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How to Use the Face-Aware Liquify Tool

Kristina Sherk

How to Use the Face-Aware Liquify Tool

Kristina Sherk

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Class Description

There's an extremely powerful hidden gem inside Adobe Photoshop CC - the Liquify filter! Face aware liquify allows you to use Adobe's powerful facial recognition software to make tweaks to any of your model's features. And when I say any, I mean ANY feature on your model's face! This incredibly smart technology will blow you out of the water and you'll be dying to use it in your next editing session!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

Ratings and Reviews

JIll C.

Kristina breaks down the use of the Face-Aware Liquify Tool in a way that makes it fun as well as practical. She included helpful hints on what to do if PS doesn't recognize the face, and provided numerous useful examples of simple changes to make faces more appealing. Making faces slimmer, minimizing double chins, opening squinty eyes, turning a frown into a smile - these are all "fixes" that clients ask for, and Kristina makes them look easy. I can't wait to load a few images and practice my new skills on my own!

Beatriz Stollnitz

Kristina is an incredible instructor. Not only are her explanations extremely clear, but she's super fun and engaging. In this class, she explains the newish face-aware liquify feature of Photoshop in depth. Highly recommended!

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