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Introduction to Paper Marbling

Robert Mahar

Introduction to Paper Marbling

Robert Mahar

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Class Description

Paper marbling is a craft tradition with a long and gorgeous history. In Introduction to Paper Marbling you’ll learn how to make your own marbled paper using the fail-proof suminagashi technique.

Marbled paper can be used as wrapping paper, for cards, or as stationary. In this beginner-friendly class, long-time crafting educator Robert Mahar will show you how to get beautiful results you can apply to a whole range of projects. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create unique and beautifully marbled paper
  • Manipulate inks in a variety of ways using multiple colors
  • Transfer your designs and create stationery

You’ll learn how to make beautifully customized paper products using a simple water bath technique and a few basic supplies.

If you want to add a sophisticated touch to your paper goods, Introduction to Paper Marbling will show you how to do it.

Class Materials

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Robert Mahar - Paper Marbling Directions.pdf
Robert Mahar - Paper Marbling Supply List.pdf

Ratings and Reviews

Deborah Willis

Instructor is very knowledgeable. Love that he has a very soothing voice. I LOVE his teaching style-he is very encouraging of his students to experiment, and I love that he comments on their creations during the session causing you to see elements of their creations that you might have otherwise missed.

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