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How to Tell Your Story

Lesson 9 of 10

Write and Rewrite

Andrea Askowitz

How to Tell Your Story

Andrea Askowitz

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Lesson Info

9. Write and Rewrite

Lesson Info

Write and Rewrite

That takes us to tip number nine, nine out of 10, Write and Re-write because this is how you get to your story. By writing it down once. By going through all of the tips. By reading it out loud, which we talked about before where you can hear the cadence of your language. You can kind of like, hmm, that's awkward, let me cut that. A really great idea is to write your story down and to read it out loud. Tell it out loud without reading it. That helps you really synthesize what you want to say. While you're writing and re-writing, I recommend becoming a part of a community. First of all because writing students are the coolest, greatest, best people in the world and also because when you're in a writing community, if you're in a writing class, it's so great. Every week you have peer pressure, so you have a deadline. Every week you have an audience. And you learn to edit. I so recommend getting into a writing class. If there's no writing class in your area, form a group. If there's still ...

nothing in your area, you can always listen to writing class radio. You should absolutely watch all of Creative Live's classes this week.

Class Description

Everyone has a story to tell, and most everyone has a desire to tell it. What stops some is the mistaken belief that they can’t write. But if you can speak you can write. And the most important thing for a writer to do when telling their story is to speak the truth.

Andrea Askowitz is a teacher, writer, performer, and co-host and creator of the podcast Writing Class Radio. In this class, she’ll inspire you to figure out what your story is, help you write a first draft, and learn key techniques to strengthen your writing.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Mine your life for story ideas.
  • Start with the who, what, where and when of your story.
  • Use specific details.
  • Raise the stakes by figuring out why you’re telling this story.
  • Create a likable narrator, which means a vulnerable narrator.
  • Practice by reading your story out loud and telling your story without reading it.


Margaret Lovell

This is a great intro memoir/personal writing class. I love Andrea's sense of humor. I love that she's included worksheets to help with the process. I highly recommend this course.

Charlotte Heje Haase

Really great class. I write memoir and I loved it. Funny and Very inspiring.

Rossella Vacchelli

Andrea is funny and knowledgeable. Fantastic introductory class...please come back with more in depth lessons!