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How to Edit and Organize in Your Photos App

Jared Platt

How to Edit and Organize in Your Photos App

Jared Platt

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Class Description

You’re constantly snapping photos but what do you do once they are in your phone? In this course, Jared Platt walks through how you can make the most of your images with simple editing and organization techniques. He’ll have you confident in sharing or printing your photos and more importantly, feeling okay with deleting them to free up space!

Ratings and Reviews


This was a great starting pointing for using the iPhone Photo App. Very good quality and easy to understand. I do hope that Jared Platt makes a new video with in-depth use of the upgraded 13.3 iPhone Photo App with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. So much has changed.

a Creativelive Student

I learn some new tips for sure. Thanks for sharing Jared and keep the good job.


A basic guide to using the Photos application in your iPhone. Short, useful, to the point and cheap (especially when on sale!)

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