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Marketing for Crafters: Talk About Your Work

Lesson 11 of 12

How to Unify Your Marketing Messages

Tara Swiger

Marketing for Crafters: Talk About Your Work

Tara Swiger

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Lesson Info

11. How to Unify Your Marketing Messages

Lesson Info

How to Unify Your Marketing Messages

So my next question very though is what are the words that your customers use? What other words you hear about your products I would love to hear I hear beautiful a lot yeah yeah well it is beautiful no exception and special special yeah, so I think that's important because what you make is is personalized like it's custom each person but then it's personal and then it's my picture so it is special it's a thing I'm only going to probably ever get one off and this photo means a lot to me so it's very like that anybody else wanna share their words? E o well, your eyes it's always good. Well, I like this comment here from bo in the chat room they say I used one of my customers comments from a trade show as my tagline she captured the feeling perfectly so you need to always be aware when you're at a trade show or wherever you are when you're going to get that inspiration to come up with a new tagline absolutely no maybe we can get our follow up with that yeah yeah you got to hear what that...

tag line is it's a good one? Absolutely so um so that's just one little key you have to kind of come back to this to use their words again did you have a question I know is this going to say that people I was referred in my work is classic, which I totally don't think of it as classic to me that's like, you know, boston and I stayed and really, but what it ended up that people tend to mean, is that it's something not trendy and something that they can wear in right? Timeless. Yeah, so but I had never thought of using talking about my work in the context of that you're going to like it when you finish in it and it yeah, and but that and that's, another good example of, like, the word in your head meant something different than the word does to other people, because you're thinking it sounds almost like classic our classic kester like classical ism. Where is their thinking? A wardrobe classic roses, the wardrobe piece I go back to again and again, so that might, which it is right there totally that, but right, yeah, so using that word might spark that like, I need a classic like I need a classic cardigan classic soul, you know? So once you've, you know, it's, dr people and got in their words, and we are ready to move on to putting it all together, actually that's about to come in just on what you were just saying, this comes from elizabeth, and they say you need to get the customer's permission to use their feedback on your products if you put that feedback on your web site or is a testimonial how do you go about that process? Okay, so totally if you're going to quote the person used that what I was talking about here is really just picking words like the descriptive happy like I don't need to ask every person who describe my heart is happy but if you were going to quote them you ask them and thiss process can be really simple and I do this all the time when people send me feedback I reply and say this was so sweet I appreciate it so much would you mind if I use this on my web site or my facebook page I would use and then I copy the part of it that makes sense maybe I've deleted some parts where they gave me personal information I put it in quotes I send it back to you them and I only use it if they reply with absolutely use it all the place you want to go on die also ask may I use your name or you can remain anonymous because I can just say you know k in san francisco said blah blah blah so that's my process is when people send it to me I send it back to them with the full quote that I would use and I asked them I thank them profusely because they just made my day and then I asked them if I can use it exactly like this and can I use their name or not and if people aren't sending you feedback you can always uh you ask for it something is complete like that whole ah ship your package last week uh ups says it has already arrived so I'd like to know what you think about it or I like to know um you know I'd love to hear what you think and then they send you something back and then you could reply wow, thank you so much would you mind if I use that on my wherever you want to use it uh and could tell it exactly I mean you want to be totally honest with him this is exactly what I would use and I always add the line something I didn't say or you can edit it however you want because when people if you just ask somebody would you give me a testimonial people don't know what to talk about and the best testimonials you're going to get are ones where people explain that they had a hesitation and then you delivered this and it did this for their life really want them to I tell you this message like this is the thing they got it was for me and I'm this kind of person and this was the benefit of it if they do that that's awesome, but people just you really only want to use testimonials where people have been specific like uh you know, I can get e mails that are like that was great, thanks so much it was amazing that doesn't actually tell anybody who reads it that much I super appreciate it, but that might not be a testimonial use versus I used your knitting pattern and I made an amazing fit sweater and it's my first letter I've ever made that fits like that would be a testimonial to use, but when you're just picking and choosing descriptive words, you're just using adjectives you don't have to get permission if you're just like going to use the word happy or intricate or you know classic and because what you're looking for is a lot of people telling you that and then you know, ok, this is the thing and when I say a lot I mean relative to how many people are talking to you if you sold three things and two people have called it intricate that's a lot where's if you sold three hundred and only two people call it intricate, that might not be right s o next we're gonna put it all together everything everything we've done all day so your message like we talked about the meaning of the day as I saw this thing for this person too and then your benefit. Now you know all of these pieces, right? You know what makes you think special so you can describe it. You know who your person is and you know the benefits. So on page twenty two of your workbook, I have asked you basically at the first top of the page is asking you the questions that you answered earlier, but now you should have a shorter, more concise answer for them because you kind of already done the work of who are you? What do you sell? What makes it unique? What need does it fill? What are the benefits and what are the qualities? I'm asking you these questions again so that you can condense the last day in the last six hours of answers in tow, one piece of paper to kind of see it all in front of you, and then we're going to condense it even further into a message that you can use on your website. So, um, when it comes to what do you sell? I'm uses saying bridal dorman's because I used night I mostly work with brides, but I also work with young women and mothers to be, should I change it from bridal dorman's too, like handmade adornments, or herod or or I or just keep it? I like, I think it depends on the situation, so if you are talking tio, like, like today, something at lunch asked you, and he didn't seem like he was going to be either a bride or a young lady. It was going to wear it so you could say breitling or incidents in that case, but if you're talking, maybe like, um really, what I would do here is do bridal adornments and crowns for mother's teens. Whatever this is, this is not yet we're not convincing. Adopting message was also like headbands and stuff and it's not necessarily for right, just brides, right? So so this is it's really about where you're going to use it. So, like on your web site, I would make sure that in one of the first couple of sentences, you say the range of things I make bridal adornments, comma headbands for blood block so you might actually have three of these messages as a brutal adornments. What we already know it's for a bride to make them feel beautiful on your big day. I mean, that was pretty cheesy. You shouldn't use that exactly. But then you also say, and I make headbands and crowns for young women who, uh well, you said it earlier our love star can free or something like that so that would be, you know, those two sentences, you're not going to say them every time they're not going to be everywhere, but those both cover the whole range then doesn't make sense because this isn't a science and you don't have to only have one sentence, you know, for all time because different situations will call for different things and because like if you just told, you know somebody else I make crowns, they might not have envisioned what it is you actually, you know, make but on a site that's full of your photos, you could they will see what it is so both your pictures in your words would explain it. Yeah, for like for mine. I heard a few people say like that it's not just intricate, they're like intriguing who go like, I don't know what where would you go with that? Would you do more of like the intricate for like the detail ing and that in itself or more for intriguing, where it's like it's different and it kind of makes you on a house despite and thinking I'm kind of like right what a mysterious someone like provocative as and when we used earlier I really love I think that that really goes back to the cohesive brand which one of those words feels more like you and what you want to highlight? Because your work is both. Now, if we're talking about a description where you have a couple paragraphs, you could absolutely use both words for this for just a short message, you just pick the word that feels best and you can interchange it like this is really just a practice to get his used to talking about our to have a couple sentences after ready so that we can talk about it, and I actually talk about where to use this message in just a minute. But so if you've answered the first half of page twenty two, which is really just condensing down of all the other questions I've been asking you all day long in condense it down even further into this, I saw this thing for this person for this benefit, another way of saying it as I saw this thing that fills this need for this person, and I have ah, blank statements for you on the bottom of page twenty two for you to fill in like a little mad lip for your thing, give other writing, are there any questions about it come in here? This comes from pinks in the chat room, and they say that this is great information from a buyer's perspective to not just from the seller's perspective, the way that we're talking about testimonials and feedback, and they say that I will make sure that when I make a purchase, I'm going to start leaving more specific feedback that the seller can use. So it goes both ways with this what's really good information. Yeah, and if you have a thing that you just love, and especially if it comes from a small, handmade person who, you know is like, you know, thiss girl alone in a room trying to do it like leaving feedback is like the best gift you can give them, leaving really good, specific feedback because, as you know, if you've ever gotten email where somebody says, I love it, it makes your day like it makes your weak, you know? And if your specific than you could, they could really use it on their site on the other thing you can do as a buyer is it share it on social media, telling people why you loved it and that's, when we're talking about testimonials, that's another thing sometimes I'll dio is we're like somebody sent me a thank you email and I said, well, that's great but I use it on my page of started to do it like my favorite email of the week and this is definitely it what you said and she's like yeah or would it be better if I shared it on my facebook page like that would be amazing if you'd share it just you know, give him a link to what you're talking about because she said her spider people are going to know which mean and and she did and it was is the most generous thing she could dio so I always tell people if you love something, let people know that you love it especially if it's hand made it just makes the person's year so are there any questions about your specific messages now that you're convincing them down into a sentence I'm kind of stuck on what does it feel okay what no what does it feel? Yeah okay, so this goes back to the hierarchy of needs and the needs we were talking about the true person has so yeah that's tricky with yours. So tell me what you have so far so I make the same scarves so I just, um for who are you on intricate crucially designer who turns my mistakes into beautiful pieces and then what dry cell I put intriguing cochet pieces then what makes it unique? I but I turn my mistakes into beautiful pieces that you can wear so the united pills is that need for that girl who wants to look stylish I think that's what we keep coming back here is like it that's so the need aim for that person? Yes, it helps you it says something about who you are when you wear it so it andi, it depends on who you're aiming at like it sounds like they're aiming to a girl who's a very specific vision of herself, so it helps her get dressed in a way she wants to come on. I think too, with making your peace is more unique is like your kind of, like more modernizing cochet because they're different cochet designs not like like grandma me. Yeah, I didn't say this blanket for you and I'm trying to sell it for her because she doesn't wanna work the internet, right? Yeah, but seriously, my girl but doesn't know how to work the internet and just throw j so s so when you talk about that, it sounds like and so for someone else who also sold scarves but their brand was going in a different direct ction I would tell them if there's a different need, like if it was for people who live in cold whether maybe it makes you feel cozy and warm but since you live in the desert and you were talking about being a summer accessory it sounds like more what you're aiming at is for the girl who wants to get dressed in the way she wants to so you know it feels the need is that it give her a piece of clothing that makes you feel like herself what I've always said is I want people to know that crow shea like don't think of your grandma when you think of crow she I want people to think of fashion right? We want them to find something beautiful in it and apply it to their wardrobe in their creativity yeah to drag bottom line is is that the person who buys it may not even know it's crow she or care you know them it's just this thing I mean people look at my stuff and say oh did you appreciate that? S o you know I wonder if like really emphasizing the this is new crow shea is kind of more important to you than it is to the and and instead maybe when you focus on is the modern and the youth yeah and it's told the fashion thing right is where you want to be just stop there right exactly but yes that's such a good point and that's where I was going to go with that too is that um you know what matters to you to update the feel of cachet, but you'll do be doing that by just talking about it as fashion forward, modern, whatever that word is that I don't know if we've landed on it yet, for your brand may be intriguing that kind of like for the intriguing girl or not every, um, eso another a way of doing this message, the third option I give here is to say what you sell, who it's for and why they love it, so you might not mention the need, but you might say she loves it because it makes her feel, you know, that does make a lot of sense because most people that do you think of crow, she ate our meeting, they're doing it for themselves, and they can make it themselves, except for me to promote cochet, I'm probably just bringing in people looking for patterns, and I don't do that exactly only because you hit on my favorite topic, and that is that so many crafters build websites that are four other crafters, which is fine if you're selling, like I was selling yarn senators, so it makes sense. I talked emitters, but if you are selling finished pieces to the masses, those people don't know they don't crash a they don't they don't want to hear about your craft they don't want to see craft tutorials that's not what's going to bring them in it's going to be the fashionable photos and the may be talking about the process from the point of view of why they care and so the same thing with your jewelry like you're not making a site for jewelers you're making a site for people who buy jewelry and so and that's really I didn't mention it earlier because I wanted so badly for us to focus on the right person because once you do that like you have, then you realize it's not other crafters, so this message has nothing to dio with people who are looking for a specific craft it's that they're looking for scarves breakthrough wait, wait uh anybody have questions about your message in the in the chat good in the chat right now have we did have some some grandma's in the audience who were a little offended by discussion that way o'shea and to take something from her teo to bring it into younger women's lives right? I just got to do in a different way because well and here's the thing you weren't saying grandma crush a sox eyes it's just that your internet skilled my way internet already know, but somebody said that maybe your tag line should be azizi as not your grandma's crashing you know, just keep it simple, right? And I think that the book, though way, goes back to you talking about christian when what you people care about us fashion and modern and scarves or accessories. Um, so you can use this message in your bio, the version that we've got here that we've worked on, or your craft show applications, you know, that tricky question where they always ask, tell us about yourself and what you make. This is what you want to share your social media profile, like twitter, facebook, page, et cetera, in your advertising, where we've talked about why people love it in northern need, it fills and where the benefit that's what all your advertising should be. We're not going to go deep into advertising in this cross because we're talking about all the marketing you, khun d'oh, that isn't paid, but if you're thinking about paying for advertising, make sure that it highlights the benefit, not the features, not what you care about what your person cares about. And then any time you ask what you do, you can just pull this sentence out, man on and say it and obviously different people, you're gonna want to say different things, too, but I so when you are using it, like in your bio and you make it longer even though I've put this all in one sentence, you can extend any of this. You can use the first half of page twenty two and write a paragraph if you wrote each of your answers and sentence form, you can restructure this into like an artist statement paragraph. Hopefully by thinking about the benefits and the words and the person you are coming up with, sentences that really speak directly to them. That's. Why I brought you through all of that first and your own sparkle and what's awesome about your product so that you can find the words and that's. Why you guys have commented on how many questions I ask this because I just want to generate words. I just want to put it many words on the page that you can go back and pick the ones that will be a good part of your message, because not every where do you come up with us, gonna speak to your right person or even make any sense to anybody else. But by generating a bunch, we can narrow it down.

Class Description

You are the expert on your products and your story. Learn how to turn that story into a marketing message that communicates the value of your handcrafted products in a compelling and memorable way.

In Marketing for Crafters: Talk About Your Work, Tara Swiger will guide you through the process of creating a marketing message that feels authentic to you and resonates with buyers. Tara will help you identify the right audience for your brand and coach you on crafting products that meet your customers’ needs. You’ll also learn about sharing your marketing message in a relatable and trustworthy way.

Buyers of handmade goods love to hear the story behind their purchases; learn how to find them and confidently tell yours.  



I enjoyed this course and Tara made it easy to figure out our target market without stressing. For the first time I feel like I got it down. I couldn't quite figure out how to describe my buyers, but Tara helps you narrow it down with her word lists and questions. I also feel good knowing it can change as my business does. There is another similar course by Lisa Jacobs and it was frustrating and I just couldn't get it- she wouldn't even be helpful off line- But Tara sends out loads of inspirational ideas and tips. Plus she tries to help you personally with kindness and patience- unlike Lisa! To some this course may seem slow moving- but if you need step by step confirmation of how to get there- this is your course. I don't get some things easily- and expressing what I make and why was my biggest hurdle so I needed details on how to get there. Tara is easy to listen to, and understand and so is the workbook- you don't need to print a million pages either! She's confident but not cocky. Like I said- this is the first of a dozen courses I have followed trying to pin down my target audience and expressing to others- what is so special about what I make, and she made it effortless to get there. I enjoy Tara's emails, blogs and course- I don't feel like I have more questions to ask when she communicates- for me, she makes things pretty clear.

Amy Lamp

This course really helped me clarify the thoughts swirling around in my head about what I make, the language I use to describe it, and how different scenarios call for different language. Now that I know about focusing on my Right People, I don't have to worry about trying to make my work or marketing for everyone. Tara did such a great job of creating a workbook that walks through the thought process step by step -- it was enlightening to see that the "spotting my sparkle" words are the same qualities that describe my work! That made me feel like I'm headed in a direction that's a good fit for me and how to stay true to my vision rather than jumping all over the place. Tara is smart, thoughtful, focused, and calming. Learning from her makes the daunting task of marketing a small business doable, and even something to look forward to.

Nessa Jay

This is hands down the best marketing course aimed at crafters and creatives I have ever taken. Tara is knowledgeable, passionate and gets down into the nitty-gritty details so many other courses gloss over. Seriously: no ridiculous promises and absolutely NO 'one-size-fits-all' teachings. Tara breaks the subject down into SPECIFIC and thought provoking steps/questions that will make you take a good look at what you do, why you do it and who it's for. The workbook and videos are easy to follow and very insightful. Come prepared to dig deep! I'm in the middle of a transition period in my business and before taking this course I felt confused on how exactly to verbalize my new take on my work. I walked away from the course with a clear understanding of my Right People, what I do to fulfill their needs and what language I should be using to speak to them. I highly recommend this course.