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Introduction to Flash for Beauty Images

Mike Hagen

Introduction to Flash for Beauty Images

Mike Hagen

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1 Class Introduction Duration:03:37
2 What Defines a Beauty Shot? Duration:05:41
3 Cameras & Lighting Equipment Duration:20:05
4 Flash Settings Duration:14:18
5 Flash Modifiers Duration:08:32
6 Lighting Styles Duration:05:05
7 Shoot: Butterfly Lighting Duration:18:13
8 Shoot: Beauty Dish Lighting Duration:04:40
9 Shoot: With Umbrella Duration:29:20
10 Shoot: With Reflectors Duration:14:36
12 Shoot: With Giant Soft Box Duration:07:17

Class Description

When your client requests a beautiful image to mimic a fashion look, you’ll need the lighting skills to take on the challenge. Join photographer Mike Hagen as he helps you grow your flash lighting toolkit to create that glamorous look. Mike will teach:

  • How to incorporate flash in order to create the mood
  • Using light shapers
  • Various modifiers like softboxes, reflectors and umbrellas

Learning to use flash allows you to control your environment and be more experimental with the images you create. Expand your portrait business and make your client happy by mastering your flash.



Practical, informative, affordable instruction that’s easy to understand and leaves you excited to jump into the studio with a single flash and whatever you have on hand .. soft boxes, umbrellas, v flats or even a bunch of cheap reflectors. Mike is a superb instructor. Highly recommend.


Really good. Superb teacher. Bought it. Worth the money.


Loving this class so far! The instructor is amazing