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How to Land a Literary Agent

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Class Introduction


How to Land a Literary Agent

Lesson 1 of 6

Class Introduction


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Class Introduction

(audience applauding) Hi everyone. Landing a literary agent is like the Holy Grail for writers, even in the publishing landscape that has changed so much lately. There's so many different opportunities. There's so much that's just moving in the publishing industry. It's still kind of that top thing that people want. There's so much desperation and sort of fear and mystery around how to land an agent, and my job today is to help you demystify that. It's a process that can totally be learned. It's a process like any other that you can take step by step by step and it ends up not being a mystery, and I want it to end up not being something for you that is filled with that fear and despair that so often I see in writers. They just get so frantic around it. There's no reason for that. We're gonna break it down and we're gonna go through everything. I have to warn you, there's a lot of information in this class. I'm gonna throw a lot at you. We're gonna go fast through some really complex ...

things but you can keep up. I want you to get the whole big scope of it, the whole big picture. The big takeaway, if there's nothing else that you take away from this class today, I want you to take this away. Pitching is not throwing darts at a board. It's a strategic undertaking. It's a thing that you have to be really intentional about and very strategic about, and just that concept alone is gonna change your mindset in a way that I hope is gonna really help you know exactly what to do. That's the big picture idea.

Class Description

Your biggest, lifelong dream is to score a publishing deal for your book. But first you must clear what seems like your most challenging, daunting hurdle: convincing an agent to represent you.

Many writers believe that landing an agent is an impossible task. They think they have to know someone, learn some secret handshake or simply have an incredible burst of luck. But the truth is that there’s a strategic process to securing representation, one that can be learned and successfully implemented.

Jennie Nash, a book coach who has helped dozens of writers achieve their literary aspirations, will guide you through the agent query process—from getting over your initial fears and anxieties to mapping out the essential steps of how to pitch your work to writing a killer query letter.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the agents who might be interested in your work and are most likely to offer you a deal.
  • Double-check the integrity of the agents on your list.
  • Rank your list so you can leverage the batch method of pitching.
  • Write a query letter that proves you’re a writer worth investing in.
  • Personalize your letter for the agents on your list.
  • Pitch at the right time in the development process.
  • Understand the marketplace and how your book fits into it.
  • Get smart about pitching through online contests and conferences.



Awesome and fun class. Jennie condenses the most valuable information and presents it in a way any author can use. Great bonus materials. The query letter was striking and helpful. I wouldn't query without applying Jennie's tools and I'd sleep better knowing I'd used them.

Crystal Cervantes

This class was great to listen to and she had some fantastic ideas about catching a literary agent that I had never thought of! Loved every bit of it!

Sonja Dewing

Loved this class and loved being in the studio! Watching it again to get all the great details.