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Lesson 17 from: iPhone Filmmaking: From Shoot Through Edit

Cielo de la Paz

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17. Music

Sound effects help determine the mood of the movie. In this lesson, Cielo shares tips for finding the right music, as well as sharing how to add music to the video using LumaFusion. Work with adding music from a Storyblocks subscription and searching the music library, a quick method that doesn't require messing with iTunes.
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the next part. Music. Oh, this is another one. So I do it. I should ask other people how long they spent picking music. Because I am so picky. Um, if somebody gave me two months to do this, I would have taken two months. Just because picking of music and so key to make is for me, music is that's the emotion, you know. That's what get people feeling. And I think it deserves time. And so, if I were to say, What did I spend most of my time on would be putting the story together and picking the music. Okay, so now let's how about picking the right piece of music and then ways to add music? There is actually really easy way to do it now, So let's go over how to do that. Ah, music, music. Okay, so we color graded everything. So now you're seeing these green lines. Um, that is the music that I've picked. And so, for demonstration purposes, I've added in two types of two pieces of music, so you can tell what difference it makes. But before I play that, I want to show you how you add that in an...

d the awesome part about Luna fusion. Honestly, it's made my life so much easier is that they've partnered with storey blocks, So Storey blocks is, um and it's they provide a like stock footage, music, backgrounds and all that. So, um, if you bought, you can buy a one year subscription through Luna Fusion, and it's a lot cheaper, actually, than if you were to buy it outside of Luna Fusion. So the way to access of the music here is by tapping on the top left. See where that folder is and then going into story blocks. What you can do typically is you can navigate two storey blocks, um, catalogue, and you can pick music. And so these are just some of the things that I have downloaded from before. But you can even search, right? So there's a search icon here, and, um, you know, you can type in. So if this was the whole catalog cinematic music and it'll pull up all of the cinematic music and then you can tap on something like Business Idea, for example, and then listen to it. And then CEO, Is this something I want include, so that's just I think if you've ever tried adding music before this, you will appreciate how easy it is not to add music's. Before, before this, you would have to use your desktop. You would have to find music on a new from a site like epidemic sound. Download it, sink it with ITunes and then sing it to your phone was a mess. Eso Right now this is the quickest way to add music. Um OK, so let's get out of that. Um so now let me show you what we see. So this panel that you see me pulling in and out is ways for you to control the audio for each of these lines So you'll see Summer read. The top one here is taking out the audio from B the bureau. So that's why that's off. And then this line here will line up with the audio. Um, here. So what I'll do is I'll play one piece of music. The bottom one. Cinematic drums, inquire voices and then we'll see doesn't match what you're seeing. Um, so let me go back. He turned this line off this line on and let's hear it the way that the playfulness of footage. No, did it? Um, so we'll play, We'll go back. And I tried a few. So this is what I'll dio to try things out. I actually don't go. Sometimes it's really close, and what I'll do is I'll drop them both in and then I'll compare and I'll listen and I'll see which one is ties in a little bit better. So now let's listen to the 2nd and turn that off. So you see how that definitely matched the energy of that much better. So music does a whole lot Teoh really bring life to your video? Um, so let me see. And then the cool thing, um, with it is that it's now in the app and it's easy to access and you can pick and choose. But I say Take, take the time to try out different pieces and download them and see what works better. When did have some people were asking, You know, it just came up in that last bit about the title cards and how you were when you answer those or how you insert those. Yeah, I think I mentioned it. Go back. Oh, no, no, not all. I mentioned it a little bit earlier when I was talking about shaping the story. So the title cards that said, um, I think I have some of it in here. Ah, its collapse. That So Here. This this? Yeah. So I insert it when I'm arranging the story because for me, so that I know it's a good way to break up the content. So I know. Okay, this is the part where they're talking about their struggles. So I'm typically putting dropping that in as a way for me to stay organized and figure out when where things are. So I do that wind shaping of the story. Thank you. Um, but make sure. I mean, there's no hard and fast rule, but always add it before music, because once you add in music, your timing things to the music and adding it card will add two seconds. So if you're trying to time things to the music and you add the card afterwards, it kind of, you know, your timing's off

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Chrystelle Hadjikakou

Being a beginner in all things video, watching this live class left me excited to try out a lot of things on my iPhone, not to mention I learned loads. Cielo showed us the full process from shot listing to gear to preparing the shoot and then shooting and editing, which was very enlightening, also I want to thank the people who were on the chat, because sharing tips and tricks was great too! Thank you for the awesome work!


This class was great! Cielo offered really good information. It was probably more than I needed since I am a beginner, but it inspired me to try and use it for the simple reasons I took the course. But it also showed me what is possible and how I can eventually upgrade what I am doing. It's good for people who are really into photography and telling the story of entrepreneurs (which is so important these days) can use their photography skills to help business owners stand out whether it's your side hustle or main career.

Greg Bird

I just finished the class and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It is perfect for someone like me just starting out and I recommend this class to anyone interested in making mobile videos. I look forward to diving into the more extensive editing course next. Thank you!

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