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Leica M (TYP 240) Fast Start

John Greengo

Leica M (TYP 240) Fast Start

John Greengo

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1 Class Introduction Duration:05:58
2 Welcome to Leica Duration:15:54
3 Shutter Speeds Duration:12:38
4 Apertures & ISO Duration:06:30
5 Accessory Shoe Duration:06:46
6 Back Side Controls Duration:25:30
7 Bottom Controls Duration:06:24
8 Front Controls Duration:04:56
9 M Lenses Duration:16:28
10 Set Button Menu Functions Duration:16:21
11 Camera Menu Functions Duration:08:25
12 Image Menu Functions Duration:05:24
13 Setup Menu Functions Duration:16:26
14 Camera Operation Duration:07:47

Class Description

Purchasing a Leica camera is a major investment, and it’s important to know how to maximize the features of your new camera. Join expert photographer John Greengo as he gives you all the information you need to understand the camera's capabilities.

In this class John will cover:

  • The subtle controls which house an abundance of options.
  • How to work with the Leica lenses and their descriptive depth of field scale.
  • User profiles of shooting settings
  • A full explanation of menu items along with a list of recommended settings.

The Leica M (Typ 240) is the first Leica model to offer live view and the option of using an electronic viewfinder. This camera also is the only Leica in the M series to offer video recording. As the camera body is so similar, this course appropriately covers all Leica cameras in the M family. John will explain all of the special highlights of this camera so that you’ll be able to capture the images you love.