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Improve Your Language Skills Fast

Matthew Youlden

Improve Your Language Skills Fast

Matthew Youlden

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Class Description

This course is part of the Learn a Language Bundle.  

We all know learning a new language can be a daunting prospect. It’s hard to identify where to start, what elements of speech to focus on, and how to get organized. The fear of making mistakes can be particularly crippling, preventing us from leaving our comfort zones and talking to native speakers.

Matthew Youlden is a world-wide famous polyglot from Babbel language. He speaks 14 different languages, and has the belief that these anxieties can be turned into a toolkit for learning a language quickly. Once we’ve set aside the fear of failure, we can jump right in to putting our new skills to the test - because conversations in a new language leads to fluency. 

Join Matthew to develop a cohesive plan for learning your new language. In this class, you’ll learn to improve your language skills fast.

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Language Skills Workbook

Easy Verbal Noun Exercise

List Of Major Languages

My First 50 Words

Music Listening Exercise

Learn 400 Words

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