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Carve Your Own Stamps

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Printing Placecards with Your Own Stamps

Meagan Lewis

Carve Your Own Stamps

Meagan Lewis

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4. Printing Placecards with Your Own Stamps


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Printing Placecards with Your Own Stamps

So the project today that we were going to be doing is I'm printing your own place cards and like escort cards so it's a really fun way to kind of add than a little personal touch if you having a dinner party or your you know it's your wedding you want to add kind of like a little die why look to everything? Um this is a perfect project for that when you move my little toll set over um and already got those keys printed so I just like to get you can cut these down from, you know, card stock or their stores that sell like pre uh pre scored place cards and things like that let's see? Do I have some scrap dealer o d'oh? Okay, wait just talk briefly to about different kinds of ink pads out there. There are basically three different types of ink pads um available okay there's chalk die. Maybe I should put this in order to you guys chalk dye pigment um chalk dai is it's got kind of chalky finish to it it drives really really quickly this is the quickest drying think thatyou confined so prett...

y much as soon as you stand that is dr die based ink this is probably the most common type of ink pad that you'll see like in an office supply store craft store it's it's pretty watery it's it's kind of I mean I don't explain this it's just it's like die you know it's um it also drives really, really quickly and then there's pigment and this is more of kind of like a like a crafters type of ink pad on minute drive slower and it's also you can use it within bossing if you've ever done in boston before where you it's kind of got a stickiness to it so you can put this powder on it, you heat it up and even boss that's not this project but just for the sake of unity what you would need for that so I could really use any of these for this project I'm going to use the die just because I know that it will print nice and solid and it will be dry I'm pretty fast so I just ripped out a piece of scrap paper out of my sketchbook here I don't need these business cards they just way go um and the other thing that I like to tell people is I like to get these ink pads that have a raised pad to them if my stamp or bigger than my ink pad um I like these raised pads because I don't necessarily need my had to be the same size is my stamp aa lot of people are like oh, and my stamps bigger than my thinkpad, you know I it's not gonna work it will just lay your stamp this is the one I carved today that's the one you want to seem like a cooking show everything's been prepped out that's the one that it was the what we did yesterday um let your stamp carved side up, take your ink pad and dab it to the stamp the reason being if I were to just start dabbing this it's not I haven't mounted it toe block or anything and it be really easy for me if I was doing this to get ink all over the tips of my fingers so what I want to do is like late carb side up I told the pad and I just dab and then I know exactly where the ink is going, ok? I need a little bit more they're going to dub that and now I'm going to get my card and I think I'd be really fun. Teo the stamp is kind of big in the relation of this and I want to have a space to write a name, so I'm actually gonna like stamp it offset of the papers, I've got some scrap paper underneath just gonna line it up and not too much pressure this a little bit and then there we go it's kind of like the designer just kind of growing on to the card there if I want to know um I'm going to do it the other way I was just showing it whatever way works I'm just showing you that you could do it that way too so it's up to you and then just like that I've got some little envelopes here the fun thing about this corner style of stamp is that I can create like a little bracket and I can make it a small is I want auras bigas I want I could even dio kind of like let's see trying to think here so if I did want to inset into that little envelope I was trying to think if I could do some sort of like pattern I have card oh here's a cute like little bag and I'm gonna it's my love stamps you could just keep doing it over and over you thought it was three stamps is one I love it so um I don't know are there any other questions? I mean just started really fast right here. Yeah, melting them on good question. Yeah, so I do yes and no, there are benefits toe leaving this stamp on mounted I could just wash this under the sink and I can switch to another color and you know it's really easy to just kind of just get stamping, you know, because like, if I were to mount it's another ten minutes is that as you can tell him really impatient and I just want to start stamping but if you have say you're giving it as a gift, you know the stamp as a gift or you want it to just look a little bit more professional you don't want to have to worry about your fingers getting inky as you're you know using it you can mount it to pretty much anything this's just you know, some scrap plywood that I you know, cut apart you could get some nice hors mounting pieces that have like a this is called a profile from online rubber stamp manufacturers you know, just pieces of scrap wood you can get acrylic blocks on dh how you would do that is, um you can just directly glue the rubber to the block you just want to make sure that whatever you're gluing the stamp to the glue that he said that you're using works for both materials so I like to use this glue and it is this much anymore, but this works really well because it's good for rubber glass, acrylic, anything that you're those it works for all those materials there it is also uh, rubber stamp mounting foam this is something that you're not able to find like in a brick and mortar store, you'd have to probably order this online it's a specialty thing, but it's basically what you're mounted rubber stamps in a store have it's a it's, a phone cushion with a super adhesive side double side. Um, so and you'd be able to stick that till your stamp and your mount, uh, and be ready to go right away. Stain the stamp. Yeah, it does. It does stay in the stamp. These stamps are are clean, then they're stamped and that's perfectly fine, you know. Yeah. Also, you stamps in our journaling where I use paint. Yeah, like acrylic paint or, yeah, color paint. And, um, I don't know if that's something you, you know, you've done also with your pepper stamp, sir. Yeah, yeah, it is. I'm actually in, um, the next few classes will be experimenting with different materials and and thanks and paints and things like that. So I'll give you some tips there.

Class Description

Custom stamps are a great way to add a personal touch to creative projects. Learn how to make your own stamp in Carve Your Own Stamps.

Meagan will teach the fundamentals of how to make your own stamps for printing in this fun and informative class. She’ll demonstrate the complete process for making stamped place and escort cards. You’ll learn how to::

  • Transfer a design and carve a stamp
  • Mount and clean your stamp
  • Stamp your cards

Meagan will also discuss the different types of inks available on the market and which ones are best for printing on paper.

Check the bonus materials below for a complete product list of the tools and supplies you need to finish this project.


Erica Engdahl

I found this nugget of a course a really inspiring boost for me in my own stamp carving. Good information delivered in a calm and clear way by an engaging instructor. Worth the time and money!

Christina Althouse

Thank you Meaghan for the overview and demonstration for how to carve stamps. I am completely new to learning how to carve so this class was very helpful!


Meagan shows you all you need to know to get started carving your own rubber stamps. Her explanations are clear and easy to understand, and her enthusiasm is contagious!