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Location Lighting 101

Lindsay Adler

Location Lighting 101

Lindsay Adler

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1 Class Introduction Duration:04:42
2 Principles of Light Duration:33:01
3 Speedlights vs Strobes Duration:11:16
4 Compressing the Scene Duration:21:57
7 Natural Light Reflectors Duration:20:14
8 Reflector Types and Sizes Duration:24:06
9 Reflector Angles Duration:13:11
10 Reflector Materials Duration:15:48
11 Diffusers and Scrims Duration:22:11
12 Diffuser Q&A Duration:14:51
14 Shooting at Noon Duration:17:00
17 Strobes on Location Duration:22:30
18 Inverse Square Law Duration:15:02
19 Strobe Reflectors Duration:16:59
20 Strobe Modifiers with Q&A Duration:25:21
21 Strobe Exposure Essentials Duration:34:00
22 Strobe Exposure Essentials Q&A Duration:12:11
24 Neutral Density Filters Duration:21:06
27 Strobes at Sunset Duration:18:08
28 Strobes in Action Duration:21:00
29 Live Demos and Q&A Duration:30:04
30 Why Speedlights? Duration:15:15
31 On-Camera Flash and Modifiers Duration:30:47
32 Off-Camera Flash and Modifiers Duration:25:43
33 Speedlight Q&A Duration:09:46
37 TTL vs Manual Duration:24:35
38 High Speed Sync Duration:33:18
40 Speedlights for Groups Duration:12:32
41 Using Multiple Speedlights Duration:18:17
43 Lighting on Location Showdown Duration:14:17
45 Options: Pack & Head Systems Duration:15:12
47 Options: Speedlights Duration:10:51

Class Description

Getting a great outdoors shot requires a sophisticated understanding of lighting. Both beginning photographers and seasoned professionals must overcome the same challenges when addressing glare, shadows and full or partial sun. This course is your introduction to the skills you need to shoot successfully in any outdoors situation.

This course is broken into short, practical segments so you can easily review the applicable tips and tactics when you need them. You’ll learn about working with single and multiple flashes, reflectors, and speedlights. Lindsay Adler also shares the best times to opt for studio gear and guides you through ways to incorporate it in your outdoor workflow. You’ll gain a complete understanding of the tools and techniques you can use to meet your location lighting goals.

By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to conquer any outdoor lighting situation whether you’re working with a $30 flash or a complete on location studio.


a Creativelive Student

This class was amazing. Lindsay Adler is a great presenter...I learned so much.....I love that she spoke about natural light..strobes and speedlites. Wonderful information. I purchased this and I am glad I did. Great job Lindsay. Jean


Lindsey Adler is one of the best and most engaging photography instructors in the USA. I highly recommend this lighting course. It felt more like a 101 and a 102 course than just a basic course. She teaches in a way that makes learning alot of fun and the amount of time & effort that she puts into her video and class presentations are second to none. Her classes are well worth their weight in gold and you will walk away with a wealth of knowledge!


Lindsay is amazing , I love the way she explains everything!! This course is filled with GREAT information and helps you better understand natural lighting,strobe and flash. Thank You Lindsay, please keep your classes coming!