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Class Introduction

Alright guys, I am excited to talk about intellectual property. Intellectual property can be a little bit more of an obscure topic. So I'm going to try to present it to you to show you why it is important. Because all of the intellectual property, your images, your text, your logos, and everything that's created in the course of your business is intellectual property that are major assets to running your business. Whether you're selling the images to your clients, if you're using the logo, or slogans, in the course of marketing, and also text for blog posts and other marketing activities. My big legal disclaimer for this again is I am lawyer, but I'm not your lawyer, unless you want me to be. We can work on that later on, but I am a United States based attorney, I am licensed in multiple states, but I work with a lot of federal intellectual property, copyright and trademarks, which is what we're going to talk about here. So if you guys are in any states, I can help you with that. This ...

a little bit easier of a topic to talk to a large audience because since it is federal, it stretches all across the United States to help you guys. So, there's not that many nuances that you're going to have to necessarily understand for your specific state laws. Federal trumps all.

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Understanding how to create and defend your intellectual property is one of the trickiest issues plaguing photographers today. Join Rachel Brenke, TheLawTog®, as she gives you a 101 crash-course to make sure all areas of your business are covered, not just your photographs!

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