximum exposure. This is something that a lot of folks struggle with. We're constantly creating, creating, creating, and then we have this beautiful bank of content, and then we forget all of the great stuff that we've already created, and don't repurpose it in different ways, different mediums, or even take little bits and pieces from it and recreate it. And it's such a great way. It saves so much time in our business. So we're gonna talk about how to do that. And then we're gonna talk about how to upgrade our content to build a community of raving fans. And then we're gonna talk about calls to action, which is oftentimes when all of the content is like wamp-wamp. Like that's when it comes to like this screeching halt at the end, and it has this weird call to action to do something that feels totally off of everything else that you've done in your content. What I promise to you is that you will learn some really fun ways to create addictive content that entices people to read, and excites them to share, and moves them to buy. And then we have a cool bonus download, which is the fill in the blank headline worksheet. So if you struggle with headlines for your content, you will struggle no more. And we're gonna go through some headline examples live today as well. This class is for you if you never have time to be consistent in your content creation. So if you're one of those folks that's like oh no! I haven't sent a newsletter in six weeks, or maybe six months, or oh shoot, I haven't updated my blog for two years. (laughs) Or oh that social network I joined, like I never post there, but I spend a lot of time scrolling and looking at other people's posts, but I never know what to post myself, right. I think we've all been there. You write your little heart out, and then you hear crickets. So that kind of feels like the worst, when you spend all of this time creating a piece of content and you're like, yes! And you send it out, and it's just like nothing. I mean, it's not even... At this point you would even rather somebody be like, I hated that. 'Cause at least it would be some reaction to it. So we will talk about that today. And then you know you're supposed to create content, but you feel totally overwhelmed. This is really common. There are a bajillion ways that we can create and share content nowadays. We have blogs. We have newsletters. We have eight bajillion social media networks. We have all different kinds of mediums from podcasts to videos to the written word. It's like your head spins, right. And there's always another article that comes out, another piece of advice that comes out that says you have to be on this network or do this or your business is gonna die, like a really terrible death. And it's all very, very, very grim. That's not the case. The good thing is that you can condense your content plan and really look at, hey, where are my clients hanging out, right? They're not hanging out everywhere. They're usually hanging out just in a couple places. And focus on those places. Or if you absolutely hate a place, don't do content there, unless your job is solely to be like the social media provider for a company, then you probably can't say I hate this network and don't wanna do it. It's not your job. But if that's not your job, then you get to pick where you wanna share your content. Just make sure your ideal clients are also hanging out in that space. And then, if you feel everything you write has zero personality. So if you're stripping your personality out of your content, that will happen no more. I'm a business strategist and professional screenwriter. I write Lifetime movies. So I'm like, I live in guilty pleasure. If you watch those movies, you know what I'm talking about. They're really fun. You should watch them. And then, I'm currently in Los Angeles, but I'm originally a Jersey girl. I also lived in Napa for a few years. And I cry every time I go back there, 'cause it's so beautiful. And one day I hope to move back there. And then I love helping you as business owners become better writers using all of these cool screenwriting techniques.

Class Description

As the saying goes, “Content is king.” And that’s especially true when it comes to marketing your business. You might have fabulous products or top-notch services, but if you don’t have compelling content to help drive sales, you’re probably leaving a whole lot of business on the table.

But don’t make the mistake of slapping together a bunch of worn-out, half-baked ideas and calling it content. It’s critical that your articles, blog posts, reviews and videos are thoughtfully prepared and offer value.

Melissa Cassera, a successful brand and marketing consultant and screenwriter, will show you how to use Hollywood storytelling techniques to create content that entices people to read and watch, excites them to share, and moves them to buy.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand your audience and the content they crave.
  • Repurpose each piece of content for maximum exposure.
  • Avoid creating boring or corporate content.
  • Uncover your unique voice and style.
  • Create a thriving content-creation process.
  • Write sizzling headlines and effective calls to action.
  • Leverage user-generated content for added credibility.

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Lauren Dusing

I'm only on Lesson 7, but I just felt the need to stop and write a review, even though I haven't finished the entire class yet. This class has sooooo much great content. I completely agree with the woman in the live audience that said she was having so many "light bulb" & "a-ha" moments during the class. I've always wanted to create a months worth of content for social media so that my posts had meaning and I didn't have to stress last minute about having to find something to post about, but when I would start to brainstorm ideas etc. I just wasn't excited about what I would come up with and it felt like such a struggle, I would eventually have to stop because my ideas were minimal and the process was so unenjoyable, like painful haha. But after 7 lessons in this course I feel so excited about generating content and my mind is filled with so many ideas already. I actually feel like creating a months worth of content ideas is not only totally doable, but could actually be enjoyable and by using what i've learned in this class, I feel like the content I create will actually be effective and I'll be proud and excited to post it. This course is totally worth it, hands down. buy it!

Chris Louis

Extremely helpful and practical tips on how to get the ball rolling on creating meaningful content! Highly recommend this easy and user friendly class

Shannon Flaherty

I thought this class was great. It inspired a lot of ideas and I came away with a lot of insights. Well done!