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Introduction to Calligraphy

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Materials Overview

Fullosophie, Bianca Mascorro

Introduction to Calligraphy

Fullosophie, Bianca Mascorro

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Lesson Info

1. Materials Overview

Lesson Info

Materials Overview

There my name is bianca miss score oh, I am here with philosophy, creative, live and very excited to be here it's my first film class so and I am going to start off with teaching you introduction to calligraphy um basically we're going to start off just with an overall feel of more of a casual copper plates script there's obviously a lot of different calligraphy styles and I feel that most of the ones that I do they're basically based off of copper plate, which is one of the most traditional scripts and obviously he's pointed pence for that so we will start in with talking about the materials basically what I will be using is this so it's called in a bleak pen holder you've also seen most likely the straight pen holders and this is what I actually recommended for the class to purchase this's just an inexpensive starter oblique pen holder um plastic this one is made out of wood has a middle range that's what this party's called and there's obviously quite a range of different pen holder...

s this one I got made for me as well as this one here from a guy in tennessee I believe his name is brian brian the lion he's making unique obliques so he is fantastic any cells in my cot cake so I can't basically can't make these things fast enough they're just really wonderful pens to use um this one here is from yoke pen company uh brand new very happy with this little touch of gold here so just another different sort of, um style it's little bit thinner but basically you know, I wanted you guys to see all of these different ones just this such range you know, this one is probably like twelve dollars is also a great one, you know, just to start off with also because you can actually with these metal plane ges you can adjust your pen to kind of better put your hand and how you move so there's, like I said, just a huge variety I'm going to go ahead even though I recommended to use or purchase excuse me? Um this one I'm gonna go ahead and use this one to start out because I'm just more comfortable with it. Um so basically obviously the pens are a very important part of calligraphy because without them you cannot do it. So naturally we'll need a new baze well, I recommended a nico genome which is just a very well it's relatively large compared to a lot of the other nibs um silver will not made out of silver but silver in color so that one is just it's not very flexible but you can put a lot of pressure on it to make it more flexible it's not very sharp, which is really great for beginners because if you are using a very sharp nib on your paper with a lot of pressure you're going to snag a lot so I just recommend these because it's just very user friendly for the beginners um inc this is a bottle of sunni inc which I definitely recommend trying out um my personal favorite is moon palace this one is just ah yes emoto so just it's a nice clean black ink yet really, really great hair lines from it and by hairlines I mean those thinner lines versus the down strokes you know you're not going to want the thick lines all the way so basically this is one of the things I recommend just to get those really nice hairlines acrylic king's you're going to get a little bit more they're a little bit thicker so you're not going to get as great of hairlines from them, but you're still gonna be able to use those justus well, um depending on your paper and depends that you're using but just to start off I really really love this ink the sumi ink again I use the moon palace, which is actually no more of a rectangular um bottle that is just my favorites I have it we'll just bottle ls of it everywhere really and I use it constantly for everything ideo I also I have one of these always on my desk. These little dampened dishes or sees me happened, and I always a dampen. And I think it's, because I use it to dampen my pen. So I mispronounce it consistently, but depth and d a p p e n on by just they're like a dollar fifty and just dip it into just get the ink. Kind of loosened up off of the name when it starts to dry. S so that's, why that it's there? And this is just my little wooden base, just to keep my bottle of ink from falling over when I accidentally knock it, which I do often so that's that.

Class Description

Calligraphy adds creative flair to correspondence, parties, decorations, art projects, and more. Learn more about this ancient art that is still popular today in Introduction to Calligraphy with Bianca Mascorro.

Bianca will introduce you to the basic calligraphy alphabet and teach you beginner techniques you can use to practice making letter forms. You’ll learn about the tools and materials every calligrapher needs and how to hold and use the pen, starting with basic strokes.

If you want to add special a flourish to your handwritten projects, Introduction to Calligraphy is the perfect place to start.

This class was produced in partnership with Fullosophie, an experiential and workshop-based business for creatives.


Catherine Moore

I was immediately drawn to this class because the camera work caught the find detail I was looking for. Love the calligraphy style itself and seeing each letter drawn with Bianca's explanation of why certain things are done, such as relationships to lines, was very helpful. I had been looking online for very specific information on pen angle AND nib angle, and this video cleared up some questions I had. Also, information concerning how much ink to use (covering the vent hole) solved another issue I was having. I also like that Bianca emphasized the basic strokes for daily practice. Also Bianca explained how she stops and starts for specific letters and this helped me figure out some issues I was having. This is my favorite of 5 online calligraphy courses I have done online! Thanks for offering it.

James McCullough

I would recommend anyone interested in Calligraphy to take this course. I liked that she took the time to explain the basic strokes and the importance of practice. I also enjoy her being authentic letting me know that with all her years of doing this she still does warm up strokes before tackling a project.

a Creativelive Student

I found this class incredibly helpful. In fact, after this class I hand-addressed all of my wedding invitation envelopes using the calligraphy skills and materials I learned here. They turned out beautifully, I got a ton of compliments, and I didn't have to pay a professional hundreds of dollars to do it! The course itself is focused and packed with information. I liked it so much I bought another course from the instructor. I haven't taken it yet, but I'm looking forward to doing it this fall when my work schedule eases up a bit.