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Lead and Attend Effective Meetings

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Why This Meeting? Why Now?

Jason W Womack

Lead and Attend Effective Meetings

Jason W Womack

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2. Why This Meeting? Why Now?


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Why This Meeting? Why Now?

I want to start with a story, a personal story, of why I think it's important to get better at this thing we call leading and attending meetings. And this comes from about two years ago. Jodie and I, we took a vacation. My wife and I, we went to Colorado, and we were there for a week. And three of those seven days, I got to go skiing. So you can imagine, for those of you who have been skiing, think this in your head, you go up with this chairlift thing, you ski down, and then you stand in line, you get back on a chair, you go back up to the top, and that's basically all you do all day long. There's this time while you're on the chair where you sit down and then anywhere from three to seven minutes from then, you're gonna get back off. And no matter where I am, whether I'm on an airplane, whether I'm on a bus, whether I'm waiting at an airport, sitting in a coffee shop or on a chairlift, there's the opportunity to make awkward eye contact. And you'll hear me say this throughout my cours...

es. I think we're all one awkward eye contact session away from a new opportunity, a new friend, a new possibility. So on this day in February, I sat down on the chair, I struck up a conversation with the guy sitting next to me. Eight and a half minutes later, it was one of those long chairs up the mountain, by the time we had gotten off of the chair, we had brokered he was going to cover our expenses, he was going to have us stay at his health and wellness resort in New Mexico, he was going to set us up with a full tour of that location in hopes that Jodie and I would run one of our leadership retreats at his location. So why get better at conversations and meetings? Well, in our case, it was a paid vacation that lasted for three days at a part of the world that we have now grown to love, and it showed up because we leaned over, we had a conversation, we worked through several of the things that I'll share with you in this course. But more importantly to me, it's what you can do with that information. It's what you can do with the goals you have, strategies that you set, the times in your life when challenge is going to come. How do I have and how do I participate in more effective conversations? And that's important for this piece. I will combine and I will use interchangeably the word meeting with conversation with discussion. A meeting to me is any time two or more people come together and one or more person walks away with a task to do or an I'm gonna. What I find fascinating is there will be people who will sit through meetings, and I'll look around the audience here in studio, there will be a few people who sit in meetings, wondering, Do I have to do something? Is something gonna happen? Did she just volunteer me to do something? What we wanna do is we want to dial that.

Class Description

It’s amazing how much of our workday is taken up with meetings. Whether it’s a formal, scheduled sit-down with colleagues or an impromptu conversation with a peer or team member, meetings are a critical component of our daily workload. Therefore, meetings must be managed effectively so you don’t waste your or other people’s time.

This course will help you improve your meetings with colleagues, clients and vendors so they’re more productive, pleasant and efficient. You’ll get tips on how to plan, attend and facilitate meetings—both in your professional and personal lives—so that you can optimize all of your conversations and accomplish your goals.

In this class, you’ll learn to:

  • Understand what a meeting is and the difference between formal and informal meetings.
  • Create checklists for all phases of meetings.
  • Prepare for all types of meetings.
  • Uncover the power of follow-up meetings.



Fantastic class! Highly recommend- Jason has such positive energy and enthusiasm, all his courses have been fun to watch and very informative.

Deb Boone

This was a wonderful class that completely delivered in content coupled with the strategic tools that have helped me to start the process of creating a totally new infrastructure for the meetings I facilitate. All of the steps that Jason focuses on for this class are easy to implement and I know will promote positive results on many levels of my professional business and my personal life. This class is a must take for anyone who wants to me an effective and efficient meeting master!

Riva Robinson

This class was AMAZING! I went into this class not thinking that it might not get as much out of it because I'm not a part of an organization where meetings are a regular part of my day. But I left realizing that SO MUCH of my day, I'm in meetings: at the gym, coffee shop, co-working name it! Knowing how to direct meetings to expedite getting what I want is going to be a game-changer for my business!