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Couture Fashion Shoot - Part 2

Can we turn tail just a little bit more toward me so we see that in a dress detail between there he uh maybe a little bit more doors ooh yeah that's good that's good then just fluff the dress out toward me that way that that part of it that way how about way talked earlier about step ladder or apple box just to raise her up a little bit yeah do you think that worked well we worried about how the dress all right, okay. All right that's fine. We don't know if he's happy with the dress on that bus the main thing yeah like that going over the books with trifles with a gesture like you like you uh do you want the same kind of one just for you to get those stores don't lag thank you. Take a couple of you like this just posing with your kind of change hi and give further the vocals like this you know, broken model I was with you can't go wrong. Yeah, we just we just need to keep her head up a little bit because obviously when you heads down it's we're not getting the the lighting on this yeah...

yeah, much better keep the light on the shoulders ok do some of the high hands for corruption second, yeah, you see how the friend els are picking up the jewelry and get the sparkles nice a little bit more face to me when you do it again I'm trying to find something wrong there's nothing wrong with this perfect okay, fog action please in your own time mr fogg keep going keep going which the inside of him keep down keep that one on the bottom side separated ways if anything, I'd say we're not really seeing shoulders that I like I like the post, but it be nice if we could see yeah that's why do you think more of the shoulders? Just slip it to forward if you know more normal poses towards me with it maybe we've one arm up to your shoulder or just yeah showing giulia looking that way as you pose smoldering looks at me just drop your arms and just let them relax onto your dress so what's next um I'm getting quite a few variations. I'm just wondering stitching or no, it is not necessary. I don't think I will do after I've got the bunk shop more folks dissipating now I'm just wondering why we're here while were planted here with the camera planted here, whether we want to get any kind of more action in the dress in terms of any movement because I can potentially just put someone in the picture and I can easily get rid of them in the same way this's hard to make way yeah it's not like a truce with the train and I got some thinking that gonna leave it shot off scarlett johansson and the way in which you've got this sense of motion like she's whoring through the forest rather understanding there so she was in like a bit of more of a pose where she's looking as if she's in motion obviously not completely emotion I can have her drop one here and just you know kind of have the hands up but just created that scar facing you it does going to create a movement yeah that's a good idea let's do that first of all let's see how that look so I so I have to get my focus point okay fine I'm just saying yeah I do like the composition maybe what you could do it so you can maybe just like grab it like you're trying to run away and then the theology what you just did yeah maybe just like so what you doing that she's gonna grab the dressed like she is but a little more this way rather than kind of okay uh we've become really from the truck wait just wait just wait right so needed you just do me a favor and just humor me and just this side of address just lift it a little bit off the ground wait okay let's try it yeah yeah yeah I mean that literally all I want a little bit is this is this what you're looking for? Yeah, and then I want you to just drop like tossing a little bit and drop so ok, so you tell me when you're ready one, two, three that sounded like it's a good thing okay, go get it. One, two, three that's all right from there is there any way we can see your foot or your leg or or anything? Just just is that just just just just something it's not crystal slippery because then it really looks like she's striding you know what I mean? Okay, yeah, good point. So didn't find someone keep a little keep a in a bit more leonid step forward. All right, one, two, three yeah, I mean it's nice defected nice. I'm just wondering where the whole shape of the dress I like as much maybe don't pick up the side of this dress when when we go just leave that and then lean and you just go. So one, two, three what's so good about getting these shots is that even if I don't use short in its entirety, I could take those rays bits of dress and add them to the other shots of a light because that's the beauty of having everything locked down and let's just do a couple more just to get in there one, two, three some of them are spilling out the frame a little bit but it's all right, that one's okay, okay. All right s to stay a couple more of these and well, while is that one in the arms yeah that's trying taylor taylor's pose all right, so, uh one two three this check I got the focus right now on a bit too much to oppose where you put your arms out a little bit not too much just out a little bit and you're looking forward like towards this direction towards that light one two three nice. I am wondering whether to get someone on the other side teo but with the right arm pointing down it's better higher yeah, yeah, pretty much like that. So let's let's try that one again otherwise the both pointing down one, two, three just wondering whether to have someone else doing a cliche dress toss on the other side of the volunteers. Uh, yeah, because then I could really see what's happening in the front. Have we got much slapped might be too much, but it's an option, not just lack of we go. Okay, but when you pull way need you to think from here, okay? Come on. When when my shock out shop because my hand out short I don't I don't care about hand because I'm gonna be blanking out everybody from the shop so you can come back in now I just want to get some height I don't I don't want it going out too much I just want a bit a bit of lift come back in all right let's okay let's try this it might be that it's all out of shock but I'll tell you in a minute one two three it's too much that too dramatic pretty sure we've got the shot ten times over maybe it's creative life you're just gonna people going in okay kenzi full blasting yes that's action for I know because you've moved it is it possible or is it going already okay how far how much slack do we have with it in terms of moving into a different position do you think we should try some coming behind her so we have that big fog effect coming from behind her um always that too much of a hand do when I like I like so it's basically spilling in from behind it we still get the endgame of getting folk in front of what are you going you're gonna have this little gap here until it sort of comes in okay yeah I mean um I don't mind too much because I've got pictures were I'll give you what we got going slack for you let me let me help you with that yeah okay we're gonna go ahead I think we're out I saw way yeah let's get some more ice in there x we do a couple in it and then you can hop out and we'll just keep taking a few shots no uh okay um we got any questions are lighting coming in? We're just actually wondering if if it's possible and I don't know you actually like go around and show exactly a little bit closer of how they're all interconnected and how there have the lighting verses yeah sure we'll have some okay, so let's uh let's start at the back we've got less hold fire on that for sex just keep going keep going okay you just keep going okay so we've got um led for now here which we can see is picking up the hair just a little bit it is giving some separation between this andi obviously the hair and the dress um we've got our main strobe up there which is pretty much like a spotlight we've got quite a heavy grid on there that's focusing the light all the way down onto her so that is obviously the main light okay, let it go for one two three look, I just a gentle on this time one two three okay let's just drop the dress and just take some with the fog coming in cleaning yes trumpet creeping round there did you want to continue your lighting the way we've got the two strobes here these air roughly ok just just uh under a stop less than the main one they're they're just doing a really gentle bit of overall phil and any shadows uh these are thieves have about filters on them as well cosmetic filters one of them's actually fallen down by the looks of it in there so tweaked that in a second on dh we've got two led for an hour's here as well which they've got a diffuser on cosmetic gel on andi like I said earlier it's just picking up c it's just helping to pick up the sparkly dress on accessories that's nice yeah you seeing much with this fog? Yeah sort of too much behind really is creeping in it's not really doing much well when we had the initial big blasted it I thought they would have looked nice behind her but obviously now we've got it low again um unless we gave a big blast unless you want to try a big blast behind yeah, we just gotta wait for the temperature to rise on that it's sort of because we've been paying so much ice in its been calling the walls down okay, I want a couple more actually poses where you way taylor looks as if she's on the move into the centre of the image so um let's think about how could you maybe try a few poses where you look us if you're edging aging in that direction uh muchas you can obviously in that dress just questions are lighting anyone that you had a question okay so go for it yeah okay um a very delicate you know yeah like this exactly that's great and then this time lower your arm so you kind of more likely arms down here and then keep your face kind of toward me drop your lips slightly apart but then look that way okay we'll try it I don't think it's gonna help really was that I mean if you raise her up it's not gonna help the fog do you wanna try it? I think I'm going for her because it's just I think she's running I know the funny thing on top of that we'll just do one or the other we could try it because the thing is we're getting our heads up here they don't like it we're gonna have a stand on a box a bit more height let's get it around here we definitely need to focus on going the other way what you're feeling now happened way got plenty of slack okay so we're gonna put that just in front of the lights let's try facing you this time just facing completely through and maybe you can drop one hip you know just like dropped him and try the other one that was this one no no no I mean it's its expression and and try to kind of you know, maybe just like this year and just like maybe just like kind of like yeah like beachy whatever but more like upper over there okay, okay that's definitely a difference just take a shot natural pose try that again tell her hands up her um e I don't think it was it's okay, sarge no arms back down just uh just try some poses with your arms down and different in different positions no okay, a little bit I'm gonna go buddy, this one's time okay, look this way drop lips apart try something I want you to just start by looking this way and then when you and then come round to the camera just a little a little hair toss doesn't have to be a big big thing just honestly tiny little movement so one year like that so that's right? No one two, three let's try that again. Just a tiny bit more movement not much old just like kind of like this one too. Throw just a little bit of motion to the hair not soothe just I'm just doing it purely for experimentation but just try a little bit more motion of your hair just a little bit more like this yeah, that one too three and this time do it but when you land look this way instead of at me so you're looking over there and try and keep your lips apart when you learned that at the end okay one two three that's it yeah former slugger hovering okay so that was an instant running look let's do that a couple more times uh look like you just did the last one one two three lunge land looking towards the monitor yeah okay one two, three but I'll do it again but this time land looking more your head's yeah more in this direction one two three yeah I'm getting just a bit herr emotion that I might use on another shots were just just a bit more movement this time and land more mohr looking that way so you're looking almost almost side onto me I know I don't have to be to me all looking that way says if you're running in that direction yeah yeah okay one two, three all right all done so let's do the boom yeah we'll take the boom out of shot so I can take my shop without the boom in it and it's still there or wait we'll take aboutthe shot just to be safe teo all right, I'm gonna help you get them yeah, we can just move her over here if you like um just so you could get completely clean shot yeah, yeah, yeah yeah I guess we're not gonna go for the shays ah wei or not but I don't know hang on a second I'm just going to take all right so um nothing can we favor just stand where she was standing my focus is just accident changed right so I was gonna put a manual focus now okay, thank you enjoying huh? Did you tell everyone I wear dresses at the weekend? Okay, nice blank shot there I've just increased a latent slow down my shutter speed to stick sixtieth so I can club us they don't have a flash in the shop so I will also take one off um I'll take one of hundreds as well still a manual focus I focus for where she was standing uh take one slightly darker shot I'm just to be safe. We'll take also a, uh show on the thirtieth just I've brought it in case I want detail. So are these shots that you're taking so you can composite later? Yes obeys the main thing I want to compose it out is that boom arm. So that was in the shop and that's just obviously something in the way so I'm also taking some shots I might want to use a detail as well coming in from the doorway um I'm gonna go down to twenty fifth as well and take one okay, so I want to do now is take my tilt to one side so I'll just need this area clear, so I can tell my come onto this side. It does mean also that the dress is gonna be in the way, just a little bit here, lean it. So are you going to come this side? Uh, I wasn't necessarily planning going that side, but I might do a little bit, yeah, okay, yeah, um, uh, I'm gonna move my camera just a tiny bit, not a bit. That should do what those two boxes air. Could we just have those two boxes moved? Okay, so it's getting detailed to decide, do it a few different shots, speeds, just to be safe. I'm still a manual focus. Uh, I'm also going to go. I'm also gonna go up, we'll stroll with mortars, and you just moving around, okay, time down for that.

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Are you ready to break into the magical, vibrant world of fashion photography? Join renowned fine art and fashion photographer Miss Aniela for this class on everything you need to know about creating vibrantly artistic and commercial fashion images.

Miss Aniela will:

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You will learn how to concept, produce, and style a shoot — including finding inspirational details and creative locations.

After reflecting on the shoot and reviewing the raw images, Miss Aniela will walk you through her compositing process. You will learn how to choose images that both highlight your personal style and appeal to stylists, editors, and commercial clients. Miss Aniela will also reveal her own professional journey, explaining how she turned her Flickr stream of amateur self-portraits into a thriving fashion photography career. 



I LOVED this course!!! Very informative, I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! I realize I probably won't get to shoot the 'hi-fi' shoots, especially in such grandiose locations, but I loved looking in, behind the scenes, and what all goes into these shoots. Miss Aniela was a fantastic instructor. Thank you for this course!