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Lighting & Posing Large Groups


Lighting & Posing Large Groups


Class Description

If you've photographed groups before you know it can be a challenge! This class will answer your questions and cover the most important considerations to keep in mind for your next group session. You'll learn depth of field, lens choice, posing, focus considerations, light modifiers, light position and more.


joanne duncan

I got do much out of this course, not just for shooting, but posing myself! I’m getting old, it’s hard to get a good selfie! Seriously though, this starts with epuipment, goes through settings, clearly shows what doesn’t work and why, and what does work and why. This is the second Lindsay course I’ve watched this week, and I’m anazed by what I’m retaining. Lindsay spells it out for anyone to understand, I highly recommend this class, and any class Lindsay teaches. I already have another lined up to watch! Simply brilliant, value for money even if it wasn’t on sale.

Veronica Tierney

I did really enjoy her class and learned a lot! Only downfall was that I wanted more on posing large 16 or more. Other than that, it was great and worth every cent!

Sandra Stambaugh

Lots of good information and Lindsay is a really great instructor but what is with that dress!!!