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Class Introduction

Hello everybody, welcome to Creative Live. My name is John Greengo, and this is the Leica M Fast Start class. In here we're gonna be going through all the features and functions of the M10. If you own one, if you're thinking about buying one, or you get to use one, even for a little while, this is a class that's gonna go through it and show you everything that this camera can do. Now, this class has been a long time coming. In my mind, I've been wanting to do a class on the Leicas for a very long time. I shot my first Leica probably 20 some plus years ago. And they've always been known as fairly simple cameras. And anyone who knows about 'em often refers to them as simple cameras. But having been using this camera, and really going through it and digging into it, saying it's simple is oversimplifying it because there's a lot to these cameras. And I've been researching it. I've been shooting it. Took it to Europe for four weeks to shoot. And it got a lot of fun with it, and there's a lo...

t of things that this is really, really good for. Few things that it's not so awesome for. But, it is a fun camera to use and a fun camera to own. But it's also, and this is kind of a big thing coming from me, 'cause I've used a lot of cameras, it's one of the most difficult cameras I've ever used. It's a very challenging camera to master because there's a lot of things that you need to be aware of as a photographer. So, you really need to have your game together as a photographer to master this camera. And so this class is definitely gonna help you master that, because we're gonna get all the things figured out, and we're gonna help you get the camera set up the way you want it to be. So let's take a look at what we're gonna be doing in this class here. We're gonna be breaking the class up into different sections. I wanna start with a little overview about this camera. Perhaps you're new to the Leica system. So I have a Welcome to Leica section here. Most of the class is gonna be spent on the camera controls where we go around and talk about the various buttons and dials, and operation of the camera. And then a good portion is in the menu system. Now it does have one of the shortest menu systems of any of the cameras out on the market right now. But there's still a lot of stuff in there that you'll wanna get set up right. And we even have a wifi hookup so that you can use your camera as a remote triggering and viewing system for the camera, and we'll be doing that later on in the class. And then finally, we'll get all of those little bits put together in the Camera Operations section, where I'll give you a few recommendations about what I would look for in setting your camera up, and going out to shoot different types of subjects. All right, so when you get the camera, you do get this lovely instruction manual, which you can spend a number of hours on. And this class is gonna try to cover all those things that are most important. Buried in that instruction manual are a number of other technical specifications, and some restrictions, and so forth about using the camera with certain types of gear that could be important to have. I'm trying to cover everything in this class on how to operate the main features of the camera, how to get the highest quality out of the camera, and how to use this camera in a manual sense. We're gonna really try to stay focused in this class on the Leica M10. There's a lot of other things that we could talk about. What about, you know, general photography? Lighting and composition, and all of that is, of course, important to great photography, and that will be covered in different classes. I have a couple of classes here at Creative Live, depending on how in depth you wanna get into photography. But, in this class we're really gonna be concentrating on this camera. We're not gonna be going down the route of learning all about Leica history, or comparing all the other different Leica models. This isn't a review of this camera, compared to other brands or other Leicas. And, there's just a lot of fun topics in Leica, but we are gonna stay concentrating on this camera, in this class. So if you wanna make sure that your camera is ready for today's class, you should have charged the battery, take a couple hours to do that. You can expect to get about 200 plus shots, depending on exact usage of the camera. You'll want a lens on, a memory card in, turn the camera on, and for simplicity you can just put the camera in the A mode, and you can set the ISO, also to A for maximum automation, and then press down on the shutter release to go ahead and take a photo. Now, one of the things that you can do, if you would like to reset your camera because you've been playing around with it a little bit, is you could jump in the menu system and you could reset the camera back here on page four. And so as we go through this class, I've gonna give you a variety of shortcuts, so that as you're watching the video, if you wanna stop the video and go in and make that change right away, that's what you can do. Just pause it, look at the menu, and you can dive in there. So, for instance, let me show you on this one what you would need to do. I'm gonna go ahead and turn my camera on. And you can kinda follow along the back of the camera here to watch this. So I said, you wanna go into the menu system. And so, what we wanna do here is once we're in the menu we start off in the Favorites, and we're gonna go through the full menu system later on. But if you hit the menu again you'll see that the scroll bar is up at the top. We're gonna hit it again, and again, and down here in the bottom of, let's see, where is it? We reset camera bottom of page three, roughly. You can go in here, and you can reset the camera. Now I've already got my camera set up for today's class, so I've already reset it. But if you wanna reset it, you would just come over here to Yes, and then you would hit Enter, and reset your camera. And that takes it back to the factory settings. I'm gonna leave mine right now, 'cause it's already preset for today's class.

Class Description

The Leica M10 appears to be a simple camera, but it’s a modern digital camera with unlimited capabilities. Join expert photographer John Greengo as he gives you all the information you need to understand this unique camera's capabilities.

John will discuss:

  • The all new menu system with a customizable favorites menu.
  • Recommended settings.
  • The camera’s traditional viewfinder and how it provides full exposure and focus information.
  • How to work with the Leica lenses.

The simple controls of the Leica M10 disguise many of the camera’s special capabilities. John will explain all of the highlights of this camera so that you’ll be able to capture the images you love. 


Guy Neal

I am migrating from the Leica Q to the Leica M10. Though I know my way around a Leica digital camera, the Leica M10 is my first rangefinder. I wanted someone to quickly walk me through the front/back/top/bottom of the M10. John Greengo was the perfect guide. This class is "as advertised - a "fast start" for those who prefer not to page through a fairly dense owner's manual. I especially appreciated that the lessons were broken into small chunks - so I could skip the lesson on the wifi setup, for example. And kudos to the person who prepares the amazing slide decks. While there are two dozen free Youtube videos that review the M10, they do not convey the helpful information you get in this excellent class.

Simon Johnson

John does a great job of going through every aspect of using the M10. There's not a dial, stitch button or menu item that isn't comprehensively covered. He uses simple, but effective graphics to explain what's happening. He also touches on the fundamentals of photography and throws in some tips and secrets. I can't imagine anyone doing a better job than John. I'm a Leica Q owner, that's just about to upgrade to an M10 so this course has been very useful indeed.