Intro to Home Recording


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Recording a Scratch Track

We’ve got the training you need to get started with home music recording. In this course audio engineer, Zach Varnell breaks home recording down into simple, easy-to-understand steps and sets you up with the skills you need to record music using minimal gear and a basic computer.

In this course Zach will walk you through the basic set-up you’ll want to create to start recording music at home. You will learn how to record vocals with a microphone, capture bass and guitar tracks and how to work with virtual drums and synths. Zach is an industry veteran and will share shortcuts he picked up from a career in music. This course will set you up to start recording immediately and give you a solid foundation for taking more advanced courses.

Music recording doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complex – join us for this foundational class and learn how you can record songs that sound great using very basic equipment.



  • <p>This was a great course! I&#39;ve found some valuable information over the years here and there, but this is the first time I&#39;ve actually found a substantial amount of stuff I can actually use in the same place. It&#39;s the best course I could&#39;ve imagined taking on the subject and I even learned a thing or two about other products and plugins that I may use in the future. Right now I&#39;m using the simplest version of Pro Tools available (SE), but even so, I learned a few new functions on it that I had no idea how to perform before taking this class, as well as some valuable recording techniques and concepts that will help me for years to come. Best class I&#39;ve ever taken and I look forward to taking several others! Many thanks!</p>
  • Very interesting stuff! I also record music from home and this video gave me lots of good tips.
  • This class its very cool specially the way all the beats fit right into every part of the song or session that you work on right on brother.