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Making & Using Guitar Profiles

Sam Pura

Making & Using Guitar Profiles

Sam Pura

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Class Description

There is a reason why most pros use the Kemper Profiling Amp – it blows open the doors of what you can accomplish with a standard amp. In Making and Using Guitar Profiles, Sam Pura will help you make sense of all of your options.

In this course, Sam will show you how to capture tones with the Kemper, how to work with the tones once they're captured, and how to reamp with the Kemper so you can use it in a mix. The Kemper lets you recreate the unique sounds of thousands of different amps – in this class you’ll learn about working with the tones you've dialed in yourself and the profiles you've downloaded.

The Kemper gives you a huge library of tones that are ready at the push of a button. Enroll in this class and learn how to make the most of it.

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Sam Pura - Kemper
Sam Pura - Kemper Profiles Part

Ratings and Reviews


I feel obligated to write a review due to the, quite frankly, ignorant review left by mr stemast. Sam does a great job giving you an intro lesson into making profiles with the Kemper. He goes through the unit fairly thoroughly but it is best to have at least a small understanding of the unit before you watch this to get the most out of it. I have had my kemper for about a month and there were a few things i had not picked up on that were made clear through this video. Now, the best part of the video is just getting to see how sam captures his guitar tones. It is a very educational watch when it comes to seeing how he simply mics up a cab to record. So even if you do not have a kemper i recommend this course due to its low cost. The only gripes i have are a few times Sam misunderstood the question being asked to him from the audience, but that is very negligible. This is a class taught by SAM PURRA, and that should be enough for you to be interested in it. It is how HE uses the unit and how HE captures his guitar sounds. If you are a fan of any of his work, obviously this is worth your money.

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