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Class Introduction

Hello, welcome everyone. My name is John Greego, and this is the class on the Leica M TYP 240. We are gonna be going into all the buttons and controls on this camera. We're gonna be figuring out how the menu system and all the custom controls work on this. So if you own this camera, you use this camera, or you're thinking about getting this camera, this is the class that's gonna tell you about all that it can do. Alright, so, doing a Leica camera class is something that'd been long on my list I've been wanting to do. This class has been in production for a long time. I wanted to get out there and really use these cameras and really understand how they work with, how it is to work with them. And they are a lot of fun. There's a lot of interesting things about them. They appear to be very simple cameras but there is a lot going on with them. And that's what this class is all about, is figuring out how these cameras work. And my goal for this class is to really stay on topic, because when...

you get into Leica cameras there's a lot of things that, the diversion, the talk can go out to the sides you might say, because there's a lot of interesting things with Leica history, and the different Leica lenses, and comparing different Leica cameras, and Leica and other things, and talking about street shooting and travel photography, but in this class we're really concentrating on the Leica M. And there's a whole family of cameras I'll talk more about that this will also be very, very good for because when Leica makes a camera now they make several different versions of it that are at their core, very, very similar. And so this is a class that is gonna apply to a lot of different Leica users with a lot of different cameras. So, let's dig in and see what we've got going for us here. I've broken the class into a number of sections. We're gonna get a little orientation at the beginning, just an overview. We're gonna talk a little bit about what Leica is for those of you who are new to Leica. Most of the class is gonna be spent in the Camera Controls, going through the buttons, dials, and various features on the outside of the camera. And then we dive into the various menus, and we're gonna go in and talk about what each of those different individual menus are, and we're gonna get into recommendations as to where it might be good to set things, as a starter point, you might say. You're gonna wanna customize yourself, but with this class comes a PDF, which is this little handout right here. And I've taken the entire menu system and the set menu, and I'll tell you more about that one later, and I've put it all on one sheet so that you can see everything very, very easily. And I've also put in my recommendations in this. And on the second page I have all the listings without my recommendations, because I know you're gonna customize the camera to the way that you want it to work. And then there's some additional information in here as well, about settings and shooting parameters and so forth, for different types of photography. So that comes with purchase of the class as a downloadable PDF. And then at the end of the class we will go through some Camera Operation where we'll talk about how we would set the camera up for a variety of different types of purposes, and things we should be thinking about if we're taking this off on a new adventure. So with every new camera you do get an instruction manual and this one is no different. Could spend a lot of time going through that page by page, and I'm gonna try to get you through all the most important things here in this class. There is occasionally some other specs or some compatibility issues that you may wanna check into by going into that manual, but I'm gonna try to cover everything about all the major operations of the camera, especially on how to use it in a manual sense. There's a lot more to photography than what I'm gonna be able to offer in this one class. And so if you are looking for a photography class, I have a number of classes here at CreativeLive that you can check into for classes that's gonna give you more information about shutter speeds, apertures, lighting, composition, and a variety of other techniques. And so this is a class specifically on this Leica camera. Alright, let's make sure that your camera, and my camera, is ready for today's class. You wanna make sure you charge and install that battery. You should get 500 or many more shots, depending exactly on how you use the camera. Have a lens on, memory card in, turn the camera on, just to the S setting for now, that's for single. And you can turn the ISO button, and we'll talk more about this later on, but you press the ISO button and you can turn the dial to Auto for full automatic. Set your Shutter speed to A for automatic, and then go ahead and take a picture. And I will do that myself, just to make sure that things seem to be working, yeah? Looking alright to start with, here. We'll get some adjustments in here in just a moment. Now, one of the things that you may want to do if you've been messing around with your camera and playing with those menu settings and you would like to Reset them, you can go into the Menu and Reset them on page 5. Now, this is the type of shortcut that I'm gonna be showing you throughout this class when we go through the first half of the class. There's a lot of features and functions I'll be talking about that are actually referenced and set in the menu system. So if you want to jump ahead to the menu system you can look at this and you can go in here, and make that setting. So let's go ahead and show you how that shortcut works, and I will show you just a bit about things. So I'm gonna reset my camera back to the factory standards. So I'm gonna hit the MENU button on this, and I'm gonna go to page 5. And the regular way to get there is just to go down, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5. And we're gonna go to Reset. I'll go to the right here, and go to the right. Select Yes. And I'll hit the center button here. And my camera is now reset, basically to the factory defaults. So if you wanna follow along so that our cameras are in the same position, you can do so pretty easily right then, with that system.

Class Description

Purchasing a Leica camera is a major investment, and it’s important to know how to maximize the features of your new camera. Join expert photographer John Greengo as he gives you all the information you need to understand the camera's capabilities.

In this class John will cover:

  • The subtle controls which house an abundance of options.
  • How to work with the Leica lenses and their descriptive depth of field scale.
  • User profiles of shooting settings
  • A full explanation of menu items along with a list of recommended settings.

The Leica M (Typ 240) is the first Leica model to offer live view and the option of using an electronic viewfinder. This camera also is the only Leica in the M series to offer video recording. As the camera body is so similar, this course appropriately covers all Leica cameras in the M family. John will explain all of the special highlights of this camera so that you’ll be able to capture the images you love.