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Sensor Cleaning & Camera Info Menus

Next up we have sensor cleaning. In this case you can open the shutter so that you can inspect the sensor. You can use one of the rocket blowers to blow off dust, if need be. If you wanna clean it manually, you wanna have one of these rocket air blowers around so that you can clean the sensor at any time. It's very easy to do. They don't cost much money. They don't have any battery power. Just put it into the open shutter mode, hold it upside down, and clean it with the air blower. If things get really bad, you could use some sort of swab system. There's a number of dry and wet solutions available out there. The idea is that you're going to sweep off the dust that is going to be on there. This is a little bit more delicate of an operation, so you need to have careful, steady hands when you do this. You do need to have at least 60% battery power for you to do this. The camera really doesn't want the shutter to close because it could cause a lot of damage if that shutter closed while you...

were in there with some sort of sensor cleaning device. There is a dust detection that will show you where there is dust. It does so in a way that I have never seen on any other camera, and it's frankly the best on the market when it does this. What you do is you close the aperture down to 16 or 22, unfocus, just point it at a white wall or something that doesn't have a lot of contrast to it, and you shoot a photo. Then it's gonna show you where the dust is on the sensor, somewhat enlarged so you can very clearly and easily see where you need to clean on the sensor. This is a great system for determining where there is actually a problem on the sensor with dust on it. Then our final one is some camera information. In here we'll have our camera firmware. Firmware is the software that runs the operation of the camera. From time to time, Leica finds either a bug or an improvement that they can make, and so they offer you a free firmware improvement at their website. You need to go to Leica's website, look up their firmware for the M10, and then download that to a memory card, put the memory card in the camera, come here, and then you can load up that newest software. We've had a few changes, 'cause we're right now, at the recording of this class, we're on version 1.9.40. I have no doubt that Leica's gonna make some sort of change in the future. In order to get it for free, you just go to the Leica website, download it, put it on a memory card, put it in your camera, and follow the instructions on uploading it to your camera. Regulatory information, not too important for most of us, but it's there for you to look at. Isn't that fun? Copyright information is really nice. This is a sub-menu that we're gonna dive into here. You can add your copyright information. First off, you can turn it on and off in here. You can next go into the information, and you can add your name, you can add any other information you want in here. You can put your email address, your phone number, anything else that you want to be a part of the metadata of all the photographs that you shoot. Putting your name in, as I say, your website, contact information, your cameras will have your name embedded on those photos that you shoot, and it'll be in the camera. It's what I consider a very low level of protection of theft. If your camera gets stolen and it's at the police department 'cause they recovered it, it is at least a low level of proof that you were the owner of the camera. At least has your naming in there does prove that that is your particular version of the M10. I highly suggest that you go in there and add all the appropriate information in there. That's the menu system, folks. There's not that much in there, but there is a number of key ways that you can go in and customize your camera. So get in there, customize that wheel on the back of the camera, get your favorites set. Then you're not gonna have to dive into that menu system to look for stuff. It's all gonna be there with one press of the menu button on the camera.

Class Description

The Leica M10 appears to be a simple camera, but it’s a modern digital camera with unlimited capabilities. Join expert photographer John Greengo as he gives you all the information you need to understand this unique camera's capabilities.

John will discuss:

  • The all new menu system with a customizable favorites menu.
  • Recommended settings.
  • The camera’s traditional viewfinder and how it provides full exposure and focus information.
  • How to work with the Leica lenses.

The simple controls of the Leica M10 disguise many of the camera’s special capabilities. John will explain all of the highlights of this camera so that you’ll be able to capture the images you love. 


Guy Neal

I am migrating from the Leica Q to the Leica M10. Though I know my way around a Leica digital camera, the Leica M10 is my first rangefinder. I wanted someone to quickly walk me through the front/back/top/bottom of the M10. John Greengo was the perfect guide. This class is "as advertised - a "fast start" for those who prefer not to page through a fairly dense owner's manual. I especially appreciated that the lessons were broken into small chunks - so I could skip the lesson on the wifi setup, for example. And kudos to the person who prepares the amazing slide decks. While there are two dozen free Youtube videos that review the M10, they do not convey the helpful information you get in this excellent class.

Simon Johnson

John does a great job of going through every aspect of using the M10. There's not a dial, stitch button or menu item that isn't comprehensively covered. He uses simple, but effective graphics to explain what's happening. He also touches on the fundamentals of photography and throws in some tips and secrets. I can't imagine anyone doing a better job than John. I'm a Leica Q owner, that's just about to upgrade to an M10 so this course has been very useful indeed.